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Manufacturer: Honda………..TOP
Model: XL600 (not Transalp or Dirt XL600)
Years Made: 1983 – 1988
Style: Dual-Sport
Engine Type:
600cc Single
Weight: 375lb HP: 40
Torque: 40
Top Speed: 105mph MPG: 55
New Cost: $2,995 (1983) – $ 3,149 (1985) – $ 3,399 (1986) – $ 4,799 (1988)
Average Used Costs:
Low $1,089 Medium $1,224 High $1,320


UMG Says: XL vaguely amusing trailster that can be thrashed through the corners, though its minor off-road abilities come in handy when you run out of road. The top end suffers first, either through neglect or thrashing but the bike is easy to work on. Later (1987 on) XR600 is lighter (275lbs against 375lbs), more powerful; more capable. Engine developed into one of the toughest big singles around.

IGM Says: These bikes (XL350, XL500, XL600) are rather crude compared to the newer dual sports, but in their day, they were the nicest trail bikes around. The dual-carburetion system of the XL600 can cause the power delivery to seem a bit abrupt, making that bike more difficult for a novice to master than some other thumpers, but considering that used XL’s will only cost you $750-$1500, you can probably learn to live with it.