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Bet and Win 250 Scooter Review
Rider Test & Review – Rider: Andrea

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2006 KYMCO Bet and Win 250 Scooter
“The ride I had on the Kymco Bet & Win scooter was a lot more fun that I had originally expected. ” – Andrea

The ride I had on the Kymco Bet & Win scooter was a lot more fun that I had originally expected.

Because it is a 250 cc, it has quite a bit more oomph compared to the normal, run-of-the-mill 50 cc scooters. It is made for city riding so when I was test riding it I stuck to city roads and highways.

2006 KYMCO Bet and Win 250 Scooter ..
The scooter provided a smooth ride as acceleration and speed increased and was enjoyable to ride at city speeds.

I found that the Bet & Win had enough acceleration power to get me going from a stop but not so much that I was surprised. I actually took the scooter out on our city highway where the speed limit is 100 km/h. I was curious to see if the scooter could provide enough acceleration to make it possible for daily commuting. I was actually nicely surprised when I found that I was able to keep up with automobile traffic when accelerating to speed!

The scooter provided a smooth ride as acceleration and speed increased and was enjoyable to ride at city speeds. Whether traveling on the city highway or on normal roads, the bike felt stable and comfortable. It did not feel buzzy up until about 90 km/h and then there was a bit of a shake that would begin. This was not out of the ordinary or unexpected. It also did not make me feel like I wanted to get off the highway right away.

I found that at stops or extremely slow crawling paces the scooter had a tremble to it. This was not evident once the bike was traveling faster than approximately 10 km/h. However, at stops the bike would tremble to the point that I would not be able to see anything in the mirrors. It was a bit of a hassle.

The brakes were quite good. Once I had to make a fairly quick stop at a yellow light and I had no problems. There wasn’t even any screeching from the tires. The handling was good but because the scooter is so light and nimble, counter steering is necessary. It is forgiving in it’s steering but I would recommend that you make sure to counter steer and follow through to get the bike going where you want it to.

The seat was comfortable at first but I found that after about 45 minutes of riding my butt was getting a little tired. I would not want to ride this scooter for long distances, but then it is a scooter and is really made for city riding, right?

I found that the bike was just big enough for my liking. At 5’8″, my knees were close to the steering column but they did not rest on it. However, I was surprised that it was such a tight fitting ride, considering I am not overly tall. I figure that people 6 feet and taller would not have a chance of riding this scooter comfortably. To clarify, I was not cramped or uncomfortable I just don’t think it would fit long-legged people very well.

For finishing touches, I liked the digital dash. It is certainly not necessary but it’s a nice touch. I also noticed that the muffler was much larger than it needs to be for that size of engine. I am really not sure why it is necessary.

I would also like to see the mirrors changed because the current mirrors are not great for seeing what’s behind you. The actual mirror itself seems to be lacking quality – it is not a crystal clear mirror like you would normally see on a bike or car. I also had a problem with my right mirror housing in that it would constantly loosen at stops when the bike was vibrating. I never did find a fix to that problem so I mostly rode around using only one mirror.

The large trunk under the seat was very handy for when I was making a couple of mini shopping stops during my test ride. I thought it was a great size and was easy to access. And because it was lockable, I didn’t have to worry about always carting around my belongings.
In conclusion, I would say that the Bet & Win is not the best quality scooter out there, but for the price and the engine size it seems to be a fair deal.

See your Kymco dealer to learn more or for a test ride of their new Bet & Win 250 Scooter. The dealership we dealt with to test ride the Venox in Calgary, Alberta was:

Motor City Fun Inc.
Jose Sousa
#1, 3650, 19th Street NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2E 6V2
Phone: (403) 219-8838
Fax: (403) 219-8825

Kymco Canada


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