West Hare Scramble: Round 4 & MotoTrials US National Results

West Hare Scramble – Round 4
Bellingham, WA
Round 4 of the West Hare Scramble was in the Pacific Northwest. Cole Conatser was on his Beta 480 RR competing in the Pro/AA class. The conditions were ideal for the race and most of the track snakes thru the woods. Conatser rode his way to a 3rd place finish in round 4 which has him sitting 4th in the overall standings.
Cole Conatser – 3rd Place – Pro/AA Class
Photos by: Kato
Cole Conatser
480 RR Race Edition
“Got a decent start, had some good battles, and ended up 3rd overall. Had a fun race and happy to get back to the podium!”
MotoTrials – US National Championship Rnd 1 & 2
Farrandsville, PA
The Beta Trials Team assembled in Pennsylvania for the first two rounds of the US National Championship. The terrain was unlike what most of our riders were used to and proved challenging. Rain during the competition adding another element and made for slippery conditions. As a whole, the team rallied through the rain and turned in some good results.
Photos by: Stephanie Vetterly
Round 1 Results
Alex Niederer – 4th – Pro
Drew Forner – 1st – Expert
Jerome Gergorowicz – 2nd – Expert
Cole Cullins – 5th – Expert
Payden Campbell – 5th – Expert Sportsman
Blake Bronstein – 3rd – Jr. Expert Sportsman
Mika Lonsdale – 2nd – Jr. Sportsman
Sherman Smith, III – 1st – Junior
Round 2 Results
Alex Niederer – 2nd – Pro
Drew Forner – 2nd – Expert
Jerome Gergorowicz – 3rd – Expert
Cole Cullins – 4th – Expert
Payden Campbell – 5th – Expert Sportsman
Blake Bronstein – 3rd – Jr. Expert Sportsman
Mika Lonsdale – 2nd – Jr. Sportsman
Sherman Smith, III – 1st – Junior
Alex Niederer
EVO 300 Factory
“Great weekend, unluckily lost the tiebreaker on Saturday. Went back to the drawing board and put the work in to get the job done and land in 2nd place on Sunday. The bike ran like an absolute dream. The whole team put in the work to make it as easy as possible for me to just focus on riding. Looking forward to Ohio.”
Jay Gregorowicz
EVO 300
“I was super excited to compete after a year of no competitions. Being a local rider I feel I had an advantage in experience and with the conditions. Saturday I felt strong and had a few mistakes that cost me losing my lead over Drew. The sections were technical, slippery, and fun. The section lines caused many of us to acquire time penalties so we did our best to finish at the same time. Second place on Saturday 5.5 pts behind Drew, I was happy. Beta podium 1 and 2. Sunday I struggled to find my groove until halfway through loop two. Again Drew and I were close in points all day. A soggy hate marker and a flat rear gave me ten unneeded points, dropping me to third place for the day, five pts behind drew. Had a blast and super proud to make Beta take the majority of the podium spots this weekend. Looking forward to next weekend in Ohio for rounds 3&4. Huge thanks to Beta USA for their continued support and supplying the best bikes made!”
Drew Fortner
EVO 300
“I had a great weekend at the first round of the NATC! I felt really comfortable on my EVO 300 and was really happy with the results. Saturday the sections were loose and slippery as we were battling the rain for most of the day. My teammate Jay and I were close for the majority of the event and I was just able to beat him and get the win. Sunday sections were a little bit tougher and I struggled to find my groove which left me in 2nd for the day. The bike worked flawlessly all weekend and I had a great time! Looking forward to the next round!”
Cole Cullins
EVO 300
“My first National in the Expert class started off a little rough on Saturday. The slick hillsides of Pennsylvania aren’t at all like home in California. As the day went on I became more acclimated to the conditions. I improved my score on each loop even with the rains starting to fall. Ended up 5th on the day.
While not perfect, Sunday went a lot better and I felt like I was really riding the sections. Going into the 3rd loop I was tied for the last spot on the podium. While I did put in some good rides towards the end of the loop, I also dropped points in other sections I previously rode better and it cost me. Ended up 4th for the day. My Evo 300 ran perfectly all weekend and I couldn’t want anything more from a bike!”
Blake Bronstein
EVO 300 4 Stroke
“The first day I felt good physically and was excited to be there had a lot of fun even though I couldn’t get in my groove all day. I wasn’t able to understand the terrain but I’m still happy with a 3rd. The second day is when things got wild after a mechanical problem on section 5 on the first loop which left me out for most of the trial. After getting it fixed I didn’t have any time to spare and gave it every bit of energy and strength I could to finish on time. Ray Peter’s help enabled me to finish with 6 minutes to spare before disqualification.”
Payden Campbell
EVO 300 4 Stroke
“This was my first time riding an event in Pennsylvania. I can honestly say I’ve never ridden anything like it. Very interesting terrain that took a while to get figured out.
Saturday started off a little shaky. It took me the first 8 sections to find some sort of a groove. 2nd loop really came together for me and I thought I had the terrain figured out then the rain hit and everything changed again. I finished the day in 5th.
Sunday was very slick due to rain overnight. After some coaching from Ray on gear selection, I started getting better results out of my line selections. Finished the day in 4th.
The Beta 4 stroke performed flawlessly. It really shines in these muddy slick conditions. I couldn’t be happier with this motorcycle.”
Mika Lonsdale
EVO 125
“I had a good result in Rounds 1 & 2 in Pennsylvania. I think my first loop turned out to be the lowest loop score of all the Sportsman riders, but it started pouring rain during the second and third loops. I ended the day P2, 8pts behind P1. I rode much better the second day and ended in P2, only 2pts off of P1, and the 3rd best Sportsman score overall. My Beta Evo Factory 125 was awesome and had no trouble with the shale and mud. My dad and I are going to have some fun getting it clean and race-ready this week. I’m looking forward to Rounds 3 & 4 this weekend in Ohio!”
Sherman Smith III
EVO 125
“I really enjoyed my first NATC national! I felt prepared for the event but, I have to say I was a bit nervous going into my first national event. Saturday proved to be the hardest day for me due to the rain midday. The loose shale and loamy soil made finding traction difficult. However, the smooth power of my EVO 125 gave me the confidence I needed to make traction when it was needed. After the first couple of sections my nerves calmed down and I felt very comfortable in the Pennsylvania terrain. Despite initially being nervous, the confidence I had in my bike and my training came through for me with the win on both days!”
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