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2019 Vespa Elettrica X

2019 Vespa Elettrica X 2019 Vespa Elettrica X 2019 Vespa Elettrica X


2019 Vespa Elettrica X:

It is not a new electric scooter, it is Vespa Elettrica, it is a work of art with a technological heart that is born as the symbol of our modern times and the years to come.

Vespa Elettrica is the most modern icon of Italian technology, it is synonymous with advanced connectivity and silent operation, customisation and accessibility, respect for the environment and unique style. These are values that have always belonged to Vespa and which now, in Vespa Elettrica, have been fully accomplished, confirming Vespa as the brand that has always been ahead of its times with respect to its market.

Vespa Elettrica, which is characterised by its easy ride, or rather, its natural ride, takes shape as the highest expression of Piaggio Group research in the electric mobility area to meet the needs of a growing environmental sensitivity, with the goal of providing technological solutions for an increasingly sustainable and liveable urban habitat.





2019 Vespa Elettrica X Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features






The heart of Vespa Elettrica is a Power Unit capable of delivering continuous power of 3.5 kW and peak power of 4 kW: values ​​that, combined with a torque of over 200 Nm, provide performance superior to that of a traditional 50 cc scooter, especially in terms of acceleration and uphill power that benefits from the typical quick output of electric motors. This results in an agile and enjoyable ride on urban routes in total silence. In fact, Vespa Elettrica is completely silent, helping to make cities less chaotic and more liveable, countering pollution even in terms of noise.

Vespa Elettrica guarantees a maximum range of up to 100 km, a value that does not change significantly on a rural route, thanks to a modern lithium ion battery and an efficient Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), which charges it in the deceleration phases. Charging operations are the simplest thing imaginable: the lithium-ion battery, just like the one in modern smartphones, needs no special precautions. To charge, simply extract the cable from the seat compartment, where the fuel cap is usually located, and plug in to a normal wall outlet or one of the growing number of public charging stations in big cities. The standard time required for a full charge is 4 hours (with voltage of 220 V).

As further confirmation of how extremely easy user-friendly Vespa Elettrica is, the motor and battery pack are completely maintenance-free. The battery provides excellent efficiency for up to 1000 full charging cycles. This translates into a range of between 50,000 and 70,000 km, equivalent to approximately 10 years of operation for a vehicle intended for urban commuting. Even after the thousand charging cycles, the battery still maintains 80% of its capacity and is perfectly usable. Located under the helmet compartment, the compact battery pack does not compromise the functionality of the Vespa Elettrica seat compartment, which can hold a Jet helmet.

The Ride by Wire electronic accelerator controls the power output of Vespa Elettrica’s motor. By pressing the RIDING MODE button on the right hand side of the handlebar, the rider can choose between ECO and Power, in addition to Reverse mode for easier handling of Vespa Elettrica while manoeuvring. ECO mode, intended to save energy, extends battery life; speed is limited to 30 km/h and acceleration is more gradual. However, Power is the basic riding mode which fully exploits the power of the motor.




2019 Vespa Elettrica X Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

The Vespa Elettrica is a contemporary icon of Italian technology in the world, a synonym for advanced connectivity and silence, personalisation and accessibility, respect for the environment and style. These values have always characterised the Vespa and are fully implemented again today in the Vespa Elettrica, confirming Vespa as a pioneering brand on its market.

With a power unit delivering top power of 4 kW, the Vespa Elettrica, assisted by the dynamic performance typical of electric engines, outshines a traditional 50ccscooter, particularly as regards acceleration and hill starts.

It guarantees easy, agile and enjoyable riding on city roads, even at the very low speeds of congested urban traffic, with the added benefits of absolute silence and absence of vibrations, helping to make cities less chaotic and more livable by avoiding both air and acoustic pollution.

The Vespa Elettrica has a maximum range of 100 km, a value that changes little between urban and extra-urban environments thanks to the scooter’s modern lithium ion battery and efficient kinetic energy recovery system, which recharges the battery during deceleration. To recharge the battery the rider simply plugs the cable located in the compartment below the saddle into a normal electric wall socket or into one of the recharging points that are becoming a common sight in today’s cities. A complete recharge normally takes 4 hours.



Vespa Elettrica is not just a silent, ecological and technologically advanced vehicle; It is also, and above all, connected.: The many features offered by a new version of the Vespa Multimedia Platform, the multimedia system that connects a smartphone to the vehicle, can be managed through a man-machine interface incorporating a digital instrument panel with a 4.3 inch colour TFT display, always easy to read thanks to the twilight sensor that adapts the background and colour of the characters to the light conditions (day/night mode) and the four adjustable brightness levels.

The extensive information displayed is arranged in a very impressive and extremely rational graphic diagram. The centre of the screen always contains the main information such as speed, selected riding modes, residual range in km and battery charge level (%), while the ecological riding quality and the level of energy used or recovered during the ride are indicated on either side. But it is using the dedicated Vespa App on your smartphone and connecting it to the vehicle – via Bluetooth – that lets you take full advantage of the capabilities of the TFT display on which all notifications of incoming calls and messages appear, highly visible in the centre.

The system also allows you to use the handlebar buttons to answer calls and to use the smartphone’s voice commands to make calls or play music from your own playlist. To fully enjoy all these features, easily managed through the handy MODE joystick on the right control block, a special dedicated Jet helmet with built-in earphones and Bluetooth intercom is available for Vespa Elettrica as an optional accessory.

Of course, the predisposition for connection to the outside world is not limited to the various Infotainment functions. thanks to the dedicated Vespa App, once connected to Vespa Elettrica, your smartphone becomes an exceptional source of parameters in real time, as well as other useful information on vehicle use, including trip time and distance, battery charge use percentage, statistics on the last 30 trips, push notifications on the battery charge status, number of recharge cycles carried out and much more.




Vespa Elettrica will also be available in the X version at some point during the year 2019, with a range of almost 200 km thanks to its petrol driven generator that, depending on riding style, conserves battery power. To make room for the generator and its fuel tank (3 litres), Vespa Elettrica X uses a smaller battery pack that, with the generator off, provides a range of up to 50 km. The generator adds another 150 km to the range, bringing it up to 200 km to make Vespa Elettrica suitable for out of town riding as well.

The generator kicks in automatically, when the battery charge level falls below a certain threshold or the rider can start it manually by selecting the Extender mode.




Vespa Elettrica is designed with the same unmistakable lines that have made Vespa an icon of style and elegance around the globe and won the hearts of entire generations of young people.

The body shape, strictly in steel in accordance with the best Vespa tradition, is emphasised by an exclusive dedicated livery: In fact, Vespa Elettrica comes in a special grey finish, around which the customer can choose to tailor many distinctive details. In fact, the profile that runs along the entire perimeter of the shield, the “neck tie” decoration, the edge of the wheel rims, the profile of the “Vespa” nameplate and the seat trim are available in six colour variants: Azzurro Elettrico (standard on Vespa Elettrica), Verde Boreale, Giallo Lampo, Cromo, Nero Profondo and Grigio Fumo.

Vespa Elettrica X, on the other hand, stands out for its Rame colour standard finishes.


Plus, in line with the customised “total look” concept, a special Jet helmet is available exclusively for Vespa Elettrica that matches the vehicle livery and finishes, all in the colour chosen by the customer. This helmet stands out not only for style but also technological content, with built-in Bluetooth earphones so you can use your smartphone and listen to music through the VESPA MIA system.

The front headlight with LED technology and the rear light cluster give an even more distinct personality to Vespa Elettrica, which adopts generous 12″ front and 11″ rear aluminium alloy rims. Comfort benefits from a seat made of a material capable of providing maximum comfort for rider and passenger, as well as perfect ergonomics. The remote control key has a built-in Bike Finder feature (flashes the turn indicators) and a seat compartment opening function, while the inside of the compartment in the leg shield back plate contains a USB socket for charging smartphones or other mobile devices.




Vespa Elettrica is manufactured in Pontedera for the markets all over the world and it is already available in the main Eurozone countries at a price of € 6,390 or, alternatively, with a new purchasing solution in monthly instalments of € 99. With the addition of a small down payment, the monthly instalment also includes Vespa Care, a package providing planned vehicle services maintenance (36 months or 10,000 km), a 12-month warranty extension, a regular battery check and road assistance enhanced with special services.

These financial packages have been created and developed by Piaggio Financial Services, the Piaggio Group’s new financial platform developed in line with the Group vocation for innovation and constant attention to changing customer needs, which is making its debut with the launch of the Vespa Elettrica.


Piaggio Financial Services is a system of services dedicated to customers, which offers a broad range of financial products to meet any purchasing requirement, so that customers may tailor the solution that best suits them: from traditional hire-purchase finance to formulas where payments can be adjusted to specific needs, as well as all-inclusive solutions for a monthly fee which, in addition to purchase of the vehicle by instalments, can provides a variety of insurance covers, regular servicing, a warranty extension and accessories.




As with every Vespa, Vespa Elettrica can also be customised and made into a unique piece, following the personality of the rider, thanks to a rich range of accessories: The dedicated top box, painted entirely in the same colour as the vehicle and enhanced by the chromed Vespa badge, can hold a full-face helmet. The top box can be finished with a backrest, covered in the same material as the seat. The chromium-plated base where the top box is mounted can also be used as a luggage rack. An extra touch of elegance is provided by the genuine Italian leather seat and backrest that are subjected to a special protective treatment in order to maintain a high level of quality over time.

Maximum protection is provided by a windshield made of high quality anti-splinter methacrylate, customised with the Vespa logo; the support brackets are made with a chrome finish in line with the other aesthetic details. Vespa Elettrica can also be fitted with a top fairing – available both transparent and smoked – that elegantly rounds off the front design of the vehicle.

The classic chromium front and rear luggage racks are also available for Vespa Elettrica. The front side and rear chrome mudguards elegantly finish the vehicle and protect the bodywork. A hand crafted black leather bag, 100% Made in Italy, which can accommodate a jet helmet with visor can be easily fastened to the rear luggage rack.


The accessories range also includes the special jet Tech helmet dedicated to Vespa Elettrica that combines style and maximum practicality with a built-in bluetooth headset so you can take full advantage of the VESPA MIA system. To go with the helmet, goggles are also available that stand out for the mirrored lenses derived from the world of skiing and other new finishes. The demi-jet Vespa VJ Special Edition Vespa Elettrica helmet is also available, customisable to match the colour of your vehicle.


Another novelty is the original backpack with LED piping that can be taken apart and used as an internal bag for the top box and backrest with built-in helmet bag. Equipped with a special laptop compartment and a power bank for charging mobile devices, the backpack is also available in an innovative reflective fabric that matches Vespa Elettrica’s typical chrome grey colour.

The range of Vespa Elettrica accessories is also enriched by the convenient side-stand – in black-painted steel to make parking easier, an outdoor cover and an indoor “big logo” cover, both with convenient openings to accommodate any accessories, and a non-slip rubber mat.

An electronic alarm is available for Vespa Elettrica as is a mechanical saddle-handlebar lock and a line of customised mechanical anti-theft devices. The essential mittens and leg covers are practical and fast to fit, made of thermal material to provide excellent protection from the weather. The Vespa Elettrica leg cover bears a metal Vespa logo and provides maximum stability even at high speeds. The saddle cover and anti-theft device are integrated in the accessory.






Continuous technological and style innovation by the Piaggio Group is perfectly reflected in the accessories capsule collection dedicated to the vehicle destined to revolutionise personal urban mobility landscape: Vespa Elettrica. Vespa Elettrica is the future that exists in the present, interpreting electric mobility in an appealing and original way, as only a modern icon can, by combining the classic design that has made it world famous with the very latest technologies. Ecological, silent, rich in style and technologically advanced, Vespa Elettrica proves unique and inimitable, injecting its lifestyle spirit into this elegant and contemporary total look collection, comprising dedicated helmets, backpack, rider’s goggles and vehicle accessories.


All accessories in the Vespa Elettrica collection guarantee maximum safety, protection and functionality. Vespa Elettrica and its collection of accessories share a unique creative vision, whose stand-out pieces are the backpack with LED piping, the helmets – in a Tech version with integrated Bluetooth or a personalised Jet – and the unmistakably stylish rider’s Goggles.


The accessories boast a simple, clean design, integrating technological elements in an original take on “clean technology”, a concept that characterises Vespa Elettrica. For example, the Vespa Elettrica finishing, available in 7 different colours (electric sky blue, copper, chrome, lightning yellow, boreal green, deep black and smoke black), counterbalances with the personalisation of the fastening rings that enhance the visor of the Vespa Jet Special Edition helmet. Added to this is a Tech version, complete with details to match the vehicle and a Bluetooth multimedia system. Both Vespa Elettrica collection helmets, homologated in accordance with the strictest safety standards, take up the colour of the metallic-effect chrome grey finish that makes the Vespa Elettrica chassis so very elegant.

The dedicated backpack is made of an innovative reflective fabric complete with LED piping, which integrates perfectly into the design of this special lifestyle accessory, the light functions of which can be configured via an app.


The special hi-tech Jet helmet, which takes up the vehicle’s livery with a finish in the colour chosen by the customer, marries style and the utmost practicality, with integrated Bluetooth headphones in order to maximise connectivity potential. The shell in ABS – a thermoplastic material that allows for the creation of objects that are both resistant and lightweight – makes for a comfortable, functional and original looking helmet, enhanced by its solid colour and chrome details in perfect Vespa Elettrica style. The Tech helmet, with integrated Bluetooth and an inner in hypoallergenic fabric, is available in either a silver/sky blue or silver/copper colour combination and extends its technology and connectivity characteristics with a wide range of functions that include: two stereo earpieces, a rider/passenger intercom with pairing to other devices, an integrated microphone with micro USB port, a single intuitive button on the microphone, red/blue LED lights on the microphone to indicate system status, a double connection function (in addition to a mobile phone, another device can be connected via Bluetooth) and vocal command call pick-up.


The Goggles, which can be paired with the helmet, stand out for their mirrored lenses and other brand-new details. The lens is in anti-fog and anti-scratch polycarbonate with an acetate profile, while the inner part is particularly comfortable thanks to the use of a very resistant, high-grip expanded polyurethane foam combined with hypoallergenic fabric. Lastly, the elasticated strap has practical nylon adjustment buckles to match the lens surround and a fastening finished in high-vis reflective material, particularly useful for night-time riding.


Another new product is the original, modular backpack with LED piping, composed of an internal bag for the top box, a back protector, and a detachable helmet bag. It also includes a dedicated compartment for a notebook as well as a power bank for the recharging of portable devices.

A modular system makes this an eclectic, triple-function accessory: a top box bag (which can be folded to be easily packed away), a back protector (certified and incorporated in the bag’s base) and a removable mesh helmet bag. This special accessory is created in high-resistance nylon with water-repelling treatment and features rubber-coated zips with personalised Vespa horn cover zip pulls and elegant LED piping, integrated into the design of the backpack. It makes good use of technology in its electronic and connective functions, thus reflecting the innovative spirit of Vespa Elettrica. The backpack is in fact a “smart” object that allows for the recharging of any connected devices and the LED lights, which can be personalised along with the on/off functions via the dedicated app. The lights take the shape of indicators in that they are automatically activated via a smartphone’s movement sensors. The backpack’s operating system, connected to the phone, communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth thanks to an app that allows for control of the lights, particularly useful when it comes to the safety of commuters.


In addition to these stylish Vespa Elettrica accessories, there is a wide range of more functional accessories, such as a top box, windscreen, luggage rack, protectors, side stand, mittens and leg covers.

The top box is painted to match the vehicle and enhanced with the famous Vespa logo, raised and chrome-plated. It can accommodate a full-face helmet. The top box can be completed with a backrest, upholstered in the same material as the seat. The chrome-plated support on which the top box is mounted can also be used as a luggage rack.

Maximum protection is guaranteed thanks to the windscreen, in high quality anti-splinter methacrylate, personalised with the Vespa logo. Vespa Elettrica can also be fitted with a top fairing – available in either a transparent or smoke material – that elegantly completes the front of the vehicle.

A classic Vespa accessory, front and rear chrome luggage racks are also available for Vespa Elettrica. Front/rear perimeter and mudguard chrome guards elegantly finish the vehicle and protect the bodywork.

Further enriching Vespa Elettrica is the practical side stand in black painted steel, to facilitate parking, indoor and outdoor “big logo” vehicle covers, both with practical openings to accommodate any accessories, and the anti-slip rubber mat.

The essential mittens and leg cover are practical, easy to fit, and made of thermal material to provide excellent protection from the weather. The Vespa Elettrica leg cover bears a metal Vespa logo and provides maximum stability even at high speeds.




2019 Vespa Elettrica X – Totalmotorcycle.com Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: from $ 7499 USD
Canada MSRP Price: from $9445 CDN
Europe/UK MSRP Price: from € 6390 Euros (On The Road inc 20% Vat)
Australia MSRP Price: See Dealer for Pricing in AU
Engine Electric Piaggio brushless motor with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)
Power 3.5 kW (4 kW peak)
Torque 200 Nm at the wheel
Battery Piaggio 4.2 kWh lithium battery, LG Chem cells, built-in battery charger
Battery voltage 48 V
Battery capacity 86 Ah
Recharge time 4 hours (with voltage of 220 V)
Load Bearing Structure Sheet steel body with welded reinforcements
Front suspension Single-arm fork with coil spring and hydraulic monoshock absorber
Rear suspension Hydraulic monoshock absorber
Front wheel rim Die-cast aluminium alloy 3.00×12”
Rear wheel rim Die-cast aluminium alloy 3,00×11”
Front tyre Tubeless 110/70-12″
Rear tyre Tubeless 120/70-11″
Front brake Hydraulically operated 200 mm ø stainless steel disc
Rear brake Mechanically operated 140 mm ø drum brake
Length/Width 1870/735 mm
Saddle height 790 mm
Wheelbase 1350 mm



Manufacturer Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice on Total Motorcycle (TMW).

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