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Product: Simple Green Automotive Cleaner / Degreaser
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Manufacturers Description: An advnaced formula specially developed for professionals and conscientious vehicle owners. Great for tools, work benches, shop floors and doors, oil pans and wash basins. Cuts through brake dust, rubber oxidation, road tar, bug juice and oil trails of trucks, vans, trailers, RV’s, motorcycles and more.

As part of our Pro Series line of automotive products, Pro Series Simple Green Automotive Cleaner/Degreaser is for professionals and conscientious car owners that need a powerful degreaser.

Pro Series Simple Green Automotive Cleaner/Degreaser is ready-to-use, non-toxic and it doesn’t require gloves or any special handling precautions. Consumers know that they are taking care of the environment as well as their car.


Suggested Uses: Pro Series Simple Green Automotive Cleaner/Degreaser can be used for cleaning engines, under-carriages, garage floors, work benches, tools, shop floors, oil pans and service equipment. It will remove anything from road dirt and bugs to built-up grease, oil, brake dust, lubricants, fluids and other petroleum-based substances. 
Our First Hand Review: Available only in spray version.

Simple Green Automotive is different from the Simple Green All Purpose by providing more effective degreasing power.

This is the “first step” after wetting down your motorcycle in the cleaning process. You have to remove all that grease, dirt, dust, tree sap (etc) to get it looking great. Simple Green Automotive offers a great product to remove all that junk and get the job done quicker, faster and easier.

We liked the spray bottle one since we found it easier to get into those very tight areas on a motorcycle. It was very easy to use and started foaming on contact. The manufacturer says it is “safe” on everything, and we tested that. Everything from paint, chrome, aluminum, rubber and more came clean and was undamaged.

It very also extremely effective as a degreaser, removing larger deposits with some light scrubbing and elbow grease. We found the power of the degreasing formula to be better than specialty degreaser products! Since the foaming action dies down after a couple of minutes we found it best to clean smaller areas of the bike then move on to the next area rather than spray the whole bike with it and go from there.

Cost was excellent for what the product is and does. We found it to be about the same in price compared to other competing products. But you do get more for your money.

With good availability you may need to look for this one at your local automotive store.

Overall: Simple Green All purpose is so good at what it does, you may wish to buy the bigger one ow and save money later. We are sure it will become a staple in our garage for cleaning your bike. Don’t forget you can also use it around the house too!

The differences I found between the Auto and the Household was the mixing ratio and the increased degreasing power. You got more full strenght mix in the Auto than in the Household but paid more for it.

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