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2002 Harley-Davidson Revolution Engine

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2002 Harley-Davidson VRSCA
2002 Harley-Davidson Revolution Engine


– 2002 Harley-Davidson Revolution Engine

The injection of contemporary technology such as liquid-cooling, dual overhead cams and downdraft intake are bold new steps for Harley-Davidson. However, the Revolution™ powertrain remains true to Harley-Davidson’s heritage by retaining the values of style and durability, while delivering a dramatic increase in horsepower. The 1130cc, 60 degree V-Twin has adhered to its racing heritage while setting new benchmarks in terms of durability through Harley-Davidson’s extensive testing regimen.


Engine Type Four stroke, four valve per-cylinder, 60° liquid-cooled,V-Twin
Displacement 69 cu. in. (1130 cc)
Bore x Stroke 3.94 x 2.83 in. (100 x 72 mm)
Compression Ratio 11.3 :1 nominal
Max Sustained Engine Speed 9000 rpm
Idle RPM 1200 rpm, auto idle speed and cold start speed control
Nominal Peak Torque @ Crank 74 ft. lbs. @ 7000 rpm
Nominal Peak HP @ Crankshaft 115 @ 8500 rpm
Crankcase Aluminum, horizontal split, low pressure permanent mold
Cylinders Integral cylinders, cast iron drop in wet liners, double O ring seal
Cylinder Head Aluminum, permanent mold, four valves per cylinder, single 12 mm spark plug
Crankshaft Construction Single piece forged steel, single throw
Connecting Rod Type Side by side, forged steel, cracked cap
Balancing System Forged steel, single counter weight, crank driven @ engine speed
Fuel System Sequential Port Electronic Fuel Injection
Ignition System Sequential, single fire non waste spark, coil on plug
Lubrication System Gerotor, wet sump, 4.5 qts. (4.3L) capacity
Oil Type, Change Interval HD360 20W-50
Engine Controls – Throttle (number/size) Twin, 53 mm throttle bores
Engine Controls – Sensors Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP), Crank Position (CKP), Charge Air
temp (CAT),Throttle Position (TPS), Engine Coolant Temperature
Engine Controls – Spark Knock Control ION sense spark knock control
Combustion Chamber Volume 54.89cc nominal
Alternator Type / Output Permanent Rare Earth Magnet,18 Amp @ 1000 rpm,
38 amp at 3600 rpm (70°f ambient )
Water Pump Impeller type, thermostat controlled bypass
Main and Con Rod Bearings Plain hydrodynamic con rod and main bearings

Cam System Direct acting double overhead cam, chain driven with hydraulic tensioners,
inertial automatic starting compression release on each exhaust cam
Valve Head Diameters Intake = 40 mm; Exhaust = 34.5 mm
Valve Lash Intake = .22±.025 mm; Exhaust = .32± .025 mm
Valve Adjustment Buckets over shims, adjustment at 10,000 mi. intervals
Valve Angles intake = 11°, exhaust = 12.5°, 23.5° included angle
Intake Valve Open @1mm Tappet Lift 18° Crank Angle (ca) BTDC
Intake Valve Closed @1mm Tappet Lift 50°ca ABDC
Centerline 106°ca ATDC
Total Intake Lift 10.9mm
Duration (>1mm Valve Lift) 248°
Exhaust Valve Open @1mm Tappet Lift 13°ca BBDC
Exhaust Valve Closed @1mm Tappet Lift 13°ca ATDC
Centerline 105°CA BTDC
Total Exhaust Lift 9.98 mm
Duration (>1mm Valve Lift) 206°

Primary Drive High contact ratio spur gear, 64/117
Final Drive Ratio 30/72
Clutch Nine plate wet pressure fed with integral compensation
Transmission Five speed dog and pocket, spur type first
and fifth gears, second through fourth helical gears
Gear Ratio:
1st 2.5:1 (45/18)
2nd 1.68:1 (42/25)
3rd 1.345:1 (39/29)
4th 1.161:1 (36/31)
5th 1.04:1 (26/25)

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