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Manufacturer: Yamaha……..TOP

Model: XVS650 V-Star Classic, (V-Star Custom), XVS65A V-Star Silverado

Years Made: 1998- 2004
Style: Cruiser
Engine Type:
649cc V-Twin
Weight: 225 (214) kg HP: 40
Torque: 38
Top Speed: 145kph MPG:
New Cost: $10,590 (1998) – $10,482 (2000) – $11,390 (2002)
Average Used Costs:
Low $4,000 Medium $4,954 High $6,039

The V Star Custom: The middleweight cruiser that has reached new heights in performance, styling and value ever since its debut – and in the process, redefined what middleweight cruising is all about.

Motorcycle Cruiser crowned it both “Cruiser of the Year” and “Best Value” the very first season it hit the streets, hailing it as bike that “has raised the bar for middleweight cruisers.” One look will reveal the obvious Star Family traits – brilliant chrome and luminous paint, sculpted steel fenders hugging wire-spoked wheels wearing fat, full-size tires – and you might even catch yourself thinking, This is a middleweight?
Long and low, 64-inch wheelbase. Brawny, shaft-driven 40-cubic-inch V-twin breathing through beefy dual exhausts. -Yamaha

Now have a look at the price tag. And get ready to catch your breath.
Manufacturer’s Sugg. Retail Price…$5,899 ~ $5,999*

The V Star Silverado® features all the performance and glamour of its V Star Classic sibling, with a casual touring twist that includes an adjustable windshield, studded seat, backrest and hard leather saddlebags. Long and low with a 64-inch wheelbase powered by a brawny, shaft-driven, 40-cubic-inch V-twin. -Yamaha

Need to go cross-town…or cross-country? The choice is yours.
Manufacturer’s Sugg. Retail Price…$6,899*

The V Star Classic: Lean and mean and low-slung is the name of the game here, with boulevard bad boy styling and a price tag that will make one wonder why they waited so long to take one home.

Comes with a pavement-skimming, 27.4-inch seat height and long, 64-inch wheelbase. And 40 cubic inches of genuine V-twin muscle, tuned just right to pump out serious torque from idle on up through a low-maintenance shaft drive.
Then, of course, there’s the look: bobtail rear fender; hidden, hardtail-like rear suspension; drag-style handlebars and beefy forks. -Yamaha

Unbeatable styling that screams the Star Family name. And, like its Classic sibling, all at a price that will have you screaming for joy.
Manufacturer’s Sugg. Retail Price…$5,599 ~ $5,699


MBG Says: (Rating 9/10) The small V-Stars represent excellent values, especially for less experienced motorcyclists who will be pleased by their easy and friendly behaviour, and by the accessibility of their power. For other riders, the low level of performance will very probably be disappointing. They should take a serious look at bikes like Honda’s Shadow A.C.E. 750, which is slightly more expensive, or even consider a V-Star 1100.

IGM Says (Best buy, Best first bike) V-Star 650 Classic: This is only a 650, buy you’d never guess just by looking at it. It is a full-sized motorcycle with room for real people on board. The engine may be a bit weak for some people, but most novices should find it powerful enough.

IGM Says (Best buy, Best first bike) V-Star 650 Custom: This is the chopper version of the V-Star Classic.