2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE Guide

2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE
Contents: ReviewKey FeaturesFeatures & BenefitsSpecifications

2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE 2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE 2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE 2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE 2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE

Contents: ReviewKey FeaturesFeatures & BenefitsSpecifications

2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE: NEW ADVENTURES. NEW VISTAS.

Introducing the 2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE…

Bike adventures are life’s best adventures. Every day brings opportunity for fresh challenges.

Beyond the roads you know lie whole new vistas. Unknown roads are easier and faraway places nearer with the Versys 1000 SE. When Adventure Calls, you and the Versys 1000 SE have the answer. ANY ROAD. ANY TIME.




2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE KRT Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

  • Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS) with Skyhook technology
  • Integrated riding modes
  • Kawasaki Quick Shifter (KQS)
  • All-LED lighting including cornering lights
  • Multi-function TFT colour LCD screen
  • Smartphone connectivity



Over the course of the past several years, the powersports industry has witnessed a significant increase in popularity with novice and experienced riders alike, turning to motorcycles, ATVs, side-x-sides, and personal watercraft. To continue to meet this growing demand Kawasaki has announced that select adventure touring, sport, and cruiser model year 2023 motorcycles will arrive in Kawasaki dealerships during the fall months giving riders the chance to “Let the good times roll.”




2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE KRT Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

KCMF (Kawasaki Cornering Management Function)
Using the latest evolution of Kawasaki’s advanced modelling software and feedback from a compact Bosch IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), KCMF monitors engine and chassis parameters throughout the corner – from entry, through the apex, to corner exit – modulating brake force and engine power to facilitate smooth transition from acceleration to braking and back again, and to assist riders in tracing their intended line through the corner.

Exciting In-Line Four Engine
A key to the Versys 1000’s fun factor, the exciting engine delivers more than just performance figures. The 1,043 cm3 In-line Four, tuned for flexibility, offers superb throttle response, strong torque at all rpm (especially in the low-mid range), and a seductive intake howl – ensuring riders are treated to a physically and aurally exhilarating sensation with every twist of the throttle. A change to Electronic Throttle Valves enables the addition of Electronic Cruise Control, while also contributing to smooth power delivery.

Twin LED Headlamps
Each of the LED headlamps features low and high beams as well as a position lamp. Highly visible, the new headlamps offer significantly increased brightness to illuminate the way on night rides.

Fun Sport Riding on a Variety of Streets/Conditions
Because real world riding occurs on streets that are often less than circuit smooth – road imperfections (bumps, potholes) are far from rare, and some streets are not even paved (cobblestone, etc) – Kawasaki engineers chose long-travel suspension to enable riders to carve corners with aplomb. While not designed for off-road use, the long-travel suspension’s ability to cope with less-than-perfect street conditions allows the Versys 1000 SE to remain composed where bikes with stiffer, sportier set-ups would require backing off the throttle. Lightweight 17” wheels front and rear contribute to quick, sporty handling

KECS with Showa Skyhook Technology
For 2021, the Versys 1000 SE benefits from an update to its KECS (Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension). Featuring Kawasaki’s first use of Showa’s Skyhook technology, the new suspension delivers a smoother ride for rider and passenger, contributing to increased comfort and enjoyment. The Skyhook concept imagines a hook supporting the motorcycle’s sprung weight and modulates the suspension’s damping force to allow the wheels to track the dips and bumps encountered while maintaining the motorcycle’s vertical position with minimal disturbance.

All-LED Lighting
From the twin headlamps and compact LED turn signals to the LED taillight and LED licence plate bulb, the Versys 1000 offers an all-LED lighting package.

Adjustable Windscreen
Complementing the increased wind protection offered by the Versys 1000’s front cowl and wider shrouds, the steplessly adjustable windscreen can be tailored to rider preference, contributing to comfortable highway cruising. Windscreen height can be easily adjusted from the rider’s seat.

Integrated Riding Modes
The Versys 1000 SE comes standard with integrated rider modes allowing the selection of three modes which automatically combine the most appropriate traction control and power settings for sport, road, rain plus a rider (manual) mode.

KIBS (Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Brake System)
Kawasaki’s supersport-grade high-precision brake management system is now standard equipment on the Versys 1000. This is the same base system used on the Ninja H2 and Ninja ZX-10R, with programming and settings revised to suit the street performance parameters and long-travel suspension of the Versys 1000.

Two Available Seats
The Versys 1000 is fitted with the Comfort Seat which features thicker urethane cushioning to provide the comfort to enable long hours in the saddle, while offering taller riders a relaxed knee bend. Both bikes can also be fitted with the accessory Low Seat (20 mm lower) which prioritises an easy reach to the ground.

KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shifter)
Complementing the Versys 1000’s exhilarating engine character, the SE model’s standard equipment includes a quick shifter that enables clutchless upshifts and downshifts for seamless acceleration and quick and easy deceleration.

Smartphone Connectivity
Complementing the Versys 1000 SE’s TFT dashboard is a Bluetooth chip built into the instrument panel which enables riders to connect to their motorcycle wirelessly. Using the smartphone application “RIDEOLOGY THE APP,” a number of instrument functions can be accessed, contributing to an enhanced motorcycling experience.

Handy Power Source
Conveniently located in the cockpit, a DC socket, previously an accessory, is now standard equipment. The socket is complemented by prepared pre-wiring. A total of 40 W of power is available.

TFT Full Colour Instrumentation
The compact all-digital TFT colour instrumentation gives the cockpit a high-tech, highgrade appearance. The high-grade full colour display features TFT (thin-film transistor) technology, delivering a high level of visibility. The screen’s background colour is selectable (black or white), and screen brightness adjusts automatically to suit available light. In addition to scrollable multi-function windows, two display modes offer riders a choice of how they want their information presented.

Grip Heaters
Grip heaters provide increased comfort on cold days. They fully enclose the grips, ensuring excellent warmth.

Clean-Mount Pannier System
The mounting system for the accessory panniers allows the panniers to be attached and removed very simply, contributing to increased convenience. Seamlessly integrating the panniers with the rear of the bike, the clean-mount system positions the panniers close to the bike centreline, and, thanks to its clean clutter-free design, ensures the rear of the bike still looks good with the panniers removed.

Electronic Throttle Valves
Electronic Throttle Valves enable the ECU to control the volume of both the fuel (via fuel injectors) and the air (via throttle valves) delivered to the engine. Ideal fuel injection and throttle valve position results in smooth, natural engine response and the ideal engine output.

LED Cornering Lights
Lights built into the shrouds help illuminate the road when cornering at night. Each of the three lights has a fixed direction and is activated based on lean angle. As the bike leans over, the lights come on in order, creating a wider illuminated path in the direction the bike is heading.

Electronic Cruise Control
Kawasaki’s cruise control system allows a desired speed to be maintained with the simple press of a button. Once activated, the rider does not have to constantly apply the throttle. This reduces stress on the right hand when traveling long distances, enabling relaxed cruising and contributing to a high level of riding comfort.

KTRC (Kawasaki TRaction Control)
Three modes cover a wide range of riding conditions, offering either enhanced sport riding performance or the peace of mind under certain conditions to negotiate slippery surfaces with confidence.

Radial-Mount Front Brake Calipers
The ø310 mm front petal discs are now gripped by highly rigid radial-mount monobloc calipers complemented by a radial-pump front brake master cylinder, contributing to superb feel and formidable stopping power.




2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE KRT – Totalmotorcycle.com USA Specifications/Technical Details
Canada MSRP Price: $ NA CDN
Europe/UK MSRP Price: £15,569 GBP (On The Road inc 20% Vat)






2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE KRT – Totalmotorcycle.com  Canadian Specifications/Technical Details





2023 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE KRT – Totalmotorcycle.com European Specifications/Technical Details

Engine typeLiquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line Four
Displacement1,043 cm³
Bore x stroke77 x 56 mm
Compression ratio10.3:1
Valve systemDOHC, 16 valves
Fuel systemFuel injection: Ø 38 mm x 4 (Keihin) with oval sub-throttles
Starting SystemElectric
LubricationForced lubrication, wet sump
Gear Performance & Transmission
Maximum power88.2 kW {120 PS} / 9,000 rpm
Power down kit 85 kWAvailable
CO2 emission128 g/km
Maximum torque102 N•m {10.4 kgf•m} / 7,500 rpm
Fuel consumption 85 kW kit5.5 l/100 km
CO2 emission 85 kW kit128 g/km
Final driveSealed chain
Primary Reduction Ratio1.627 (83/51)
Gear Ratios 1st2.692 (35/13)
Gear Ratios 2nd1.950 (39/20)
Gear Ratios 3rd1.529 (26/17)
Gear Ratios 4th1.304 (30/23)
Gear Ratios 5th1.136 (25/22)
Gear Ratios 6th0.958 (23/24)
Final reduction ratio2.867 (43/15)
ClutchWet multi-disc, manual
Suspensions Brakes & Suspension
Brakes, frontDual semi-floating 310 mm petal discs. Caliper: Dual radial-mount, monobloc, opposed 4-piston
Brakes, rearSingle 250 mm petal disc. Caliper: Single-piston
Suspension, front43 mm inverted fork with stepless rebound damping (right side) and spring preload adjustability (Versys 1000) 43 mm inverted fork with KECS-controlled rebound and compression damping, manual spring preload adjustability and top-out springs (Versys 1000 SE)
Suspension, rearHorizontal Back-link, gas-charged, with stepless rebound damping and remote spring preload adjustability (Versys 1000) Horizontal Back-link, BFRC lite shock, KECS-controlled compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload adjustability (Versys 1000 SE)
Dimensions Frame & Dimensions
Frame typeTwin-tube, aluminium
Trail106 mm
Wheel travel front150 mm
Wheel travel rear152 mm
Tyre, front120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Tyre, rear180/55ZR17M/C (73W)
Steering angle, left / right34˚/34˚
L x W x H2,270 x 950 x 1,490 (1,530 high position screen) mm
Wheelbase1,520 mm
Wheelbase1,520 mm
Ground clearance150 mm
Fuel capacity21 litres
Seat height840 mm
Curb mass257 kg





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