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Product: Autosol All Purpose Metal Polish
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Manufacturers Description: This world famous and internationally awarded high quality product cleans, protects and polishes all bright metal surfaces. Its abrasive cleaning properties make it ideal for use on heavily weathered and corroded surfaces.


The ultimate shine for all finishes.

Product History: A Legacy of Innovation
Dursol-Fabrik was founded in 1929 by Otto Durst, a German inventor. The invention of the automobile brought a rush of excitement. These early automobiles were heavily laden with brass and chrome, which would quickly tarnish from the severe German weather. Mr. Durst was disappointed that the beauty could not be preserved.

This led to extensive research in the field of chemistry and experimentation with various formulas. Mr. Durst’s findings resulted in a significant breakthrough in metal polish that helps to deliver the brilliant shine you will obtain with AUTOSOL.

AUTOSOL metal polish quickly became a worldwide sensation, achieving international acclaim by setting a new standard for luster. Its unique formula, which leaves an invisible coating to retard against oxidation was the first of what would be many innovations from Dursol-Fabrik.

Today, you can find AUTOSOL products throughout the world, wherever quality is important. From the factories of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, to private-label products for companies like Texaco and Toyota. From the fastest Porsche on the Autobahn to the S-Class taking a Sunday drive through the California wine country, our customers can count on quality from a respected source – AUTOSOL.

Suggested Uses: Chrome, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass.
Our First Hand Review: Looks like a tube of toothpaste, comes out like a tube of toothpaste, but don’t brush your teeth with it! Well, you could, but we didn’t try that…

Autosol has been around for a very very long time in Europe and is now being sold in North America and abroad markets. It is a very successful product back in Europe so let’s see how it does here…

Think, rich dry abrasive formula. It dries easily so make sure you keep putting the cap back on after use, or you will have another use for it, as a paper weight!

We strongly suggest using a good clean cloth (or buffing sponge/wheel) to apply it with, the amount of oxidation it removes from aluminum will shock you!

You really don’t need that much to make those metal parts shine. A little bit (about the amount you would use on your toothbrush) is our suggested amount per use. Rub in on, let is dry to a haze and then go at it. As you work the Autosol polish into the metal parts, you will start to see the oxidation start to come off and turn the Autosol dark grey and the cloth/wheel near black. This is Autosol working its magic. Keep working with it until the the cloth/wheel is black and shiny. Then switch to a new area of the cloth/wheel and keep going again (and again, and again) on the part. Every time you work the part, the better and like new it will look!

It is really amazing stuff! We tried it on 20+ year old, outside, neglected parts and while elbow grease and time was needed, the parts looked new at the end of it all! No kidding! You almost want to go to the junkyard just to brighten things up a bit!! haha.

Hand working the Autosol is needed in tight areas, you have to get it warmed up so be prepared for some work. Using the automatic method (buffing wheel) is easier and the results turn out faster and better, but it is best to take the parts off the bike first. The middle ground is using a high speed (3,000+ rpm) drill with a buffing wheel on the end, that way you don’t have to take all the parts of your bike off and get a good result.

Autosol has been a staple in our garage for years and we have used this product on all types of metal.

Cost was excellent for what the product is and does. We found it to be mcuh cheaper in price compared to other competing products.

While you may have to seach different automotive and speciality stores for Autosol, it is well worth it!

Overall: Makes 20+ year old, outside neglected motorcycle metal parts look new… Requires elbow grease for good manual polishing, or a tool (buffing wheel or drill) for faster, easier polishing (but you may have to remove parts for best effect).

Outstanding metal cleaning product. Restores old rust pitted chrome to a very mirror bright finish without the rust.

Highly recommend.

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