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1977 XS400
Manufacturer: Yamaha……..TOP

Model: XS400, XS400R Seca, XS400 Special, XS400SG

Years Made: 1977 – 1983
Style: Standard
Engine Type:
392cc Parallel Twin
mm/ “
Weight: lb HP: 36
Top Speed: 100mph MPG: 55
New Cost: $1,799 (1980) – $1,799 (1981-82) – $1,599 (1983)
Average Used Costs:
Low $300 Medium $600 High $1,030



UMG Says: Gutless but simple motor combined with quick rust cycle parts. Crankshaft and gearbox problems after 30k when the head gasket often blows, motors could do 40k when they weren’t worth trying to fix. Chronic starting hassles, usually from a combination of hard to trace problems (killswitch, carbs, rotted wiring, dying ignition, etc) Rare DOHC, spine frame XS400.