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Total Motorcycle Community Map
Total Motorcycle Community Map
Make your mark! Add yourself to our new Total Motorcycle community map and even add a photo of your bike or yourself too boot. What a great way to show the world where you are and that your part of TMW. Total Motorcycle Community Map

2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200
2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200
Just unleashed! The new 2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200 is inspired by the XR-750. With a 1200 cc Evolution V-Twin engine, 10.0:1 compression ratio, high torque, performance cams, downdraft fuel injection, precision-cooled cylinder heads, this is a hot rod to recon with on the roads. See it right here with desktop sized photos in our 2009 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Model Guide

Carbon Fibre Wrapped Bimota’s
2009 Bimota Motorcycle Models
Carbon fiber; high strength, low weight and stylish, just like the new 2009 Bimota lineup. See such carbon fibre wrapped goodies like the limited edition 164Kg, 164hp 2009 Bimota DB7 Oronero. Also check out the fine 2009 Bimota DB7, Testi 3D and DB6 Delirio right here in our 2009 Bimota Motorcycle Model Guide

New 2009 Vespa Scooter Models
2009 Vespa Scooters
The 2009 Vespa Scooter line; stylish, classic and uniquely European. Check out the new Vespa LX, S, GT, LXV and GTV scooter lines right here in our: 2009 Vespa Model Guide

New 2009 Not so Itsy-bitsy Spyder
2009 Can-Am Spyder SE5 and SM5
Run for cover! Can-Am has just released two 697lb, 3 legged giant and powerful (106hp) Spyders! But fear not young squire, you can ride them and they are lots of fun to control! See both the new 2009 Can-Am Spyder SE5 and SM5 here on Total Motorcycle in our new: 2009 Can-Am BMW Motorcycle Model Guide

Just Released! 2009 BMW Motorcycles
Just Released! 2009 BMW Motorcycles
Here they are, the new 2009 BMW Motorcycles Model line. New 1300’s, new 800’s and a new 450 as well. Huge amounts of information on each bike, huge desktop photos and all here on Total Motorcycle in our: 2009 BMW Motorcycle Model Guide

2009 BMW Lo Rider Sneek Peek!
2009 BMW Lo Rider
Be the first to see the new 2009 BMW Lo Rider Concept. Check out what BMW has up its sleeves! With huge desktop sized photos, pages full of information just for our Total Motorcycle visitors in our: TMW Motorcycle Concept Model Guide

New 2009 Ducati motorcycles are here!
New 2009 Ducati motorcycles are here!
Queue the trumpets… Hit the spotlights…Drum roll please… Introducing the all new 2009 Ducati Motorcycle Models! Check out the completely new 848, 1198, 1198S, 1198R and 1098 R Bayliss Limited Edition, plus the new Streetfighter and Streetfighter S! Then when you think it’s all over, see the new Monster 1100, 1100S, 696 and GT1000 Touring. Really, It’s all brand new and all for you in our: 2009 Ducati Motorcycle Model Guide

2009 Suzuki Motorcycle Models
2009 Suzuki Motorcycle Models
Suzuki launches out of the gates with 43 new models for 2009. GSX-Rs, Boulevards, DRs, RMs and a host of brand new models like the Gladius 650 and TU250. Check out all the new 2009 Suzuki Motorcycle Models here: 2009 Suzuki Model Guide

2009 TMW ATV Model Guide
2009 TMW ATV Model Guide
Introducing something new on Total Motorcycle, the TMW ATV-Quadbike Guide. As with our motorcycle model guides the ATV model Guide will feature the newest models with full media photos, features and specifications!: 2009 TMW ATV Model Guide

Over 40 new 2009 Honda Motorcycles
Over 40 new 2009 Honda Motorcycles
Over forty new 2009 Honda motorcycle models have been released. See all the new Honda Sport, Adventure, Custom Cruiser, Crossover, Sport Touring, Touring, Dual Sport, Motard, Enduro/Offroad, Motocross. Competition and even a handfull of new scooters models right here on Total Motorcycle in our: 2009 Honda Motorcycle Model Guide

New 2009 Kawasaki Motorcycles
New 2009 Kawasaki Motorcycles
Vvrooooooom! Kawasaki comes blazing in with new 2009 motorcycle models. New Vulcan 1700 Voyager, Classic, LT and LT Classic. New ZX-14 and ZX-6R Monster Energy Ninja’s. New ER-6n naked sport. See the new models, new engines, new colours and new styles right here on Total Motorcycle in our: 2009 Kawasaki Motorcycle Model Guide

Entire 2009 Yamaha Motorcycle Lineup!
Entire 2009 Yamaha Motorcycle Line!
There here! Introducing the spakin’ new, never seen before, the entire 2009 Yamaha Motorcycle Model Lineup. See 70 new models like the new 197 horsepower V-MAX, V-Star 950 and V-Star 950 Tourer! Right here on Total Motorcycle in our: 2009 Yamaha Motorcycle Model Guide

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