The Motorcycle Bikers Dictionary – I

Inline Four Engine
Inline Four Engine

I.A.M. – the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists.

I – (Interstate) – When on a long ride one will say, I had to ride the “I” from such a place. Or like me I hate the “I’s”. I’m a backroad rider.”

Identification Numbers – Factory stamped frame and engine numbers used to identify the motorcycle. Also called VIN or Vehicle Identification Number.

Idiot Light(s) – Control panel indicator light(s) that warns of a problem situation. Commonly called an idiot light because it neither warns you before the problem develops, nor tells you want the problem is after the bike is disabled.

Idle mixture – The fuel/air mixture at a low rpm called idle

Ignition – The way the fuel is ignited inside the engine. This is normally achieved by a spark from a sparkplug.

Ignition timing – Point at which, relative to crankshaft rotation or piston position, the ignition spark occurs.

Increasing Radius Corner – A turn where the arc becomes less sharp as you go through the curve.

Indie Shop – Independent, not franchised

Indicators – Turn signals/blinkers in the UK

Ink Slinger – Tattoo Artist

Inline Four – 1. An inline four cylinder motorcycle (or automotive) engine, these are among the most powerful motors on a motorcycle. 2. An engine with four cylinders in a row.

Inline Six – An engine with six cylinders in a row.

Inline Triple – An engine with three cylinders in a row.

Insta-Biker – Anybody who goes down to the local bike shop and buys the Bike, Gear and fake tattoos so they can hang out with their new “”Bros”” (also Poser or Poseur)

Integral helmet – A motorcycle helmet that encloses the head completely.

Internal combustion engine (ICE) – A heat engine in which the pressure necessary to produce motion of the vehicle results from the ignition or burning of a fuel-air mixture within the engine cylinder.

Impeller – Device that assists the movement of fluid.

Injector – Mechanism to squirt fuel or lubrication where required.

Iron Butt (Rally)– An entire association was created called the Iron Butt Association — 1000 miles in 24 hours yields a Saddle Sore 1000 – Bun Burner is 1500 in 36 hours, Bun Burner Gold is 1500 in 24 hours. The Iron Butt Gold Is 10 days x 1000 miles each day – consecutive. The challenge for this award is run every other year.

Iron Butt 50CC – A coast to coast endurance ride, for example, Jacksonville Florida to San Diego California in under 50 hours

Ironhead – The first generation of Sportster models (produced from 1957 until 1985). Unlike other models with nicknames that describe the look of the cylinder heads on particular engine (“Knucklehead”, “Shovelhead”, “Flathead”, etc.), the Ironhead name comes from the fact that the cylinder heads on these models were cast iron whereas the heads on other models at that time were made of aluminum.

Ironside – Towards the top of the bike, or top area of a part or component

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