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Product: CD-2 Oil Detergent additive
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Manufacturers Description: CD-2 Oil Detergent frees sticky lifters, valves, and rings to quiet noisy engines. Dissolves sludge, carbon, and gum to extend engine life. Cleans all internal engine parts for more pep and power. Protects critical engine parts during high speed or stop and go driving.
Suggested Uses: Internal engine.
Added with oil at oil change.
Our First Hand Review: Sometimes you hear about a “miracle oil additive” on the internet promising great things… well, this one was too good to pass up, so we tried it out for you, in OUR motorcycle!

CD-2 Oil Detergent (and oil detergent in general) is designed to remove all that sludge, carbon, and gum deposits in your engine to extent its life. It makes sense if you have an older bike and want to clean all those years of gunk out of it. It is added to the oil at an oil change and it is best to change the filter as well. If it works, your oil filter will be working hard to catch all that old buildup.

That’s what we did when we tried out CD2 in our 21 year old motorcycle. New oil and filter and in goes the bottle of CD2 with it.

I’d have to say CD-2 would be a 5w (weight) oil itself, so we recommend using a little heavier oil (20w50 rather than 10w40) if you are adding it as not to thin out the oil too much.

After 1000km it was time to see if anything changed, so we did another oil change.

The oil was much cleaner than normal, in fact, the oil looked like new. Our oil filter (WIX) was quite dirty, and looked like it caught quite a lot of the deposits in the engine. Normally, we wouldn’t change our oil at 1,000km, but we didn’t know how much the oil filter was clogging up.

The bike ran the same, but it did not suffer any mechanical problems that the CD-2 would of “fixed”, so we used it just to clean out the engine. From that point of view, it worked, or so we think as we did not take apart the engine to have a look. That’s the problem with oil additives, you are never 100% sure they did something. But we are pretty sure CD-2 did do something since our oil filter was holding so much gunk in it and the oil wasn’t old looking at all. (usually, the oil is a grey colour, it was clear).

There is a risk using it in your bike though. Like using 100% synthic oil in an older bike, you could loosen or remove the deposits that are keeping your gaskets from leaking…

There are many oil additive products competing on the market with CD-2. Many of them just don’t work, at least we know that CD-2 does.

The cost is quite low (about $2.99) and if you feel this would be something that you could use, go ahead and try it out.

This product is very easy to find and any automotive store most likely will carry it.

Overall: While we can’t say 100% forsure that CD-2 cures all the ills of an engine just by adding something to the oil, it does clean the deposits out.

We were still happy with the CD2 product and do recommend it for motorcycle engine use.

Don’t forget to make sure you use a heavier than normal weight of oil with it since it will thin out the oil.

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