Inspiration Friday: 8311 Days of Inspiration

Inspiration Friday: 8311 Days of Inspiration

Inspiration Friday: 8311 Days of Inspiration

Welcome to Inspiration Friday: 8311 Days of Inspiration, our 201st Friday of Inspiration Friday and 8311 day of Total Motorcycle being online! That’s a lot of days, weeks and free inspiration to support new riders, veteran motorcyclists and returning bikers around the world! Blows my mind we have almost 500,000 pages of stories, guides, posts, news features, show coverages, new models and 23 years of my life crammed into a website.

It’s a weird and unique business model, give it all away for free, charge nothing, ask for nothing and pay-it-forward. But free doesn’t mean “of no value” here, it’s incredibly valuable information at Total Motorcycle from not only myself but from a hundred thousand contributors, handfuls of invaluable staff to industry support.

Inspiration Friday was started almost 4 years ago, which is “internet old age” to inspire all types of motorcyclists to get out, explore and enjoy their motorcycles. Meet new people, go to new events, explore new countries, learn about new bikes and customizations, go to rallies, participate in parades, museums, iconic races, sign up for volunteering, explore the world on 2-wheels. Total Motorcycle’s Inspiration Friday could easy be an entire site on it’s own outside of TMW.

Let’s look back today on those past 200 weeks of Inspiration Friday and revisit our Top 10 most popular favorite weeks. I hope you enjoy Inspiration Friday at Total Motorcycle and keep reading it each week.

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Top 10 Inspiration Friday Greats

#1 –Inspiration Friday: 10 Best Biker Movies on Netflix

Inspiration Friday: 10 Best Biker Movies on Netflix

What would we do without Netflix today? (Besides having have more free time to ride that is). Total Motorcycle serves up Inspiration Friday: 10 Best Biker Movies on Netflix. What about the Top Netflix Motorcycle Shows? We have those too! Movies streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and YouTube can offer riders some high revving excitement and action to capture our imaginations, inspire us and fill our time with. If you are interested in racing, riding, traveling, adventure…. then TMW has you covered… just don’t blame us if you are riding the couch more than your bike!

And if you are interested in the latest 2021 Motorcycle Models and 2022 Motorcycle Models you’ll see in future movies, you have also come to the right place!


#2 – Inspiration Friday: Top 10 Harley-Davidson Engines

Inspiration Friday: Top 10 Harley-Davidson Engines

Get Your Motor Running for our top 10 Harley-Davidson engines Inspiration Friday! With Harley-Davidson’s release of their biggest and most powerful V-Twin engine to date (more on that) we count down the 9 other big boys in its steps. From the Twin Cam to the new Milwaukee Eight, Harley-Davidson V-Twins were indeed “Born to be Wild”.

Adrenaline-seeking riders have a new option, the Milwaukee Eight Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine Stage IV V-Twin! 135 ft-lb of torque and 124 HP of thrilling power and torque;. plus the sound that makes the ground pound!

There is nothing like a good sounding, powerful engine between your legs and Harley-Davidson makes amazing V-Twins! Will we see the new Milwaukee Eight 131 on the 2021/2022 Harley-Davidson 338R Bronx or the 2021 CVO models? Stay Tuned to TMW to know for sure…

We take a look at the biggest, baddest V-Twin engines from the “small” 1984 EVO 80 cubic inch (1340cc) to the meanest 131 cubic inch (2147cc) of tomorrow. Any guesses how long will it be before we double the EVO and get a 160 cubic inch (2680cc)? My guess is we might see it in the 2035 Harley-Davidson CVO. 2035… right around the corner…lol.

Top 10 Harley-Davidson Engines, enjoy the acceleration!


#3 – Friday Inspiration: 2021 Harley-Davidson Good and Bad News

Friday Inspiration: 2021 Harley-Davidson Good and Bad News

Friday Inspiration: 2021 Harley-Davidson Good and Bad News and let’s get the bad news out of the way. Harley-Davidson has announced significant shifts including streamlining its planned product portfolio by 30 percent. The neutral news is it is shifting it’s new model year debut to align with the start of the riding season and amped-up marketing efforts to drive desirability and maximize impact in the market. The good news is we have confirmation of the new Harley-Davidson Pan America and a date for the 2021 Harley-Davidson motorcycle model launch:

2021 Harley Davidson’s arrive January 19th, 2021.

So if you were wondering “where the heck are those H-D’s?” well, now you know. So mark those calendars and yes, Total Motorcycle will have all those brand new Harley-Davidson models up that day for you.

For now, check out what we do have (and yes, we do have 2021 Harley-Davidson’s up right now) in our 2021 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Model Guide right here on Total Motorcycle. Don’t forget to check out last year’s 2020 Harley-Davidson while you wait.


#4 – Inspiration Friday: Bike Shortages

Inspiration Friday: Bike Shortages

Computers, components, food, appliances, lumber, toilet paper, disinfectants, cars, trucks and now motorcycles. Inspiration Friday: Bike Shortages doesn’t sound very inspiring does it? Maybe Total Motorcycle’s Inspiration Friday inspired our 350 million readers to buy too many bikes? What if TMW is responsible for too much motorcycle demand? Did we create a monster?

Used motorcycles are going up in price, new motorcycles that were flooding salesroom floors last year are gone. Spring riding season is compounding the problem. And the “you-know-what-it-is” from China (thanks China!) has made everyone’s lives a heck of a lot more difficult in more ways than you can shake a stick at!

Thankfully, Eric de Seynes- President & CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. steps up and tells it straight to motorcyclists, Houston, there is a supply chain problem. Yes, things are bad, yes, demand is too high for supply and supply chain breakdown is making it difficult. The “Ever Given” one of the largest container ships in the world (that happens to be from China) getting stuck in the Suez Canal with thousands of backlogged ships didn’t help matters either. But factory, through logistics and sales teams, are working hard to minimize the impact at Yamaha and no doubt at Harley-DavidsonSuzukiKawasakiHondaBMW and many other manufactures as well are facing the same shortages and doing the same too. So we are not alone.

Inspiration Friday: Bike Shortages

In the meantime, don’t upgrade your motorcycle if you don’t need to, don’t buy a 3rd or 4th bike when you have a good bike already to “wait it out”.  Yes, Total Motorcycle is saying “Don’t buy a motorcycle unless you really need to” as this will help not only the shortage recover faster, but also new riders and those without bikes get into our sport. And shame on those who are flipping bikes, price gouging and taking advantage of the situation crisis! This crisis has personally shown that there are many great people out there, USA


but sadly an equal greedy number to seemingly are willing to take advantage of others. Please be considerate and be on the right side of the equation. God, Karma or even your mom will reward you for it.

While you wait it out, it’s fine to look, drool and prepare for your next bike purchase though. Many new 2021’s and 2022’s have been released this week!


#5 – Inspiration Friday: Top 10 Hot Picks for 2021

Inspiration Friday: Top 10 Hot Picks for 2021

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day… mix in “the crisis” and your head is spinning! Inspiration Friday: Top 10 Hot Picks for 2021 brings you something more relaxing, enjoyable and darn right fun. Check out TMW’s Top 10 Hot Picks for 2021 favorite bikes that have been released so far. Easy on the eyes but maybe not so easy on the wallet though!

Cruisers, standards, retro’s, adventure bikes, sport bikes, supersports, limited editions, and one bike you can’t buy in the USA, (that you wish you could) plus even a concept motorcycle. What a mix!

The following amazing bikes have been picked by our readers and also by myself and just FYI, picking a Top 10 is not fair when you have hundreds of new 2021 models to choose from! Please Remind me again why I choose the title “Top 10 Hot Picks for 2021!”

Oh yes, I did cheat at the end and added 3 more, hey even I want another piece of pumpkin pie sometimes too. 🙂

Here they are our Top 10 Hot Picks +3 for 2021 in no particular order…


#6 – Rider Inspiration: Research Study Finds Riding a Motorcycle is Healthy


Motorcyclists have long championed riding as their main road to stress relief and positive mental health. Today, the results of a neurobiological study conducted by a team of three researchers from UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior yielded pioneering scientific evidence revealing the potential mental and physical benefits of riding. 28% reduced stress, 27% more adrenaline, higher alertness, greater sensory focus and 11% increased heartrates… Funded by Harley-Davidson, the study found that motorcycling increased metrics of focus and attention, and decreased relative levels of cortisol, a hormonal marker of stress.


#7 – Inspiration Friday: 0-60 Quarter Mile Living

Inspiration Friday: 0-60 Quarter Mile Living

Acceleration. Adrenaline. Torque. Power. Smoke. Noise. Introducing the 2021 BMW R18 DragsterTriumph Rocket 3 and Yamaha VMax. The legendary film star Vin Diesel once said “I live my life a 1/4 mile at a time” and I can’t think of a better use of a motorcycle than 0-60 Quarter Mile Living. Total Motorcycle is proud to present this week’s Inspiration Friday on these three new bikes and highlighting not only BMWTriumph and Yamaha but also motorcycle design icon Rolland Sands. I hope you enjoy today’s trip down the drag strip! And when you have a “need for speed” race on over to Total Motorcycle for the latest 2021 models, blazing good information and often duplicated but never imitated original style.

Personally, I just love watching drag racing, it is quite the rush and blend of man vs machine. The creativeness and passion that goes into a 0-60 time is incredible not to mention the personal and financial risk. Hats off to those who professional drag racers, weekend warriors and even the occasional stop-light-GP racer! I’ve rode the new Yamaha VMAX at full throttle and it is a true rocket and the Rocket 3R is on my short list to own. Maybe one day I’ll get to do more 0-60 Quarter Mile Living.

As always, be safe, be respectable and responsible. AGATT (All Gear All The Time).

And now, I bring you two wonderful new bikes, built by BMW, Triumph and Yamaha made for the strip, enjoy!


#8 – Inspiration Friday: Gettysburg Bike Week 2019 is Wild

Inspiration Friday: Gettysburg Bike Week 2019 is Wild

Looking for something WILD and CRAZY to do this weekend? Then head on up to Gettysburg Bike Week 2019 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and meet thousands of your fellow bikers, compete in crazy motorcycle events, browse swap meets, see bike shows, try demo rides and watch headliner concerts with fireworks! So much to see, so much to do, it’s a WILD one in the summer sun!

Every Friday* I put up something interesting, inspiring and or just plain cool to get you, as a biker, to get out there, talk about it or get interested in motorcycling and our way of life. I hope you enjoy this week’s Rider Inspiration Story!   (*if something exciting is happening)

Entertainment Is Top Notch and the Crew is Ready to Rock


#9 – Inspiration Friday: Harley-Davidson’s Must-Know 12 Motorcycle Camping Tips

Inspiration Friday: Harley-Davidson's Must-Know 12 Motorcycle Camping Tips

To help those planning a voyage, we’ve compiled a list of Harley-Davidson’s Must-Know 12 Motorcycle Camping Tips all in one place! Motorcycling and camping both allow us the freedom to explore and to experience the great outdoors and nature directly – but riding and camping takes a little more planning than just turning up at a hotel or motel. This type of trip takes serious preparation.

You can camp on any motorcycle – of course, it is easier on a full dresser but perfectly possible on any Harley – you’ll just need to consider your luggage requirements and packing methods more carefully. Don’t forget to look at our 2019 Harley-Davidson motorcycle model guide for ideas too.


#10 – Inspiration Friday: 12 Inspiring Inline-4 Bikes seen at WHEELS & WAVES 2019

Inspiration Friday: 12 Inspiring Inline-4 Bikes seen at WHEELS AND WAVES 2019

Total Motorcycle Presents 12 inspirational custom inline-4 bikes to get your motor running! Honda Motor Europe this week returns to the Wheels & Waves 2019 festival to celebrate 50 years of Honda’s inline-four heritage, since the CB750 first went on sale in 1969. Plus 50 years of CB heritage, history, a ton of photos and so much more just for you, only at Total Motorcycle!

While you are here, don’t forget to check out our 50 YEARS of Honda Motorcycle Model Guides!! Yes, 50 years of Honda, right here on Total Motorcycle! No one does it better, Period.

Honda is presenting twelve customised versions of the CB1000R – the flagship of its Neo Sports Café range – at the Wheels & Waves 2019 show in Biarritz, France.

The bikes have been created by Honda, its dealers and partner custom shops from France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain – and draw their influence from a wide range of models, personalities and design themes.


#11 – Your Choose.

Dramatic shot of the Indian FTR-S standing in the middle distance, the wide expanse of flat, featureless salt flats stretching out to the horizon.

As we head into the future with Inspiration Friday, new Top 10’s will form based on YOU reading them, sharing them and enjoying them. I keep track of what my readers like, want and see with page hits so please, read on.

Enjoy and be inspired. 🙂

Mike & The Staff @ Total

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