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Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: NX650, NX650 Dominator
Years Made: 1988 – 2000 UK, AUS.
North America 1988-91
Style: Dual-Sport
Engine Type:
650cc Single
Weight: 340lb HP: 45
Torque: 41
Top Speed: 110mph MPG: 50
New Cost: $5,099 (1988) – $ 5,499 (1991) – $ 7,600 (1994) – $8,400 (1998) – $8,610 (2000)
Average Used Costs:
Low $1,155 Medium $1,894 High $3,399


UMG Says: An interesting if expensive development of big thumper kicks that makes you wonder why they didn’t do an XBR version. Both engine and suspension are really rather good whilst the plastic’s less cumbersome than many a trailster. Brilliant for DR chores and country lane hustling, it can even thrum along at 90mph. From 40k onwards piston, valves and gearbox cause hassle but well looked after ones run to more than 60k.