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2001 Honda Xaxis
2001 Honda Xaxis

– 2001 Honda Xaxis

2001 Honda Xaxis

Pursuing the ultimate technological beauty of the motorcycle, the Xaxis Super Sport concept model aggressively emphasizes the beauty inherent in mechanical hardware and raw materials in an innovative new design direction. Its DOHC V-twin engine is set into a lightweight Pivotless twin-spar frame with an eye-catching single-sided swingarm and front suspension, generating a nique sense of power and presence. Taking “functional beauty” into new realms are a new front brake with large, rim-mounted rotor for powerful braking control, a compact exhaust system with integrated, aerodynamic undercowl-shaped muffler, and a radiator built into its compact tail cowl. A new direction in Super Sport machines, the Xaxis fuses innovative styling

The sleek, V-twin powered Xaxis points a new direction for Super Sports bikes, fusing innovative styling with advanced technologies to enhance the joys of owning and riding. In addition to the aggressively styled aerodynamic lines flowing from its front cowl to tail, it also boasts eye-catching cantilevered front and rear suspension systems and a new dual-calliper front brake featuring a large rim-mounted rotor that ensures powerful brake operation.

item specification
length(mm) 2,030
wide(mm) 730
hright(mm) 1,020
displacement(cm3) 995
engine water cooled 4 stroke DOHCV twin cylinder

Honda slightly updated this design in 2004 as the 2004 Honda NAS.