The Motorcycle Bikers Dictionary – M

MSF - Motorcycle Safety Foundation (Training)
MSF – Motorcycle Safety Foundation (Training).
Photo courtesy of Too Cool Motorcycle School.

Mad Max – A circular burnout made by spinning the rear tire and then rotating the bike 360 degrees with the locked front wheel as the axis. Bonus for crossing the circle with a straight rubber mark when finished. Also called a doughnut or burnout.

Magneto – Self-contained device that can be easily driven by an engine (does not require an external power source) to produce an ignition spark.

Mama – A woman who is available to all Biker Gang members

Manifold – Pipes that supply fuel to and channel exhaust from the head.

MANF – Multi Adjustable Nut F_ _ ker, aka adjustable spanner! (UK). A wrench that messes up any bolt or nut it is applied to.

Manual Transmission – A device consisting of a set of gears (the gearset), that alter the final drive ratio of a vehicle to enable an operator to get up to speed. Automatic transmissions do not have gearsets but rather use a complex system of fluid and metal bands to vary the final drive ratio of a vehicle.

Market Street Commandos – An early Motorcycle Gang

Marque – Make or brand of motorcycle.

Marquis deSaddle – A highly uncomfortable motorcycle seat

Masey Fergason/JCB/Tracker – Harley-Davidson

Master Cylinder – Forces hydraulic fluid to the brake cylinder, activating the brakes. Can also be found on a hydraulic clutch system as well.

Master Link – A link in the chain that can be disassembled to repair the chain.

Mattress Cover or Ground Cover – Young Woman

Maxi-Scooter – Larger sized engined scooters.

Maximum load – The maximum weight that a tire is designed to carry. Maximum load is expressed in units of mass, such as kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb). For use in recommended practice, these units must be converted to units of force, either to the Newton (N) or the pound-force (lbf). The maximum load is specified on the tire sidewall.

MC – M/C – Motorcycle Club, referring to the tightly knit brotherhoods of biker gangs.

Mechanic – Wrench

Meet (Bike Meet(up)) – A meeting of events where one or more events take place.

Megaphone – 1. Megaphone An outwardly tapered high-performance exhaust. 2. Additional chrome tip that goes onto the end of the exhaust to help tune it.

Megaton – Speeds higher 150mph

Memory effect – Affecting specifically nickel-cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries, the life of a battery may be gradually shortened if it is repeatedly recharged before it is completely discharged.

Metric Cruiser – A cruiser that using metric nuts and bolts (ie. 8mm, 14mm, 17mm). (rather than imperial sizes 1/4″, 3/8″, 1 1/8″)

Mexican Socket Set – Crescent wrench

MIC – Motorcycle Industry Council

Mill – Engine

Milwaukee Vibrator – A Harley-Davidson

Minger – Wheelie

Minibike – A miniature version of a motorcycle. Typically not street legal.

MMI – Motorcycle Mechanics Institute.

Money Burner – Anyone who rides a Harley-Davidson

Monkey Butt – What you get after riding your dirt bike all day. Soreness from an uncomfortable riding position. Can be caused by riding too long in the same position, chafing or rubbing.

Mono – Wheelie

Monocoque – A structure that is made as one unit from a sheet material.

Monocoque Chassis – Steel pressings welded together, providing the structural equivalent of a frame and body work. Unitized frame structure with stressed sheet metal panels.

Moped – A motorized bicycle, often with pedals still attached for human power assistance, usually legally defined in states and provinces as having fewer than 50cc and cannot be capable of propelling the moped over 30 MPH (50km/h) on level ground.

MOT – (UK Term) The MOT tells you is that a vehicle was in a fit condition to pass a test when presented for inspection on a particular day. It is no substitute for an independent inspection.

Motocross Bike – Motorcycles designed for closed course or cross-country competition. These bikes are generally more technologically advanced than their off-road counterparts.

Motorcycle(s), Motorbike(s) -Different words used to describe the same thing. But, they are used in different places in the world just like tyre and tire. In North America/Australia we use Motorcycles, in the UK, Europe and Africa, it’s Motorbikes. The origin dates back to non motorised bikes/cycles and if the country your in called them bicycles or bikes.

Motorcycle Hand Signals – see Hand Signals

Motorcycle Jockeys – Anyone who rides any motorcycle.

Motorcycle-specific cut – This pattern takes into consideration the contours of the body when adopting the riding position atop a motorcycle. The sleeve holes are positioned more towards the front, the sleeves and legs incorporate important bends and there are numerous other special design details.

Motorpsycho – Totally dedicated 2wheeling individual

MPG – Miles per gallon.

MSF – Motorcycle Safety Foundation (Training). The highly recommended way to learn how to properly and safely ride a motorcycle. Offered in many countries around the world for a very reasonable price.

Mud Puppies – ATV and ATC folks

Muffler – Exhaust device that cools exhaust gases, quiets exhaust noise and provides back pressure to improve engine performance.

Mushrooms or Crash Bungs are terms for the plastic ‘bungs’ you attach to the frame to protect the fairing etc in case of a ‘spill’ or crash.

Mystery Tour– A motorcycle social and travel event in which participants stop at checkpoints to unravel a clue and solve the mystery of where the tour goes.

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