New 2021 BMW Models & Upcoming Review… Delivered!

New 2021 BMW Models & Upcoming Review... Delivered!

New 2021 BMW Models & Upcoming Review... Delivered!

Good morning, good morning! Two exciting pieces of news to share with our readers; the new 2021 BMW models & upcoming review is here and our special secret review has been delivered! First, a ton of exciting new 2021 BMW motorcycles are here, new sportbikes, new adventure bikes, new touring bikes, new roadsters, new heritage and a new 1800cc engine! Second, what do you ride that comes in a 18-wheeler and needs a full sized tow truck to unload? Answer, it is our NEW long-term review vehicle (and yes, you need a helmet and motorcycle license for it). What is it? Read below and watch our special sneak peek trailer created just for you. The new Polaris Slingshot is one of the craziest vehicles on sale and we have it for not 1 or 2 weeks but 3 long weeks with unlimited mileage for our readers. We are also taking over a dozen lucky riders with us to experience the thrill and rush of the most powerful top of the line muscle trike.

Introducing the Polaris Slingshot R…

The Slingshot R is the ultimate statement. With unparalleled finishes, features, and increased horsepower, settle for nothing but the best. Slingshot R take the Slingshot experience to a whole new level.

Standard with the Slingshot R, and an optional upgrade for the Slingshot SL, and new Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring LE are Ride Command’s connected services featuring turn-by-turn navigation with an intuitive search system. The GPS offering includes special routing options to locate the shortest, fastest or most scenic route. Drivers can also build a route with multiple waypoints and access real-time traffic and weather overlays to ensure clear roads for the most enjoyable driving experience. By utilizing the Ride Command mobile app, drivers can remotely access key vehicle data and conveniently plan ride routes ahead of time.


New 2021 BMW Models & Upcoming Review... Delivered!

Introducing the 2021 BMW M1000RR…

Your competitive spirit drives you. Your passion dominates and challenges you. The search for more defines every millisecond: pure motorsport. High performance, high-tech materials, the highest-quality workmanship and exclusivity down to the last detail: The M RR is the first M model from BMW Motorrad. Its genes come directly from professional racing. The M RR and M RR with M Competition package offers pure racing technology for the highest performance demands in motorsport and for adrenalin-driven perfectionists on the road. Because #NeverStopChallenging is more than a promise. It’s a commitment.

2021 BMW M1000RR

BMW Motorrad already introduced the successful M vehicle offer strategy at the end of 2018 for motorcycles and has been offering M optional equipment and M performance parts ever since. With the new BMW M 1000 RR – in the following referred to as M RR in short – the first M model from BMW Motorrad based on the S 1000 RR (RR for short) is now celebrating its world premiere. BMW Motorrad follows the philosophy of the strongest letter in the world: M stands worldwide for success in motor racing and the fascination of high-performance BMW models and is aimed at customers with particularly high demands relating to performance, exclusiveness and individuality.

With an engine output of 156 kW (212 HP), a DIN vehicle kerb weight of only 192 kg and a suspension and aerodynamics designed for maximum race track performance, the new M RR meets the main expectations in the top segment of Superbikes.


Introducing the 2021 BMW R1250GS Adventure…

Pioneer through and through: For four decades, the GS has stood for a longing for vastness and boundless adventure. The R 1250 GS Adventure in the 40 Years GS edition celebrates this #SpiritOfGS: It is a homage to the GS history. In striking black and yellow, it is reminiscent of the iconic R 100 GS and impresses with its state-of-the-art technology and equipment. With the R 1250 GS with its powerful BMW ShiftCam boxer engine and new features, you will overcome limits, effortlessly reach the most distant destinations and be part of a unique community.

Your wanderlust knows only one answer: BMW R 1250 GS Adventure. When you set off for distant destinations, you can rely on it in every situation, you’ll ride with increased safety and comfortably over every mile.


2021 BMW F850GS Adventure Edition 40

Introducing the 2021 BMW F850GS Adventure Edition 40…

Since 1980, GS has stood for unique motorcycles that are part of every adventure. We are celebrating this year with the “40 Years GS” edition. It is an homage to the history of the GS and invokes the unique look of the legendary R 100 GS while also utilising the latest technology. A true F 850 GS Adventure with striking flyline and balanced GS ergonomy. With this bike, you can conquer new terrain, take on any adventure, be part of a unique community and live the #SpiritofGS.


Introducing the 2021 BMW F850GS Edition 40…

The BMW GS is an icon, a true pioneer. For over 40 years, it has combined versatility with a unique riding experience. We are celebrating the anniversary with the F 850 GS “40 Years GS” edition. Its black-yellow look invokes the legendary R 100 GS, bringing 40 years of GS history to life. The striking flyline shows off its GS genes. And thanks to its precise and dynamic technical features, such as Ride Modes Pro, it is the master of every route. Whether on or off road, experience the #SpiritofGS together.

2021 BMW R1250GS Adventure Edition 40

Introducing the 2021 BMW F750GS Edition 40…

The success story of the GS begins in the 80’s: Since then, it has stood for curiosity and boundless adventure. The F 750 GS “40 Years GS” edition celebrates this attitude to life: It is an homage to the history of the GS and bears the striking black-yellow of the legendary R 100 GS. Today, as before, it can be identified by its powerful GS flyline. The technical features of the F 750 GS – like its Pro and DTC riding modes – provide control while making your ride enjoyable. There is nothing standing in the way of adventure: Write your own history, be part of the community, and live the #SpiritofGS.


Introducing the 2021 BMW G310GS Edition 40…

We see a section of the GS Flyline with a view of the BMW logo and the yellow GS Tape.

For 40 years, the BMW GS has combined versatility and boundless adventure. We are celebrating that this year with the “40 Years GS” edition of the G 310 GS. In the black and yellow look of the legendary R 100 GS, it brings the GS history to life: spontaneous, light-hearted and equipped with the typical GS Flyline. Thanks to Ride by Wire, it will confidently take you through the city and beyond. With this bike, you can clock up those miles effortlessly, experience pure riding fun from the first turn of the throttle grip – and feel the #SpiritOfGS in every kilometre.


2021 BMW S1000R


Introducing the 2021 BMW S1000R…

If your heartbeat races in proportion to the tachometer, then the S 1000 R is the Roadster for you. It’s stripped down to the essentials but maximized for pure riding pleasure. Its aggressive engine with its 165 hp will put a smile on your face every time it revs up. The rich sound of the new standard HP titanium rear exhaust leaves no doubt: That’s how life in the fast lane sounds.

Emotional roadster visuals paired with super-sporty riding dynamics – this is what the BMW S 1000 R stands for. Reduced down to the essentials, it is a signal for dynamism. Its close resemblance to the RR is apparent at first glance.



2021 BMW R18 Dragster….

The renowned custom bike designer Roland Sands stripped down the BMW R 18 to create a straight line dragster featuring the iconic and massive boxer powerplant. The result: the R 18 Dragster. He and his team have created a unique masterpiece built around the impressive 2-cylinder Big Boxer, giving their creativity free reign in the process.

Roland Sands’ personal story served as a source of inspiration for his work on this bike. “With an engine that’s so visibly the center piece, I immediately thought of muscle cars. My family has always been into going fast and my dad was a drag racer, so I thought it made sense to strip the bike down to the essentials and shape it to go fast on a straight track,” the designer explains.

2021 BMW R18 Dragster

Introducing the new 2021 BMW Motorcycle Guide.

New Bike Reviews, Huge Photos, Full Specifications. Get it all at Total Motorcycle with the 2021 BMW Motorcycle Guide.



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– 2021 BMW G310GS – (Canada, Europe)

– 2021 BMW G310GS Edition 40 – (Canada, Europe)




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Scooter / Urban Mobility / Maxi Scooter

– 2021 BMW C400X

– 2021 BMW C400GT

– 2021 BMW C650 Sport

– 2021 BMW C650GT




– BMW Big Boxer 1800




– 2021 BMW R18 Dragster – New model concept

– 2021 BMW R18 Blechmann – New model concept

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