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Wave (The Wave) - Raising a hand to greet a motorcyclist travelling in the opposite direction.
Wave (The Wave) – Raising a hand to greet a motorcyclist traveling in the opposite direction.


W.H.O.R.E – We Haul Our Rides Everywhere. Those people that trailer their bikes to about 2 miles from an event, and then unload them and gently ride them in, only if there isn’t going to be any rain, dust or dirt roads.

Wankle – A rotary engine using a triangular rotor creates three chambers, each performing the same cycles as a four-stroke engine. Unique engine design that never caught on except for a few motorcycle models in the 1970’s, such as the Suzuki RE5. Apparently one of the main reasons it didn’t catch on was a Wankle engine doesn’t look like a traditional engine, but more like a lump of metal.

Wannabe – A person who “wants to be” a biker. Refers to a person who does not ride at all, but who behaves as though he or she does. This person will often be seen “dressing like a biker” by wearing black clothes, motorcycle-themed shirts, and leather jackets. “Wannabes” are also noted for their unusually strong opinions about motorcycle related issues (which motorcycle brand is the best, helmet laws, etc.) though they may have no first-hand knowledge of the issue in question. (thanks to RMH-D and Silvio Campello)

War-Horse – Well-ridden, road-worn bike (usually a chop)

War Wagon – A vehicle used to transport the club’s arsenal during an outing when trouble is expected from other clubs.

Warp Speed – Any speed that is obviously in excess of the posted speed limit. “Warp 12” would hint at 120 mph, without admitting the actual speed.

Wash out – Where the front wheel looses grip and slides out to one side.

Water Jacket – Passages between cylinder walls through which coolant circulates.

Wattleshedo – Term that asks the top speed of a machine (i.e What will she do?)”

Wave (The Wave) – Slowly becoming a lost art, but the true biker clings to this practice. It involves raising a hand to greet a motorcyclist traveling in the opposite direction. Not to be performed under braking or turning maneuvers. The wave can be above below or above the handlebars. Please do wave to every fellow biker regardless of the type of motor they are riding.

Waxer – Someone who would rather wax his bike than ride it

Waybackmachine – Any streetdriven “overmotored” road rocket that makes most fast vehicles seem to movebackwards…wayback… V Max, Blackbird, Huyabusa, GSXR, Ninja……

Wear Bar – Raised ridge in the tire tread to indicate when the tire needs replacement. All tires should be replaced when tread depth is 1/32nd of an inch or less.

Wear Indicator (see also Wear Bar) – On drum brakes the wear indicator is a scale on the outside housing of the drum. The brake rod (moving part) has an arrow that matches up with the scale on the drum. To check wear the rider is off the bike and presses down on the rear brake petal, the arrow will move within the range on the wear indicatior on the drum to note if replacement of the drum brakes are necessary.

Weight Transfer – Weight is shifted as you accelerate or decelerate from one wheel to the other. Acceleration causes the weight to transfer from the front to the rear wheel. Braking causes the weight to shift from the rear to the front wheel.

Weekend Warrior – 1. Insta-biker types. 2. Someone who only rides their motorcycle on the weekends.

Went down – Crashed. Can be any type of accident at any speed.

Wet Race – A race in which climatic conditions affecting the track surface are considered to be wet, opposed to dry.

WFO – Wide F_ _ king Open (throttle)

Wheelbase – 1. Measurement from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel. 2. The distance between the center of the wheel hubs on the motorcycle.

Wheelie – 1. Aviation of the front wheel in an effort to go quickly. 2. Running the motorcycle on the rear wheel only.

Wheel Traps – Any vertical rise in the road that runs in the same direction your tire is pointing to, or that is along side the road (such as a curb) is a potential wheel trap. This, because if you place the tire alongside that rise it becomes virtually impossible to turn away from it without losing control of your motorcycle. Wheel traps are passable IF you ideally hit them a 90° angle straight on.

Win it or bin it – A racer’s attitude when he/she is so committed to victory that they will either win the race or crash whilst trying.

Wishbone – One-piece handlebar and riser, styled like a drag bar but has a clean appearance.

Whisper-Glide – Goldwing or other large quiet Touring bike.

White Lining – Driving on the broken white line that separates traffic lanes.

White Plate – Antique Flat track races

Whoops – Also known as whoop-de-doos. A section of track with a row of dirt mounds or moguls. Whoops are one of the most difficult obstacles on a Supercross track, as timing, throttle control and body positioning are crucial. Whoops are usually good places for fast riders to pass.

Wind Shield – Wind Screen

Wind Triangle – A wind triangle is a simple triangular-shaped piece of cloth or leather worn around the neck for protection.

Wind tunnel – Equipment used by motorcycle manufacturers to achieve as good aerodynamics as possible. During development of a new motorcycle, the bike is placed inside a wind tunnel to determine air currents, thus enabling manufacturers to optimize the aerodynamics.

Wind Walker – Anybody who rides, helps and is friendly to all other Motorcycle Jockeys.

Wing Comander – Police term for sports bike rider as in missed the runway Wing Comander

Wingabago – Gold Wing motorcycle, with all the extras.

Wings – Emblem worn by 1%ers, as a pin or patch (cloth) attached to the colors. All wing earning must be witnessed.

Winkers – Turn Signal in Honda manuals in the ’70s. Can be used to describe turn signals on any make/manufacturer of motorcycle or scooter.

Wiring harness – The main collection of wires that are usually bundled up in some protective tubing.

Wishbone – A one piece handlebar and riser combo, styled like a drag bar but much cleaner in appearance.

Wobble – Potentially dangerous unexpected side-to-side movement of the front or rear wheel at speed. Wobbles need to be troubleshooted and fixed asap.

Works racers – Racing machines built and operated by the factory.

Worm and pinion gear – System for turning rotational movement through 90°, in which a pinion is turned by a spirally cut gear.

WOT – Wide Open Throttle 1. Holding the throttle full open for full acceleration. 2. Check performed when main Carb jetting.

Wrench – Mechanic

Wrenching – Actually doing the maintenance and repair of a motorcycle.

WSB (World Superbike Racing) – Production-based, four-stroke motorcycle racing with extensive modifications determined by regulations to control costs and limit alterations. (See Homologation).

WTF – expression – What the f_ _ k!

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