The Motorcycle Bikers Dictionary – N

Neck - Motorcycle Frame Neck
Neck – Motorcycle Frame Neck

NAH – Not A Harley refers to a bike other than a Harley

Naked – Crossover bike with no fairings or covers. Also see Naked Bike.

Naked Bike – 1. Bikes with no to a very small fairing. 2. A motorcycle where you can fully see the engine.

Nappa leather – The upper surface of the hide. Smooth and slightly shiny, worked to a soft leather with a fine surface structure.

NARMA – North American Russian Motorcycle Association

NBD – Never Been Dropped – found in used motorcycle advertisements, usually for bikes that HAVE been dropped.

Neck – The front of a motorcycle frame, where the steering head is located.

Needle bearing – A type of frictionless bearing that is actually a very small roller.

Newbie – A person who is new to the sport of motorcycling

Nickel metal hydride battery (NiMH) – Currently the most common battery electrochemistry found in hybrid electric vehicles. The hydrogen stored in a NiMH battery reacts with hydroxide in the electrolyte to form water and electrons. These electrons are manipulated to flow through a circuit, forming an electric current.

Nipple Surfing – Refers to sliding across the ground face down after falling off a motorcycle. Also see “Superman”

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) – A collective term that refers to the nitrogen compounds: nitrogen monoxide (NO); nitrogen dioxide (NO2); dinitrogen oxide (N2O); dinitrogen trioxide (N2O3); dinitrogen tetraoxide (N2O4); and dinitrogen pentaoxide (N2O5). Also sometimes referred to as nitrous oxide.

Nod – Tipping of the head to acknowledge oncoming bikers.

Nomad – They are members of a motorcycle gang and will wear the club’s colors. The bottom rocker will read “Nomad.” In some clubs they are the enforcers. They do not belong to any one chapter. He will attend club meetings and pay required dues to different chapters, depending on his travels.

Nad: Nomad 1500G

Nomex® – Heat resistant material made of fire-retarding aramide fibres.

Non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) – The sum of all hydrocarbon air pollutants, except methane, NMHCs include, among many others, ethane, propane, butane and benzene. Vehicles rank among the most important producers of NMHCs, which contribute to the production of smog.

Non-methane organic gases (NMOG) – The sum of all organic air pollutants, excluding methane. NMOGs include aldehydes, ketones, alcohols and other pollutants that are not hydrocarbons.

NOS – (1) New old stock; OEM bike parts that are no longer in production but are still in stock. (2) Nitrous Oxide.

Nose Wheelie – Rider hits the front brake so hard causing the suspension to bottom out, thus causing the rear of the motorcycle to rise up and stand on the front wheel. Also called a stoppie.

Nubuk leather – Leather which possesses a high level of breathing activity and which has a slightly roughened surface, resulting in a soft, velvety grip.

Nut Cracker – Slang for a motorcycle fuel tank cap hinged closest tot he front of the bike, so named for the tendency of the cap to flip open in a collision while the rider slides up the tank.

Nyloc – A type of nut for a bolt that has a plastic insert to keep it from backing off from vibration. It replaces the lock washer.

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