New 2020 Yamaha MT-125: Step into the Dark Side

2020 Yamaha MT-125

2020 Yamaha MT-125 2020 Yamaha MT-125 2020 Yamaha MT-125 2020 Yamaha MT-125 2020 Yamaha MT-125

The Dark Side of Japan

When Yamaha launched the revolutionary MT-09 in 2013, a whole new world was created along with it. The MT craze has taken Europe by storm and fired the imagination of thousands of riders who are looking for a different kind of motorcycle and a distinct way to express themselves. With their signature Japanese heritage and unique style, Yamaha’s Hyper Naked bikes are the natural choice of those unconventional riders who want to show real attitude.

Delivering thrilling performance, agility and aggressive looks, the MT models represent the spirit of the Dark Side of Japan and enable everyone to feel the adrenaline rush a true Master of Torque guarantees.

Hyper Naked and the MT range

Ever since its launch the MT range has only overcome objectives, becoming one of the most successful line-ups ever produced by Yamaha with almost a quarter of a million units in Europe alone.

Today’s Hyper Naked segment includes models from 125cc through to 1000cc and offers every rider the opportunity to step up in experience and performance. Those looking for something more niche and high spec can choose among the sportier SP models, or long-distance runners like the MT-10 Tourer Edition.

The Yamaha Hyper Naked segment is constantly evolving with new styling, state-of-the-art technology and electronics. The recent launch of the MT-03 and now the MT-125 confirm that the doorway into the Dark Side of Japan’s is open to all – all you have to do is step in.


New MT-125: Darkness is the Next Level

Equipped with a new high-tech engine that offers even more thrilling performance, and featuring a new radical styling, the MT-125 is the ultimate introduction to the 125cc class.

With an advanced premium specification that can hold its own against larger capacity models, the MT-125 gives young riders an exciting way to enter the Hyper Naked scene and become one of the Dark Riders. With its sporty chassis and strong all-round performance, this is also an ideal motorcycle for those riders who want a stylish lightweight for everyday use.

Powerful new 125cc engine with VVA

The new MT-125 is equipped with an all-new engine that benefits from some of the most advanced technology to be found in the 125cc class. One of its key features is the YZF-R125 derived Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system that ensures high levels of top-end performance while also delivering plenty of torque at lower speeds.

The VVA is an ingenious system that incorporates two intake cams, each one with its own rocker arm. The low cam operates up to 7,400 rpm, and its profile and timing is designed to deliver a smooth and wide band of torque for strong performance at low to medium engine speeds. Above 7,400 rpm a compact solenoid switches the engine from the low cam to the high cam, and its higher profile and revised valve timing gives a harder-hitting top-end that delivers increased performance from 7,400 rpm through to the maximum power output at 10,000rpm – 1,000 rpm higher than the previous design.

Along with its higher rpm ceiling, the new VVA engine also runs with revised gearing for more thrilling acceleration – and with its range of high-tech internals, the new engine is smoother and more economical.

Assist and slipper clutch

The MT-125’s new assist and slipper (A&S) clutch is a significant upgrade for 2020 and offers a number of important benefits to the rider. Its extremely light feel at the lever reduces the level of physical input by the rider, making this lightweight Hyper Naked so much more comfortable in stop-start urban riding situations.

The A&S clutch also enables quick and smooth downshifting, and this helps to maintain chassis stability and give enhanced control when changing down through the gears – a particularly important feature when the road surface is wet or slippery.


Modern and aggressive new body design

The MT range is characterised by its dynamic style and naked bodywork. MT design is constantly evolving, and completely new bodywork for 2020 gives the MT-125 a much lighter and more aggressive look that perfectly conveys its thrilling and agile character.

Yamaha’s Hyper Naked models are instantly recognisable with their mass-forward body design in which the major components are located as close to the engine as possible to give a proud and aggressive stance. The new MT-125 features a smaller 10-litre fuel tank and a much shorter tail section that – alongside the new headlight assembly – contribute towards the bike’s ultra-compact silhouette.

Bold new twin-eye face

Featuring a dramatic new look with its dual slant-eye position lights, the new MT-125 projects a predatory and intimidating stare that confirms its position as the most dynamic naked 125. Beneath the twin position lights is a compact LED headlight with a powerful beam, giving the MT-125 a bold and defiant look that is evidence of the pure MT DNA flowing through its veins.

More comfort and control

Yamaha’s MT models have established a reputation for their agility and ergonomic riding position, making them the default choice for riders who want dynamic looks, thrilling performance and everyday versatility. The 2020 MT-125 takes comfort and control to the next level with its bold new bodywork and revised riding position.

The smaller fuel tank and new close-fitting one-piece seat enable the rider to move their bodyweight freely around the bike when braking or cornering, giving a feeling of greater control. To achieve a slightly more upright riding position the footrests are moved forwards and the handlebar position is raised – a configuration that helps to centralise rider mass while also enhancing comfort and agility.

Negative LCD instruments

The new MT-125 is equipped with LCD instruments that contribute towards the premium quality look and feel. This lightweight meter panel features a negative LCD display that includes a central digital speedometer, bar-type tachometer, two tripmeters, fuel reserve tripmeter and clock – as well as instant and average fuel consumption, average speed and a welcome screen.

Wide 140-section rear tyre

Viewed from the front the new MT-125 is a truly impressive looking motorcycle thanks to its aggressive new twin eye face. For 2020 this lightweight Hyper Naked comes with a wider 140-section rear tyre that not only gives high levels of traction when cornering, accelerating and braking – it also reinforces the bike’s serious MT family image and accentuates the big-bike look and feel. In every respect this is a bike to be proud of.

High-specification 41mm upside down front forks

The MT-125 is equipped with an advanced chassis specification that compares favourably with many larger cc motorcycles. The high specification 41mm upside down front forks give 130mm of responsive suspension action for precise handling together with confident roadholding – and the monoshock rear suspension is designed to deliver high levels of riding comfort.

New Deltabox frame and aluminium swingarm

Running with a 1,325mm wheelbase that’s 30mm less than the previous model – as well as revised steering geometry – the new Deltabox frame and aluminium swingarm enhance the bike’s mass centralisation for an even more sporty, agile and thrilling ride. The new frame design achieves an idealised balance of vertical, torsional and horizontal rigidity to give excellent handling performance – and it features a wider pivot point that accommodates a new high-spec swingarm.

Manufactured from aluminium and incorporating special bracing ribs on its inner faces that fine tune the rigidity, the lightweight swingarm is built to handle the wider 140-section rear tyre that effectively transmits the new engine’s high power output to the road surface.


Radial-mount caliper / 292mm front disc

The MT-125’s specification continues to impress with its radial-mount caliper and 292mm diameter disc brake. Usually associated with larger capacity models, the radial design reduces caliper flex to give accurate fingertip control at lower speeds together with outstanding stopping power at higher speeds.

MT-125 Key Features
New 125cc engine with Variable Valve Actuation
Assist and slipper clutch
Modern and aggressive new body design
Dual slant-eye positions lights; LED headlight
High-specification 41mm upside down front forks
New Deltabox frame and aluminium swingarm
Wider 140-section rear tyre
Powerful radial-mount front brake caliper
Large diameter 292mm front disc brake
Sophisticated negative LCD instruments

Price and availability

The MT-125 will be available at Yamaha dealers starting in December 2019. Please contact your national Yamaha press officer for more detailed information on the local price.


The MT-125 will be available in Ice Fluo, Icon Blue and Midnight Black.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

Purchasing a new MT-125 is just the start of a rider’s involvement with Yamaha’s Hyper Naked lifestyle, and the company has developed a constantly evolving range of Genuine Accessories for the MT models, including performance, comfort and cosmetic parts.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories enable every MT-125 owner to create their very own personalised bike that reflects their own style and character. Each part can be purchase individually, and Yamaha have also developed specially created pack of accessories to suit special requirements.

There’s also a range of MT branded apparel including jackets, T shirts, caps, hoodies and more. The Genuine Accessory and apparel range is constantly evolving, and full information can be seen at

MyGarage app

Everyone can create their very own unique Yamaha by downloading the free   MyGarage app. It’s the quick and easy way to build a virtual Yamaha online and experiment with different combinations of Genuine Accessories and see which components work best for them. Using the MyGarage app anyone can instantly create their dream version of the MT-125 and view it in from any angle in high definition. This app takes the guesswork out of choosing the right parts, and the final list can be emailed to a Yamaha dealer who will supply and fit the selected Genuine Accessories.


The MyRide app enables Yamaha riders to track every ride and record a variety of data including lean angle, acceleration, top speed, elevation changes and distance covered. Images can be added to the trip data and shared on social media, and information can be saved and stored under the customer’s own account. It’s the best way to add another dimension to every ride and allows riders to rediscover their favourite journeys.

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