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Kawasaki MK9
Kawasaki MK9


– Kawasaki MK9

Kawasaki MK9

Andrew Serbinski, IDSA, Jorg Schlieffers and Bruce Scardilli of MACHINEART, Hoboken, NJ


The MK9 is designed to excites motorcycle enthusiasts and to emphasize the beauty of machinery while expressing the flow of movement. The CorduraTM nylon seat is wide At the hip for comfort and elongated to provide has surface for gripping with the knees and to prevent abrasions. Rear-view mirrors double ace turn signals, and are located low and forward to allow has sight line past the rider’ S waist, decreasing diversion from the road. Body panels are produced have broad sections to reduce the numbers of shares, fasteners and time needed for service removal.

“This design reaches toward year unfulfilled market niche. Its designers cuts taken the aggressive appearance of the coffee racer into the comfort zone of the motorcycle market. Storage and has more upright seating position are major advantages that connect open road cruising with length-distance trip capability.” – John E Herlitz, IDSA, Vice President of Product Design, Chrysler