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Metzeler ME Z4
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Metzeler ME Z4 Front
Metzeler ME Z4 Front

Metzeler ME Z4 Rear
Metzeler ME Z4 Rear


– Metzeler ME Z4


Successful Sport-Touring tyres with 0° steel belt front and rear. No matter the weather, how far and how fast you want to ride, you can rely on them

– Metzeler typical transverse directional pattern design provides optimum water drainage for a clean and “dry” contact on the road
– Superb high-speed stability and braking force transmission with total stability even under heavy braking with loaded bike
– High-Silica compound for excellent dry and wet grip. Outstanding mileage and even wear make this tyres a must for long-distance, enjoyable travelling

Alternative Tyres

– ME Z2


Suitable for

– Touring rider


MEZ4F Front
120/60ZR17TL(55W) MEZ4F
120/70ZR17 (58W)(B) TL MEZ4F
120/70ZR17M/CTL(58W)(A) MEZ4F
120/70ZR17TL(58W)(K) MEZ4F
120/70ZR17TL(58W)(Y) MEZ4F
120/70ZR17TL(58W)(J) MEZ4F
120/70ZR18M/CTL(59W) MEZ4F
110/80ZR17TL 57W MEZ4F
110/80ZR18TL(58W) MEZ4F

MEZ4 Rear
190/50ZR17TL(73W) MEZ4
180/55ZR17 (73W) TL MEZ4A
180/55ZR17TL(73W)(J) MEZ4
180/55ZR17TL(73W)(K) MEZ4
180/55ZR17TL(73W)(Y) MEZ4
180/55ZR17TL(73W) MEZ4
160/60ZR17TL(69W)(Y) MEZ4
160/60ZR17M/CTL(69W) MEZ4
160/60ZR18TL(70W) MEZ4
170/60ZR17TL(72W)(K) MEZ4
170/60ZR17TL(72W) MEZ4
150/70ZR17 (69W) TL MEZ4B
150/70ZR17TL(69W) MEZ4
160/70ZR17TL 73W MEZ4