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Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: CMX250C Rebel
Years Made: 1996 – Current (2003+)
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
234cc Inline Parallel Twin
Weight: 375lb HP: 25
Torque: 14
Top Speed: 80mph MPG: 50
New Cost: $3,450 (1996) – $ 3,450 (1998)
Average Used Costs:
Low $1,320 Medium $1,908 High $2,540


The Rebel may be our smallest cruiser, but just because it doesn’t weigh 350 kilograms doesn’t make it any less of a Honda.

Where many econocruisers make do with a single-cylinder powerplant, the Rebel boasts a high performance twin. Light and nimble, the Rebel is the ideal entry-level cruiser for anyone new or returning to the sport. The seat height is an extremely low 675mm, and the single front disc brake provides exemplary stopping power while the 234cc parallel twin is powerful enough to keep up with the big boys. Above all, the Rebel is affordable, dependable and built with the same legendary care as our most expensive cruisers.

The Honda Rebel. Powerful. Reliable. But most of all, affordable. – Honda


MBG Says: (Rating N/A) In order to be able to compete with the economical Suzuki Marauder 250, Honda lowered the Rebel’s price. Because it’s powered by a twin engine, the Rebel has a slight advantage over the single-cylinder Marauder. But performance remains very weak, and all the revs need to be used. Only a timid beginner will find the amusing, and only for a short while. This said, there is no problem following on the highway. However, passes will not be very frequent… Thanks to its very low weight, agility is excellent. Handling is friendly and ressuring. Comfort is decent, no more. As long as it’s used as a learning tool and the buyer remains conscious of its very low level of performance, the Rebel will do the job. But if expectations are higher than that, do yourself a favour and choose something with more CC’s.

UBG Says: Originally an honest commuter; the stuff of which dreams aren’t made. Loads of earlier 200s about, look for mileage and price, from an older owner. CM custom version is ugly but cheap. Grew to 250cc in ’88 and CMX Rebel – all dragster style and shiny chrome – took over. 200cc £150 to £400, CD250 £400 to £1100, Rebel £850 to £2200