Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’S Martin Davalos Earns Second Consecutive Podium Finish At Unadilla National!


The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team continued their double class podium run by once again landing riders on the box in both classes at Round 10 of the Pro Motocross Championship for the Unadilla National held in New Berlin, NY. Riders, team and motorcycles were put to the ultimate test when the skies opened up during 450 moto 1 and torrential rains wreaked havoc on the race track leading to a delayed and abbreviated schedule for the rest of the days racing. Facing the most difficult conditions they’ve seen all season, Martin Davalos, Zach Osborne and Dean Wilson rocketed their Husqvarna FC motorcycles off the rain soaked and mud filled start line to grab clear vision at the front of the pack and rode precise and aggressive races.

Martin Davalos started eighth in the first 450 moto before moving back to 10th in lap two. He made a comeback and navigated into ninth in lap three. He held strong until the halfway mark before making a pass on Eli Tomac for the eighth place spot with 12 minutes to go. He rode through the rain and slick conditions to finish eighth. He got a great start in the second moto and quickly moved into second place after passing teammate Dean Wilson in the first lap. Looking good and making easy work of the difficult conditions, he pushed ahead and stalked leader Marvin Musquin. He stayed consistent the remainder of the race, kept it on two wheels, and finished an impressive second. The 8-2 finish gave him second overall on the day and puts him sixth overall in 450 rider point standings.

“Unadilla is an awesome track,” said Davalos. “Everyone was watching the weather coming. They didn’t disc the track really deep like they normally do here because of the weather. I think it was a good call because it down poured during our first moto. It started around the third lap and there was a lot of lightning. I did my best, but the struggle with the goggles was difficult with the amount of rain we were getting. We lounged around for awhile before the second moto because we didn’t know what time we were going to go. I got a decent start and just put my head down. I stayed positive and came out with a second in that moto and it put me in second overall. I’m super proud of myself and proud of everything. I’m thankful to be where I’m at.”

Zach Osborne started outside the top 10 in the first 250 moto but charged up to fifth by the sixth lap. He made passes on Aaron Plessigner and Adam Cianciarulo right before the white flag came out and held strong to finish third. The second moto started after a 30 minute rain delay, with Osborne claiming the eighth spot off the gate. With a shortened 20 minute plus one lap format due to rain, Osborne knew he had to move through the pack quickly. He moved into seventh by the second lap and continued to battle the difficult conditions. He ran up to sixth by the fourth lap, then fifth the following lap. He held strong to fifth until the finish. The 3-5 finish gave him third overall on the day and maintains his lead in the 250 championship.

“All in all it was a good day,” said Osborne. “It definitely could have been a little bit better, but I’m happy to come away with a podium. That second moto was high stakes, and I’m happy I got a top-five and come away with another podium. I’ve only missed one podium the entire season, so I’m just trying to keep that trend going. I hope to carry some momentum in Budds Creek—it’s a track I really enjoy and I look forward to it.”

Dean Wilson was 13th at the start of the first 450 moto and worked his way up to 10th by the halfway mark. He made the pass on Eli Tomac for ninth just in time for the red flag to be waived with two minutes to go due to severe track conditions and finished ninth. He was second at the start of the second moto and came out of the first lap in third. Still in third with 3 minutes to go, he was feeling pressure from Cooper Webb. He held strong until the white flag when Webb snuck by, putting Wilson in fourth. He kept it steady the remainder of the race to finish fourth. The 9-4 finish gave him sixth overall on the day, and he is currently fourth overall in 450 rider point standings.

“I’m happy to walk away with some good points,” said Wilson. “I feel like my riding is probably the best it’s been this year, but it didn’t really show. We got cut short the first moto, then it started raining and was a mud moto. It was completely muddy the second moto. I’m still happy to walk away with sixth overall. It’s all good. I’m happy to move on to the next weekend and hope to have a good showing.”

The team will now make its way to the Budds Creek National next Saturday, held in Mechanicsville, MD, for the penultimate round of the series.

Unadilla National Results

1. Marvin Musquin, KTM (1-1)
2. Martin Davalos, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing (8-2)
3. Cole Seely, HON (3-6)
4. Cooper Webb, YAM (7-3)
5. Blake Baggett, KTM (2-11)
6. Dean Wilson, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing (9-4)
7. Justin Bogle, SUZ (4-10)
8. Christian Craig, HON (5-9)
9. Eli Tomac, KAW (10-5)
10. Benny Bloss, KTM (15-8)

1. Jeremy Martin, HON (2-1)
2. Joey Savatgy, KAW (1-4)
3. Zach Osborne, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing (3-5)
4. Dylan Ferrandis, YAM (6-3)
5. Justin Cooper, YAM (12-2)
6. Adam Cianciarulo, KAW (5-8)
7. Aaron Plessinger, YAM (4-10)
8. RJ Hampshire, HON (8-6)
9. Chase Sexton, HON (7-12)
10. Kyle Cunningham, SUZ (13-7)

1. Eli Tomac (400)
2. Blake Baggett (373)
3. Marvin Musquin (369)
4. Dean Wilson, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing (299)
5. Cole Seely (263)
6. Martin Davalos, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing (243)
7. Justin Bogle (241)
8. Jason Anderson, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing (216)
9. Weston Peick (213)
10. Cooper Webb (211)

1. Zach Osborne, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing (413)
2. Jeremy Martin (350)
3. Joey Savatgy (324)
4. Dylan Ferrandis (299)
5. Alex Martin (296)
6. Aaron Plessinger (285)
7. Adam Cianciarulo (283)
8. Colt Nichols (235)
9. Mitchell Harrison (229)
10. Shane McElrath (210)

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