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Total Motorcycle Website News

March 10th 2004Motorcycle Performance Guide Updated
February 20th 2004
TMW Featured in UK Bike Trader
February 2nd 2004
Total Motorcycle 483% growth in 3 months!
January 27th 2004
Total Motorcycle breaks 1-Day Record
January 23nd 2004
New main index pages!
January 22nd 2004
New Contest Open – Become a published Writer
January 21st 2004
Maximum Torque game added.
January 20th 2004
Huge 6 section Download section added.
January 19th 2004
New easier to use site Navigation.
January 19th 2004
New Section: Worldwide Motorcycle Events Created.
January 17th 2004
Huge 4 page 2004 BMW R1200GS Special Report
January 15th 2004
New TMW Interviews section created
January 13th 2004
2005 and 2006 Motorcycle Model information
January 12th 2004
2004 Calgary Motorcycle Show Review Finished
January 12th 2004
New review category and 2 review forums created
January 5th 2004
New Product, Service & Show Review Section Created
January 3rd 2004
Total Motorcycle Caption Contest Closes. Voting now OPEN
December 30th 2003
TMW Breaks all statistics records in December!
December 29th 2003
TMW will have press coverage of the 2004 Motorcycle Show
December 28th 2003
Total Motorcycle featured in Cycle Torque Magazine!
December 28th 2003
Total Motorcycle featured in 2004 Biker Atlas!
December 15th 2003
New Photo Gallery Launched
December 11th 2003
Now 2.5x more Bandwidth.
December 11th 2003 – New Total Motorcycle Mailing List Added! Sign up today.

December 9th 2003Total Motorcycle grows beyond 1 year expectations in just 1 month!

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Total Motorcycle Headline News

February 2nd 2004Total Motorcycle grows by 5x but ad rates stay the same.
January 26th 2004
Sport Bike popularity down, Cruisers sales Up
January 22nd 2004
Become a published Writer Contest at Total
January 21st 2004
FREE Pirelli Tire!
January 19th 2004
Used bike prices set to soar
January 19th 2004
New Section: Total Motorcycle Headline News Created.

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