2009 – 2006 Ridley Auto-Glide Sport

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2009 – 2006 Ridley Auto-Glide Sport
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2009 - 2006 Ridley Auto-Glide Sport
2009 Ridley Auto-Glide Sport

2008 Ridley Auto-Glide Sport
2008 Ridley Auto-Glide Sport

– 2009 – 2006 Ridley Auto-Glide Sport

In 1995, Clay Ridley hand built the first “Ridley Motorcycles” for his family without the thought of starting a business. The first motorcycles were three quarter scaled models featuring 12″ wheels with an incredible finish. As word spread beyond Oklahoma City about these lighter weight motorcycles, Clay was contact by dealers who wanted to offer the motorcycles in their dealerships. The only problem, there was no Ridley Motorcycle Company. In fact, Ridley has a successful beach wear manufacturing business in Oklahoma City where his company was producing nearly 500,000 pair of sandals each year.

Interest in his motorcycles was so great that Clay Ridley and son, Jay Ridley formed Ridley Motorcycle Company in 1997 with the first production models introduced in 1999.

As the company has grown so have the motorcycles. The original Ridley’s had a 205cc single cylinder engine. Today, the popular Ridley Auto-Glide model family are built with the Ridley 750 V-Twin engine. A powerful and extremely reliable engine that Ridley has been producing since 2004.

. Ridley Auto-Glide SPORT
Model Name MSRP Engine Final Drive Transmission Warranty Feature
Auto-Glide Sport $18,250 Ridley 750 Twin Belt Type II CVT 25 month 4.2g Fuel Tank, Steel Fenders, Modular Wiring, LED Speedo w/Tach, Sport Rear Fender, Black Engine & Wheels.
Auto-Glide Sport $18,250 Ridley 750 Twin Belt Type II CVT 25 month 4.2g Fuel Tank, Steel Fenders, Sport Rear Fender*, Modular Wiring, LED Speedo w/Tach*, Black Engine & Wheels.
Auto-Glide Sport $16,595 Ridley 750 Twin Belt* Type II CVT 12 month 4.2g Fuel Tank, Composite Fenders, Modular Wiring, LCD Speedo w/Tach.
Auto-Glide Sport $15,600 Ridley 750 Twin Chain Type II CVT 12 month 4.2g Fuel Tank, Steel Fenders*, Modular Wiring, LCD Speedo.

The Ridleys have always had a drive for innovation. Clay Ridley designed and built his own car at the age of 14, built and learned to fly helicopters, built machines that made shoes, and built machines that improved manufacturing productivity. But the work that Clay loves best has always been constructing motorcycles. Having received a gift of a welder at age 12, Clay set off to being his life long career of innovation at a very early age. His creativity and endless pursuit of perfection has been passed to his eldest son, Jay who has developed his own talents on the business side of each Ridley endeavor. This father-son relationship is very different than those found on today’s reality television shows. Their mutual respect for each and the team around them allows this US-based manufacturer to continue to evolve into a multi-national brand.

The Ridley revolution continues through the many innovations introduced by the incredible team at Ridley Motorcycle. Clay Ridley once noted that “a business isn’t really a business until the founder can step back and watch his vision perpetuate.” What was once a dream has become a reality for the Ridley’s with thousands of their fully automatic motorcycles on the road.

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