Total Motorcycle’s 2018 Zero Electric Motorcycle Lineup

2018 Zero Lineup

2018 Zero Lineup

What do Tesla, BMW, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, Honda and Ford all have in common? Electric cars. Since 2006, Zero has been building electric bikes, each year stepping up their game. New this year is more power, longer ranges and faster charging times. The trifecta of electric perfection. As with the book that inspired the movie Bladerunner 2049, “Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep?” you have to wonder if electric motorcycles do as well as one of the biggest complains of electric bikes is they have no soul.

For this years Total Motorcycle 2018 Zero Motorcycle Lineup, Zero is here not to tell you their bikes have soul, that is up to you to decide, but to offer the best electric bikes in the business for 2018. And with that note, I proudly present to you the:

Total Motorcycle 2018 Zero Motorcycle Lineup

The 2018 Motorcycle Model Guides, brought to you by, Total Motorcycle. If you are not seeing the new Total Motorcycle 2018 Zero Motorcycle Lineup, then you are not seeing the very best.

On a side note – I just saw Bladerunner 2049 in the theater with Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright and Jared Lito. It was amazing.

Total Motorcycle 2018 Zero Motorcycle Lineup

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– 2018 Zero S


Max Performance

– 2018 Zero SR


Max Adventure

– 2018 Zero DSR


Dual Sport

– 2018 Zero DS



– 2018 Zero FX



– 2018 Zero FXS



From the Manufacturer

New for 2018

Zero Motorcycles designs and builds the most technologically advanced electric motorcycles on the planet at its California headquarters. Zero continues to lead the industry in electric motorcycle innovation with its 2018 model line by delivering up to 6x faster charging and 10% more range with the ZF7.2 and ZF14.4 power packs.


Here’s a rundown of what’s new.

Charge 6x faster at up to 166 km/h*


2018 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle:

The Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS, and Zero DSR can now charge up to 6x faster than when using standard, Level 1, 110 V outlets. This breakthrough comes your way courtesy of a game changing 6 kW Charge Tank accessory. The technology makes it possible to power up a Zero S or Zero DS ZF7.2 in about one hour, or larger batteries in about two hours using Level 2 charge stations. The result is up to 166 kilometers of riding range for each hour of charging time (based on city range).

Go 10% Farther with a Range of up to 359 km*


2018 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle: Power Pack

Travel to even more distant locales on your Zero with the ZF7.2 and ZF14.4 power packs, all thanks to new chemistry. That’s right – improved battery chemistry delivers higher capacity to the already ingenious and compact Z-Force® power pack. It’s the highest power and energy density battery in today’s transportation industry and for its size takes you farther than any other electric vehicle on the planet.


Zero Motorcycles App

Updates Made Easy

Zero continuously improves firmware to deliver maximum powertrain performance and enhance the ownership experience. Now owners can easily realize the benefits of these advancements by updating their firmware via the latest Zero Motorcycles mobile app.

Android app on Google Play


Increased Acceleration and Off-the-Line Performance

All motorcycles with the compact and lighter weight ZF7.2 power pack offer 11% more rear wheel torque to slingshot ahead of cars and fellow motorcyclists. New gearing and a higher maximum motor rpm deliver the improved performance without any reductions in top speed.


Updated, Modern Color Palette

All models save the FXS are getting bold and sophisticated new colors and graphics. From the bling wheels of the Zero DSR to the Silicon Silver Metallic of the Zero S, the updated color palette offers something for every taste.


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