2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS Guide

2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS
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2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS 2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS 2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS 2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS 2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS

2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS: ON AND OFF-ROAD FUN.

Introducing the 2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS…

Take the playing field by storm with nimble dual-sport performance that’s ready to conquer both on- and off-road. This agile bike features a quick-revving 233cc engine, lightweight chassis, and long-travel suspension. Styling updates include a new front fender and LED headlight. Fuel injection provides easy starting and crisp throttle response in a wide range of elevations and temperatures. The result is a consistent ride on paved streets, dirt trails, and beyond.

The Kawasaki KLX®230 S and KLX®230 S ABS are based on the popular KLX230 models but have modified suspension to lower the seat height 2.2 inches so that it’s easier for riders to reach the ground. A more aggressive appearance comes from a new compact LED headlight and cowl, and front fender. The ABS model is available with Kawasaki’s off-road ABS, which has been updated to allow riders to turn the rear ABS off for active off-road maneuverability. Whatever the version, the KLX230 enables riders to ride out of town and enjoy the trails with confidence and ease.


2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS KRT Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

  • Lower seat height than KLX®230 (32.7 inches vs. 34.8 inches)
  • Shorter 2-stage front suspension with 6.2 inches of travel
  • Uni-Trak® rear suspension with 6.6 inches of travel
  • UPDATED front and rear Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

NEW FOR 2023
• New compact LED headlight and shroud is the centerpiece of the KLX230’s more aggressive appearance. Since the LED headlight is shorter from front to back it gives the front end a much sleeker look.
• Revised front fender contributes to the more aggressive appearance.
• On ABS models riders can now disable the rear ABS with a switch on the left handlebar for more active off-road handling, such as rear-wheel steering assist by locking the rear brake so the tire slides. When the engine is turned off and restarted the system defaults to full ABS.
• Revised ECU settings provide a lower fast-idle speed for reduced engine noise during warm-up, revised atmospheric correction helps improve power delivery when riding at high altitude, and revised injection mapping helps improve throttle response in cold temperatures.




2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS KRT Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

The KLX®230 dual-sport lineup is powered by a 233cc fuel-injected, air-cooled single cylinder engine, tuned for low- to mid-range power.

A compact and lightweight engine delivers easy-to-use low- to mid-range torque ideal for trail riding. New ECU settings result in improved high-altitude power delivery and crisper throttle response in cold temperatures.

Electric start and fuel injection ensure easy starting at the push of a button and efficient fuel delivery regardless of altitude or air temperature. A smooth-shifting six-speed transmission covers a wide range of street-riding conditions and allows for more comfortable cruising on the highway, as well as trail riding.

The engine and chassis were designed together to make the KLX®230 as agile and lightweight as possible.

The high-tensile steel perimeter frame, short wheelbase and low seat height offer the handling needed for confident trail riding for a wide range of riders and environments. The KLX®230 features a seat height of 34.8-inch vs. 32.7-inches on the KLX®230 S.

A combination of form and function, the frame, seat and tank were designed to give riders an easier grip, offering superior chassis control. Seams between the shrouds, seat and side covers are flush, which facilitates freedom of movement when changing riding positions.

Designed from the ground up for dirt fun. That’s why the KLX®230 dual-sport features long-travel suspension, front and rear disc brakes and full-size wheels.

Long-travel suspension, featuring a 37mm front fork and Uni-Trak® single-shock rear suspension, soaks up bumps, contributing to ride comfort and control on bumpy streets and rough trails.

Petal disc brakes add even more stopping power, with a twin-piston caliper gripping a 240mm disc in the front and a 220mm disc in the rear.

Full-size aluminum wheels measuring 21-inches in the front and 18-inches in the rear allow for confident riding and handling over varied terrain.

Designed for the trails and tuned for on-road versatility, let the KLX®230 lineup take you to new heights with on- and off-road capability.

The KLX®230 S is available with an innovative dual-sport calibrated ABS* jointly developed with Bosch®. Designed to assist stopping performance on low-friction surfaces, this ABS system will offer reassurance to both new and experienced riders. Switch operated rear brake ABS cancel function facilitates more active off-road sport riding performance.

A new, compact LED headlight provides excellent illumination at night or in low light conditions. A new headlight cowling and new front fender contribute to sportier, more aggressive styling. An all-digital instrument panel offers at-a-glance information care of a large, easy-to-read LCD display screen. Features include: speedometer, odometer, dual-trip meters, fuel gauge, clock, and indicator lamps.

A toolbox is located inside a lockable compartment under the left side cover. Both the ignition and side cover panel lock are operated with the Kawasaki One Key System.

The KLX®230 S extends the playing field, allowing more riders to experience the thrill of dual-sport riding thanks to a reduced 32.7 inch seat height (34.8 inches on standard model). The KLX230 S is available with an innovative dual-sport calibrated ABS jointly developed with Bosch®.

The KLX®230 S features a shorter, two-stage front suspension with 6.2 inches of travel. The front forks are shorter, and work with shorter dual-stage springs with a firmer spring rate. Combined with reduced rear suspension travel (6.6 inches), this helps lower the seat height by 2.2 inches.


• Long-stroke engine provides ample low-mid range torque for easy low-speed control and a strong pull at smaller throttle openings.
• Simple air-cooled. SOHC design helps ease maintenance.
• Digital Fuel Injection (DFI)(KP) helps deliver smooth, precise throttle response for increased engine control on the trail. Fuel injection also provides stable fuel delivery by automatically adjusting for air temperature and changes in altitude, which contributes to cleaner emissions.
• DFI provides consistent starting whether the engine is hot or cold, and combined with the electric starter button makes firing up the engine easy.
• Tuned exhaust contributes to the engine’s easy-to-use performance, and the tapered muffler with oval
cross section helps provide a strong off-road image. • Smooth-shifting six-speed transmission combined with short final gearing complements the engine’s low-mid range power focus to make navigating tight trails easier.
• High-tensile steel perimeter frame was specifically designed to enhance trail performance for increased rider confidence.
• The frame and engine were designed together. Engine height was minimized to help create an optimal frame line for an ideal rigidity balance and precisely positioned center of gravity.
• The frame was also designed so riders can easily grip it with their legs for increased rider control and feedback. Flush seams between the shrouds, seat and side covers, combined with a relatively flat seat design, also aids rider control and help provide freedom of movement.
• Short wheelbase contributes easy maneuverability on the trail.
• To help reduce the seat height by 2.2 inches, the front forks were shortened 2.4 inches using shorter dual-stage springs with a firmer spring rate than the KLX230/ABS models. Shorter rear rear shock, with a stiffer spring to match the reduced travel, reduces suspension travel by 2.1 inches.
• New Uni-Trak®(KP) rear suspension system provides a supple ride over small bumps without sacrificing stiffness to absorb bigger bumps.
• Gas-pressurized single rear shock is adjustable for preload to help riders set the bike up for their weight.
• Petal disc brakes provide sure stopping power.
• Full-size aluminum wheels, 21-inch front and 18-inch rear, increase trail-riding performance.
• Kawasaki KX™ styling influences provide an agile, aggressive image.
• All-digital instrument panel has a large-display, easy-to-read LCD screen featuring speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, clock and indicator lamps.
• Large, bright headlight with a 55/60W halogen element offers excellent illumination.

• Jointly developed with Bosch, Kawasaki’s Dual Purpose ABS is carefully tuned to assist riders with stopping effectively in a short distance whether on the road or in the dirt.
• ABS intervention timing is later than normal on-road ABS due to decreased traction on the dirt. This helps provide a more natural brake feel in the dirt as the tires may slide slightly before the ABS is activated. On pavement it feels like normal ABS with a less-sensitive setting.
• The rear ABS can be disabled with a switch on the left handlebar for more active off-road handling, such as rear-wheel steering assist by locking the rear brake so the tire slides. When the engine is turned off and restarted the system defaults to full ABS.





2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS KRT – Totalmotorcycle.com USA Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: $5,299 USD
Canada MSRP Price: $ NA CDN
Europe/UK MSRP Price: £ NA GBP (On The Road inc 20% Vat)


Engine 4-stroke single, SOHC, air-cooled
Displacement 233cc
Bore x Stroke 67.0 x 66.0mm
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Fuel System DFI® with 32mm Keihin throttle body
Ignition TCBI Electronic Advance
Transmission 6-speed, return shift with wet multi-disc manual clutch
Final Drive Chain


Front Suspension / Wheel Travel 37mm telescopic fork/6.2 in
Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Uni-Trak® linkage system and single shock with adjustable spring preload/6.6 in
Front Tire 2.75 x 21
Rear Tire 4.10 x 18
Front Brakes Single 240mm petal disc (265mm for ABS) with a dual-piston caliper (and ABS)
Rear Brakes Single 220mm petal disc with single-piston caliper (and ABS)


Frame Type High-tensile steel, box-section perimeter
Rake/Trail 27.5°/4.6 in
Overall Length 81.9 in.
Overall Width 32.9 in.
Overall Height 43.7 in.
Ground Clearance 8.3 in.
Seat Height 32.7 in.
Curb Weight NON ABS: 295.5 lb. / 297.7 lb. CA model. ABS: 297.7 lb. / 299.9 lb. CA model *
Fuel Capacity 2.0 gal.
Wheelbase 53.5 in.
Color Choices Lime Green, Battle Gray
Warranty 12 Months
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional) 12, 24, or 36 months





2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS KRT – Totalmotorcycle.com  Canadian Specifications/Technical Details





2023 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS KRT – Totalmotorcycle.com European Specifications/Technical Details





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