2002 Honda VTX1800C

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2002 Honda VTX1800C
2002 Honda VTX1800C

2002 Honda VTX1800C
2002 Honda VTX1800C

2002 Honda VTX1800C
2002 Honda VTX1800C

2002 Honda VTX1800C
2002 Honda VTX1800C

2002 Honda VTX1800C
2002 Honda VTX1800C


– 2002 Honda VTX1800C

The biggest, baddest cruiser Honda has ever produced, the VTX is powered by a 1795cc V-twin with 106 horsepower and 120 pounds-feet of torque. With an exhaust valve bigger than a P-51’s and an 18.8 kilogram crankshaft, the VTX is the King Kong of performance cruisers. And because it’s a Honda, the VTX brings a new level of sophistication with a PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system and a unique ChromaFlair pigment that alters the VTX’s paint (Illusion Red and Blue only) as lighting conditions change.

Unique VTX Features
· All-new V-twin engine is a 1795cc liquid-cooled 52° design that dwarfs other production V-twin engines and hammers out immense power–106 hp at 5000 rpm and 120 lb.-ft. of torque at 3500 rpm.
· Advanced, high-pressure programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) and electronic digital ignition maximize power output and offer immediate throttle response in any gear.
· High-performance suspension features a 45mm inverted front fork.
· Show-stopping street-rod styling with distinctive hooded headlight, beautiful cast aluminum wheels and a dragster-style seat.

· New V-twin engine features 101mm cylinder bores and the largest connecting rods and cylinders Honda has ever made.
· Offset dual-pin crankshaft and two primary-shaft-mounted balance weights allow a high-performance engine design while eliminating harsh engine vibration. The result: muscular power across a broad rpm range for unequaled acceleration and roll-on performance.
· The 18.8 kilogram forged steel crankshaft uses bolted weights, reducing crankcase width nearly 50mm and reducing crankshaft weight 4 kilograms compared to a conventional one-piece design.
· The engine mounting system uses carefully matched engine hangers and rubber engine mounts to eliminate unwanted vibration while preserving the powerful character of the VTX engine’s V-twin design.
· Three-valve cylinder head features two large, 36mm intake valves and a huge, 45mm exhaust valve to produce optimum flow for the air/fuel charge.
· Two iridium-tip spark plugs per cylinder for efficient combustion at all engine speeds.
· Simple-to-service screw-and-locknut valve clearance adjusters.
· 4.5-litre airbox supplies a large volume of cool, clean air to the engine.
· Two 42mm-diameter throttle bodies deliver air to two specially designed Denso 50-psi high-pressure fuel injectors. Fuel is delivered through 12 nozzle orifices in each injector, producing an atomized fuel mixture that is highly combustible, for maximum efficiency and power.
· Electronic CPU provides individual, digital 3-D fuel injection and ignition maps for each cylinder, creating ideal fuel mixture and spark advance settings for superb rideability.
· CPU-controlled emission control system utilizes an air injection system and three-way exhaust catalyzer to simultaneously reduce emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrous oxides (NOx).
· A unique dry-sump oil system utilizes a closed-crankcase design and places the oil tank inside the gearbox case. The result is a freer-revving engine for improved power, and a lower engine height, allowing optimum rider ergonomics and a low, 695 mm (27.3 in.) seat height.
· Radiator with cooling fan maintains consistent engine temperature for optimum performance and long engine life.
· Maintenance-free automatic camshaft-chain tensioners.
· Reliable electric-starter system.
· Handsome chromed two-into-one exhaust system produces a deep, exhaust note.
· Primary drive gear uses a cam-type damper to minimize powertrain lash.
· Sturdy eight-plate clutch with clutch-center damper assures smooth gear shifting.
· Five-speed transmission with carefully selected gear ratios for relaxed cruising and exciting roll-on performance.
· Shaft final-drive system provides smooth, low-maintenance operation.
· New driven flange design at the final-drive gear eliminates final-drive noise and wear and simplifies rear wheel installation.

· Massive tubular steel frame contains the engine’s power and gives the VTX a long, low, muscular stance.
· Large, 45mm inverted front fork provides 130mm of plush yet responsive wheel travel.
· Dual chromed rear shocks have 100mm of wheel travel and feature an advanced internal valve system for a comfortable ride.
· The VTX’s braking system features two three-piston front calipers and a single two-piston rear caliper. Application of the front brake lever activates the two outer pistons of the front calipers. Application of the rear brake pedal activates the two pistons of the rear caliper and the center pistons of the front calipers only. When only the rear brake pedal is used, an inline pressure valve delivers proportioned application of the front caliper center pistons.
· Beautiful, satin-finish cast aluminum wheels.
· Wide, low, 130/70R-18 radial front tire enhances street-rod styling and delivers superb handling.
· Aggressive 180/70R-16 radial rear tire puts the VTX engine’s awesome power to the ground and provides exceptional traction.

Additional Features
· Illusion Red and Illusion Blue paint with ChromaFlair brand light pigment alters hue as lighting conditions change.
· Dragster-style seat boasts a low, 695mm (27.3 in.) seat height for confidence during low-speed maneuvers.
· Chopped front and rear steel fenders complement the VTX’s street rod styling.
· Large, handsomely finished 17-litre gas tank with aviation-style fuel cap offers extended cruising range.
· Tank-mounted chrome nacelle houses the fuel cap, tripmeter/odometer reset and indicator/warning lights for the turn signals, high beam, neutral indicator, low fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temperature and fuel injection.
· Extensive chrome finishing of engine parts includes cylinder head covers, valve inspection covers, spark plug covers, airbox cover, left crankcase cover, clutch cover and left-rear engine cover.
· Silver finish on crankcases and cylinders with milled fin edges complete the custom street-rod look.
· Distinctive, chrome hooded headlight housing features a powerful, 55W/60W halogen bulb with a computer-designed multi-reflector for superb lighting in all conditions.
· Large speedometer with easy-to-read numerals.
· Semi-swept handlebar design provides a comfortable, upright riding position.
· Comfortably padded large-diameter handgrips with polished aluminum handlebar switch housings and triple-clamp assembly.
· Reliable 300-watt alternator.
· Durable, maintenance-free 20-amp-hour battery.
· Maintenance-free hydraulic clutch.
· Convenient push-to-cancel turn-signal switch.
· Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty.


1795cc liquid-cooled 52 V-twin

Bore and Stroke
101.0mm x 112.0mm

Compression Ratio

Valve Train
SOHC; three valves per cylinder

PGM-FI with automatic choke


Final Drive

Front Suspension
45mm inverted fork; 130mm travel

Rear Suspension
Dual shocks with five-position spring preload adjustability; 100mm travel

Front Brakes
Dual 296mm disc with LBS three-piston calipers

Rear Brakes
Single 316mm disc with LBS two-piston caliper

Front Tire
130/70R-18 radial

Rear Tire
180/70R-16 radial

1715mm (67.5 in.)

Seat Height
695mm (27.3 in.)

Dry Weight
320 kg (705 lb.)

Fuel Capacity
17 L (3.75 gallons)

Specifications are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulation and legislations.

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