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Motorcycle Endo
Endo – The art of stopping a motorcycle and having the rear wheel lift off the ground, a reverse of the catwalk. Also called a stoppie. (see photo above) . Going back over front.


E85 – A blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.

Ear’s – Air boxes (i.e. – on a Kawasaki VN750 or VN1500A or any Virago)

Easy Rider – A famous motorcycle movie, released in 1969, starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson about two counterculture bikers travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans in search of America. This movie defined the road film genre, even though it was not the first of its kind. Points out a very real truth about America and its often twisted approach to “freedom.” The original title of the film was “The Loners”.

Eat Asphalt – Crash

Eccentric Journals – These are used to attach the connecting rods to the crankshaft. Also called metal shafts.

Econo-box, cage, dresser – Car

ECMElectronic Control Module – The computer brain that controls various aspects of your motorcycle’s performance including ignition, timing, and fuel to air ratio.

ECU – ‘Electronic Control Unit’ e.g. engine management system.

Edge Traps – The raised edges of bumps or cracks in a paved surface that can catch a motorcycle’s tire and cause the bike to lose balance. Eg. Streetcar/Train tracks, raised pavement construction edges, road stipping edges. If possible always try to approch these hazards as stright on (non-parallel) as possible.

EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection.

Eighty Six (86) – If someone is 86 they are cut off. For example If you are 86 from alcohol in public places they are not allowed to drink in public. Some are 86 from club functions. Ol’ladies sometimes get 86ed from club functions.

Electric governor – A device that electronically regulates the amount of fuel injected by a fuel injection pump.

Electrolyte – Battery Acid.

Electronic Ignition – Computer controlled method to convey high tension current to the spark plug(s).

Emissions – Substances introduced into the environment from, among other sources, vehicles. Vehicle emissions include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons, hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons.

End-can – See Can.

Endo – 1. The art of stopping a motorcycle and having the rear wheel lift off the ground, a reverse of the catwalk. Also called a stoppie. (see photo above) . 2. Going back over front. 3. Pitching the rear of the motorcycle over its front, end over end.

Enduro – 1. Typically this category includes cross bikes which are tuned and equipped for driving on the roads. These bikes are often heavier than, and not as extreme as cross motorcycles, though not as heavy and well-equipped as the larger off-roaders. 2. Strictly interpreting FIM regulations, an enduro bike is a trials bike. Common use of the term describes bikes used in enduro racing, which is off-road trail riding competition.

Engine control unit (ECU) – A set of microprocessors that helps to monitor dozens of sensors throughout the vehicle and control the actuators accordingly.

Engine cut off switch (Kill Switch) – Usually located on the right handlebar switch housing, this switch allows the motorcyclist to turn off the engine without removing his or her hand from the handlebar.

Engine Guards – Metal tubes bolted to the motorcycle’s frame that should protect the engine from damage in the event of an accident. They are not designed to offer the rider or passenger any protection in the event of an accident.

Engine output – The ratio of the effective work of the engine in relation to the energy expended in producing it.

ERC – Experienced Rider Course.

Ergonomics – The science used to design devices, systems and physical conditions that conform to the human body. A prime consideration when designing a motorcycle. Sportbikes have agressive forward leaning ergonomics, standards/dual sports are chair like ergonomics and cruisers offer laid back ergonomics.

ESAD – Eat Shit And Die

Esses – Phonetic spelling of back to back turns or ‘S’ curves.

Ethanol – A colourless, volatile, flammable liquid formed by fermentation. This renewable fuel can be produced from waste products such as wheat straw, cornhusks, wood chips and switch grass.

Evo – Evolution® – 1. When Harley-Davidson began using aluminum to build its cylinder jugs, it called this new engine the Evolution. 2. The Evolution engine (V-Twin, produced from 1984 – 2000)

Excessive 11 (Xcess 11) – SX1100, a 1100 cc 4 cylinder street bike.

Exhaust System – Pipes

Expanding brake – Device operated by a handle or pedal to slow down or stop the bike. A cylinder is attached to the relevant wheel. Inside there are two so-called brake shoes, which are pushed outwards against the inner walls of the cylinder, thus slowing the bike down.

Expansion ratio – The ratio of the volume inside the cylinder after the power (expansion) stroke to the volume of the cylinder at top dead center (TDC)

Expansion stroke or Power stroke – The movement of the piston after the fuel-air mixture has been ignited. It is the stroke where work is done on the piston from the heat of combustion, converting the heat energy into mechanical energy.

Extra Urban MPG – The miles per gallon achieved on non-urban routes, as tested by the manufacturer using a warmed engine.

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