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2024 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS
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2024 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS 2024 Kawasaki KLX230S ABS

2024 Kawasaki KLX230S: NO ABS, NO PROBLEMO!

Introducing the 2024 Kawasaki KLX230S…

The KLX230 S motorcycle features an updated revamped bodywork inspired by the KX motorcycle and new features like smartphone connectivity, the 2024 KLX230 S inspires confidence on any trail.

First introduced in 2020, the KLX230 motorcycle has been a trailblazer in the world of off-road fun, purpose-built for serious dirt enthusiasts. Both its engine and frame were meticulously designed for trail riding, earning it a devoted fan base with its brisk engine performance and sure-footed ability to conquer diverse terrains. For 2024, the KLX230 series returns with updates aimed at elevating performance and taking comfort to new heights.

At the heart of these new models is the 233cc fuel-injected, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine, offering strong low-to-mid-range response for enhanced off-road performance. The key update for 2024 lies in the chassis, specifically the revised rear subframe that allows for longer wheel travel and updated seat. This innovative design maintains ground clearance while reducing seat height, providing a comfortable reach to the ground and significantly enhancing off-road riding potential and overall comfort. Redundant.


2024 Kawasaki KLX230S Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

  • 233cc Fuel-injected, air-cooled, four-stroke engine with electric start
  • NEW Longer-travel suspension and ample ground clearance
  • NEW Smartphone connectivity with RIDEOLOGY THE APP
  • NEW KX-inspired styling
  • NEW Updated seat with two-tone color
  • Full-sized wheels


New for 2024

Narrower intake port and 4mm smaller intake valve (now 33mm) plus longer exhaust header pipe contribute to increased low-mid range performance. Revised ECU settings match the increased lowmid range torque.
• New rear sub-frame design traces a lower line, enabling longer wheel travel while maintaining excellent reach to the ground for the rider’s feet. Front wheel travel is increased 1.7 inches and rear wheel travel increased 2.6 inches for better absorption and a more planted feel.
• New aluminum swingarm is approximately 2.6 pounds lighter than the previous steel unit, while a lighter rear brake master cylinder also shaves weight.
• The rear shock now has threaded preload adjustment for more flexibility in setting the suspension to suit rider weight or carrying a passenger.
• 2.9 degrees steeper rake and 20mm shorter trail contribute to lighter handling.
• New KX™-inspired ergonomics provide added freedom of movement for finding a rider’s ideal position and aggressive updated styling. The new two-tone seat has a flatter profile, while the redesigned fuel tank, shrouds and side covers create a single flowing, integrated surface with few protruding parts.
• New black rims are consistent with the aggressive KX styling.
• New compact LED headlight in a slim front cowl offers remarkable brightness and provides endurolike styling.
• The all-digital instrument panel now provides smartphone connectivity to access instrument functions for an enhanced user experience. Long-stroke engine provides ample low-mid range torque for easy low-speed control and a strong pull at smaller throttle openings.




2024 Kawasaki KLX230S Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

The four-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine offers smooth, reliable and durable performance in a compact package. The engine has a bore and stroke of 67.0mm x 66.0mm, with a displacement of 233cc. The long-stroke offers robust low-mid range torque for smooth and easy performance. A simple SOHC two-valve design was chosen for its easy-to-use power character and reliability. A narrower intake port and 4mm smaller intake valve, now measuring 33mm, help contribute to increased low and mid-range performance, and revised ECU settings match the increased low to mid-range torque.

Fuel injection ensures consistent fuel delivery regardless of outside air temperature or elevation. It also enables the use of an electric starter, for easy starting at the push of a button, whether the engine is hot or cold, and contributes to clean emissions. The fuel injection system utilizes a 32mm throttle body, which delivers a precise response. A longer exhaust pipe length was selected to contribute to the engine’s low-mid range performance. To match the strong off-road image of the KX-inspired bodywork, the exhaust features a tapered silencer with an oval cross-section.

A smooth-shifting six-speed transmission covers a wide range of street-riding conditions and allows for more comfortable cruising on the highway, which is also effective when trail riding. A 45/14 final gear ratio was selected for an ideal balance for both road and trail riding.

Designed to combine off-road and street riding, the high-tensile steel perimeter frame offers the optimal handling needed for enjoyable riding in a wide range of environments. For 2024, the rear subframe was redesigned and traces a lower line on the machine, which allows for longer wheel travel while maintaining good ground reach, translating to improved off-road performance. The engine and frame were designed together, which helped engineers achieve a low engine height, ideal chassis rigidity balance, and a low center of gravity, all in a compact chassis. The short 53.7-inch wheelbase combined with 9.5-inches of ground clearance contributes to the bike’s maneuverability, allowing riders to navigate the trail more easily.

A large, 37mm diameter telescopic fork handles suspension duties up front; equipped with 7.9-inches of suspension travel to offer controllability on a variety of terrain. At the rear, the New Uni-Trak rear linkage with 8.9-inches of wheel travel provides great road holding ability and bump absorption. The single rear shock absorber with pressurized nitrogen gas now comes with a threaded preload adjustment, allowing riders to set the bike up for their weight or a passenger. In addition, the KLX230 S comes equipped with a new aluminum swingarm that is approximately 2.6-pounds lighter than before, and a lighter rear brake master cylinder helps to further shave weight.

The KLX230 S motorcycle is perfect for those who are looking for a more approachable KLX model. Bringing down the seat height to 33.3-inches, the KLX230 S enables more riders to take on off-road trails with confidence. The side stand has also been shortened to match the low seat height. The frame, seat, and tank of the KLX230 S motorcycle were designed with a combination of form and function in mind, making the frame easy to grip with the legs, offering superior chassis control.

Similar to the lineup of KX motorcycles, the flat design of the tank and seat gives the rider greater freedom of movement when changing riding positions and facilitates sitting farther forward. In addition to trail riding, cruising comfort was also a consideration when deciding the seat shape and thickness. The seams between the shrouds, seat and side covers all fit flush, making it much easier for the rider to move around on the bike.

Full-size aluminum wheels, measuring 21-inches at the front and 18-inches at the rear, make it easier to overcome obstacles encountered on trails, contributing to exciting trail-riding performance. For 2024, the KLX230 S will come with black wheels, maintaining the KX-inspired looks that help reflect its sporty character.

The KLX230 S gets its styling from Kawasaki’s line of KX motocross motorcycles, and for 2024, an even sportier, more aggressive styling cue was used. The newly designed two-toned seat has a flat profile for added freedom and movement for the rider, and smoother bodywork has eliminated some of the protruding parts that minimized movement. A new compact LED headlight is the focal point of the KLX230 S front end. The headlight is encased in a slim, sharp new front cowl and offers impeccable brightness. To match the sporty headlight, the front fender features an aggressive, edgy design.

A redesigned two-gallon fuel tank allows the good times to keep rolling over the course of a long day, and redesigned shrouds and side covers create a single-flowing integrated look that mimics the looks of a KX motorcycle. A pair of passenger footpegs enables two-up riding. The KLX230 S motorcycle is also equipped with a lockable toolbox compartment, located in the left side cover, which features everything necessary for quick, on-the-spot maintenance jobs. The toolbox utilizes the Kawasaki One-key system, which means that the side cover panel is conveniently unlocked with the ignition key. An all-digital instrument panel offers at-a-glance information care of a large, easy-to-read LCD display screen, and for 2024, now provides smartphone connectivity to access instrument functions. Features include speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, clock, and indicator lamps.

Harnessing the power of Bluetooth technology, the KLX230 S offers riders’ seamless wireless connectivity to their motorcycle. Leveraging the dedicated smartphone application RIDEOLOGY THE APP*, this innovative feature unlocks a myriad of functions, enhancing the overall motorcycle experience. Whether it’s monitoring performance metrics, receiving notifications or customizing settings, Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to stay connected to their bike in a modern and intuitive way.

Functions include:
• Vehicle info: battery voltage can be viewed via the smartphone
• Riding log: GPS route information as well as vehicle running information can be logged and viewed via the smartphone
• Telephone notices: when a call or mail is received by the smartphone, this is indicated on the instrument display
• Communication sharing: rider profile, location and riding logs can be shared with other RIDOLOGY THE APP users, allowing riders to interact with other like-minded riders
• Maintenance log: maintenance history like refuelling, lubrication, oil changes, consumable parts replacement, and periodic inspections can be managed

Riders can personalize their KLX230 S to meet their needs, with numerous Kawasaki Genuine Accessories to choose from, such as: high seat, helmet lock, low seat, hand covers, USB type-c, frame slider, small skid plate, large skid plate, small carrier, large carrier, and a handlebar pad.



• New KX™-inspired ergonomics provide added freedom of movement for finding a rider’s ideal position and aggressive updated styling. The new two-tone seat has a flatter profile, while the redesigned fuel tank, shrouds and side covers create a single flowing, integrated surface with few protruding parts.
• New black rims are consistent with the aggressive KX styling.
• New compact LED headlight in a slim front cowl offers remarkable brightness and provides endurolike styling.
• The all-digital instrument panel now provides smartphone connectivity to access instrument functions for an enhanced user experience. Long-stroke engine provides ample low-mid range torque for easy low-speed control and a strong pull at smaller throttle openings.
• Simple air-cooled. SOHC design helps ease maintenance.
• Digital Fuel Injection (DFI)(KP) helps deliver smooth, precise throttle response for increased engine control on the trail. Fuel injection also provides stable fuel delivery by automatically adjusting for air temperature and changes in altitude, which contributes to cleaner emissions.
• DFI provides consistent starting whether the engine is hot or cold, and combined with the electric starter button makes firing up the engine easy.
• Tuned exhaust contributes to the engine’s easy-to-use performance, and the tapered muffler with oval cross section helps provide a strong off-road image.
• Smooth-shifting six-speed transmission combined with short final gearing complements the engine’s low-mid range power focus to make navigating tight trails easier.
• High-tensile steel perimeter frame was specifically designed to enhance trail performance for increased rider confidence.
• The frame and engine were designed together. Engine height was minimized to help create an optimal frame line for an ideal rigidity balance and precisely positioned center of gravity.
• The frame was also designed so riders can easily grip it with their legs for increased rider control and feedback. Flush seams between the shrouds, seat and side covers, combined with a relatively flat seat design, also aids rider control and help provide freedom of movement.
• Short wheelbase contributes easy maneuverability on the trail.
• In order to achieve a low 33.3-inch seat height the front forks use short dual-stage springs with a firm spring rate combined with a short rear shock with a stiff spring to match the reduced travel compared to a full-sized machine.
• New Uni-Trak®(KP) rear suspension system provides a supple ride over small bumps without sacrificing stiffness to absorb bigger bumps.
• Gas-pressurized single rear shock is adjustable for preload to help riders set the bike up for their weight.
• Petal disc brakes provide sure stopping power.
• Full-size aluminum wheels, 21-inch front and 18-inch rear, increase trail-riding performance.
• Kawasaki KX™ styling influences provide an agile, aggressive image.
• All-digital instrument panel has a large-display, easy-to-read LCD screen featuring speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, clock and indicator lamps.

• Large, bright headlight with a 55/60W halogen element offers excellent illumination.




2024 Kawasaki KLX230S – Totalmotorcycle.com USA Specifications/Technical Details
Canada MSRP Price: $ TBA CDN
Europe/UK MSRP Price: £ NA GBP (On The Road inc 20% Vat)

Engine Type 4-Stroke, Air-Cooled, SOHC, 2-Valve Single
Displacement 233cc
Bore & Stroke 67.0 x 66.0 mm
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Fuel System DFI® with 32mm throttle body
Ignition TCBI with Electronic Advance
Transmission 6-Speed
Rake/Trail 24.6°/3.8 in.
Front Wheel Travel 7.9 in.
Rear Wheel Travel 8.8 in.
Front Tire Size 2.75-21
Rear Tire Size 4.10-18
Front Suspension 37mm Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension New Uni-Trak® with Adjustable Preload
Wheelbase 53.7 in.
Front Brake Type 265mm (ABS)/240mm Petal Disc
Rear Brake Type 220mm Petal Disc
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.0 gal.
Ground Clearance 9.5 in.
Seat Height 33.3 in.
Curb Weight= 291.1 (ABS)/288.9 lb.
Warranty 12 Month Limited
Kawasaki Protection Plus 12, 24, 36 or 48 months
(Specifications subject to change without notice.) Ask about the Rider‘s of Kawasaki (ROK) and the Good Times™ Credit Plan.
Ask about Kawasaki’s Team Green™ amateur rider support program.
(KP) = See Kaw-Pedia section for more details.* = Changes from previous model year.
= = Includes all necessary materials and fluids to operate correctly, full tank of fuel (more than 90% of capacity) and tool kit (if supplied)
When equipped, 50-state models with evaporative emissions equipment adds approximately 2.2 pounds.
** = Also available as a 50-state model with the last character ending in “L




2024 Kawasaki KLX230S – Totalmotorcycle.com  Canadian Specifications/Technical Details




2024 Kawasaki KLX230S – Totalmotorcycle.com European Specifications/Technical Details





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