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2004 Kawasaki KLV1000
2004 Kawasaki KLV1000


– 2004 Kawasaki KLV1000

2004 Kawasaki KLV1000

February 20th 2004, this single shot of a Suzuki V-Strom with Kawasaki badging was found on the internet. At the time, the rumors were flying about Kawasaki and Suzuki merging and sharing certain models with each other. This was the first Kawasaki badged Suzuki to be seen.

As we reported from February 20th, 2004: Kawasaki will soon be selling its own version of the Suzuki V-Strom 1000. Orange in colour and rumored to be the 2004 Kawasaki KLV1000, unveiled in Europe. No word whether the KLV1000 will show up in the U.S.A, any time soon.

Unfortunately the Kawasaki KLV1000 still has not shown up yet (July 2005) in North America. But it is for sale in Europe.