The Motorcycle Bikers Dictionary – V

VRod - Yamaha V Max
V Rod – Yamaha V Max


V – 1. An engine designed in a “V” configuration. Such as a Harley-Davidson V-Twin. 2. A 2 cylinder motorcycle engine with the cylinders arranged in an angled V This configuration can allow for optimum torque for a given displacement.

V2 Evolution – Name for the Harley-Davidson Engine introduced in 1984.

V-Four – A four cylinder motorcycle engine with the cylinders arranged in two rows in an angled V. (e.g. Yamaha V Max has a 1200cc V-4 engine)

V-Twin – 1. A 2 cylinder motorcycle engine with the cylinders arranged in an angled V This configuration can allow for optimum torque for a given displacement. 2. An engine designed in a “V” configuration. Such as a Harley-Davidson V-Twin.

V8 – Vulcan 800 (any Model any year)

Valanced – Refers to the larger sweeping fenders.

Valve – 1. A device that regulates the passage of fuel through into an engine cylinder. More specifically, a valve is a mechanical device that controls the entry of fuel/air mixture into a combustion chamber, as well as the exit of spent combustion gases from the same. 2. Control gate that allows or prevents passage of fluid or gas. 3. Devices consisiting of metal stems with flat disks on one end that open and close to let fuel charges in and exhaust gases out.

Valve clearance – (valve adjustment, valve slap or valve lash). This is the space between the valve stem and the rocker arm. An experienced rider or mechanic can “hear” when the valves are loose (value slap) from the slopply slaping sound they make.

Valve Guides – Metal tubes that house the valves.

Valve Train – The system of valves that let the fuel charges in and let the exhaust gases out.

Vanes – Blade or blades fitted across an air duct to divide it into a number of parallel flows.

Vapor Lock – Condition where fluid expansion into a vapor state prevents a system from working, traditionally the fuel delivery system.

Vapour pressure – Pressure exerted by the vapours emitted by a petroleum product in a suitable apparatus, under standardized conditions.

Variable compression ratio – In a variable geometry turbocharger, each of the angles of the movable vanes is able to change throughout the engine’s revolutions per minute (rpm) range. This in turn varies the ratio of the volume of an engine cylinder before compression, as compared to after compression.

Variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) – A type of turbocharger, the variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) has rows of movable vanes (or fan blades) just inside the turbine inlet. However, unlike conventional turbochargers, VGTs have actuators that can reposition the vanes to maximize their ability to capture hot exhaust gases. This results in a better management of the exhaust airflow over the turbine blades at all engine speeds (rpm).

Variable valve timing – Gas distribution process that allows for a variation in the timing for opening and closing the different valves.

Vermatherm Valve – Temperature adjusted oil pressure control valve used to control hydraulic fan speed.

Vespa – Italian scooter manufacturer.

VIN – Vehicle Identification Number – Sometimes referred to as ‘Chassis Number’ this is a unique code that every motorcycle is fitted with to protect the identity of the vehicle. (found stamped onto a plate on the motorcycle.)

Viscosity – Measurement of the thickness or denseness of a fluid.

Vintage/Classic – A motorcycle 20 years of ago or older.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) – VOCs are carbon-containing gases and vapours such as gasoline fumes, but excluding carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Many individual VOCs are known to have direct toxic effects on humans.

Voltage Regulator – Controls the output from the generator.

VROC – Vulcan Riders and Owners Club

V Rod – Yamaha V Max (Any Model, any year). Also called “Mr Max”. Not to be confused with the Harley-Davidson model V-Rod. This term is being used more commonly today to refer to the Harley-Davidson V-Rod even though the V-Max has been in production for over 20 years more.

VTEC – ‘Variable Valve Timing and Lift with Electronic Control’ e.g. adjusts engine valves to create more power when you need it while delivering lower emissions and superior fuel economy over regular petrol engines.

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