2010 Roehr 1250sc

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2010 Roehr 1250sc
2010 Roehr 1250sc

2010 Roehr 1250sc
2010 Roehr 1250sc

2010 Roehr 1250sc
2010 Roehr 1250sc

2010 Roehr 1250sc
2010 Roehr 1250sc

2010 Roehr 1250sc
2010 Roehr 1250sc

2010 Roehr 1250sc
2010 Roehr 1250sc

2010 Roehr 1250sc
2010 Roehr 1250sc

2010 Roehr 1250sc
2010 Roehr 1250sc

2010 Roehr 1250sc
2010 Roehr 1250sc

– 2010 Roehr 1250sc

2010 Roehr 1250sc

A new American Classic

The dream of owning an American made sport bike that could hold it’s own against the world’s finest machines has been a dream for many. This dream is now a reality. Not only is the Roehr 1250sc the fastest and most powerful American production sport bike, but one of the top performing machines in the world.

The 1250sc represents the birth of a new American motorcycle brand. A brand committed to producing beautiful, high performance machines made in the USA. The “can do” spirit that made America great is alive and well at Roehr Motorcycles. This passion is the foundation of our brand and expressed through our products.

The Roehr 1250sc, the rebirth of American world class performance.


Key Features

– This superbike is powered by a special version of the incomparable Harley-Davidson* Revolution* engine
– 180hp of supercharged American Muscle
– Innovative BiMetal composite beam frame
– Sleek European flavor design
– Performance without compromise
– Road or track
– World class motorcycle components
– Proudly handcrafted in the USA
– A true American thoroughbred superbike

Features and Benefits:

Control Ergonomic design combined with traditional placement of the controls helps the rider become one with the machine.

The power to stop Superb braking is achieved from the two semi-floating discs and radially mounted Brembo 4-piston calipers.

BiMetal composite frame Computer aided design, engineered for maximum rigidity and light weight, providing ultimate control and stability.

Wheels and tires Forged aluminum wheels and Pirelli high performance tires provide low unsprung weight and the ultimate in street tire performance.

A symphany of tuned power The custom muffler and exhaust system is tuned to match the power of the supercharged engine.

The final drive Chain driven for strength and reliability with a race proven quick change rear sprocket carrier.



The Roehr 1250sc is the fastest and most powerful American made production sport bike. The specially developed supercharged version of the Harley-Davidson* Revolution* engine provides unmatched power. This power is combined with our innovative BiMetal composite beam frame, top quality cycle parts and sleek styling. The result is a motorcycle that redefines the American performance bike. Hand crafted, exclusive, fast and beautiful. A true modern American thoroughbred.

The Roehr Supercharging System (RSS)

The specially developed Roehr Supercharging System (RSS) provides the 1250sc with class leading power and torque outputs. But, just as important as outright power is the way the power is delivered. RSS provides smooth controllable power responding to the riders commands.

At the heart of RSS lies the patented Rotrex (C15-60) centrifugal supercharger unit. This supercharger provides the highest levels of efficiency and performance in a compact, light weight unit. This unit weights only 6.4 lbs. and is no larger than a typical small car alternator. Combined are a high efficiency, highly developed “Turbo” centrifugal compressor section, mated to a patented planetary roller drive mechanism. This drive mechanism provides an extremely high step-up ratio of 12.7/1 as well as very low noise output, low wear and excellent reliability.

RSS is designed to provide boost upon rider demand. A special bypass valve is employed to recirculate unneeded air back into the compressor during certain operating ranges such as idle, cruise and deceleration, this effectively disconnects and unloads the supercharger, thus reducing parasitic drag and increasing engine efficiency. In this mode, the engine operates as it’s stock normally aspirated self.

Under acceleration the bypass valve closes allowing compressor air to pressurize the intake plenum. The Rotrex supercharger delivers air in proportion to it’s driven speed. As engine speed increases the supercharger air output increases proportionally. This strategy is responsible for the extraordinarily smooth and linear power delivery. Power increases in proportion to engine RPM all the way to redline.

RSS enables efficient engine operation with stock emission output levels. Due to the relatively low boost levels of the RSS and low intake charge temperature increase relative to other supercharger types, an intake charge intercooler is eliminated, contributing to a lighter and more compact system.
RSS Technology = power + control + efficiency


The Engine (production version)

The heart and soul of a motorcycle is its engine. It determines the feeling and overall character of a motorcycle. Just as important as outright power is the way that power is delivered and the sound emitted from the exhaust, giving the motorcycle it’s voice.

The Roehr 1250sc is powered by a 180hp, specially developed version of the Harley-Davidson* V-Rod* engine. The engine was designed by Harley Davidson in cooperation with Porsche AG. It is loosely based on the Harley-Davidson VR1000 superbike engine. The design goal was to create a new engine that was modern, powerful and reliable providing HD with an engine for the future.
The result was an 1130cc (now available in 1250cc) liquid cooled, DOHC, eight valve, 60 degree, V-Twin engine with a performance like large bore short stroke architecture. This engine was named the “revolution” engine.

The Revolution engine debuted in the 2002 Harley-Davidson V-rod power cruiser and was widely praised for its excellent power, near perfect power delivery and soul stirring exhaust note.

It is only fitting that the Roehr 1250sc would take this great American power plant back to its roots and unleash it’s racing bloodline in a new American superbike.

Roehr Motorcycles has applied its Roehr Supercharging System (RSS) technology to enhance this engine’s power output without changing the character of it’s power delivery, resulting in a truly thrilling riding experience. The result is the most powerful American production motorcycle engine available.


Roehr Bi-Metal Frame Technology

The Roehr 1250sc features a unique Bi-Metal beam frame. The frame is constructed of 4130 Chrome-Moly steel and 6061 T6 Aluminum. This method allows each material to be used in areas of the frame that their material characteristics are best suited.
A motorcycle frame needs to be strong, stiff and light weight, but also needs to flex just enough under certain conditions. This controlled flex provides essential information, providing the rider with added confidence near the limits of tire grip. Additionally, this flex also adds a level of dampening which is especially beneficial when the motorcycle is leaned over on the edges of the tires. Under these conditions the motorcycle’s suspension effectiveness is dramatically reduced due to road forces no longer acting on the suspension at parallel angles.

The Roehr Bi-metal frame provides a level of dampening that allows the tire to better follow road irregularities under these conditions.
Through the use of computer assisted finite element analysis, the Bi-metal frame was designed using large section, thin wall, 4130 steel, main chassis beams to provide a stiff yet soft structure that is bonded and bolted to extremely strong, stiff yet light weight billet aluminum swing arm pivot plates.
By combining these materials into one structure, the Roehr Bi-Metal frame provides the ultimate combination of strength, stiffness, controlled flex and light weight. This unique frame technology is a major contributor to the stellar handling characteristics of the Roehr 1250sc.





2010 Roehr 1250sc – Specifications

The Bike: The Roehr 1250sc boasts high-spec running gear – Ohlins suspension, Marchesini alloy wheels, Brembo brakes with radial-mount calipers at the front, composite bodywork and is powered by the 1250sc 180HP, specially developed supercharged version of the HarleyDavidson* 1250cc Revolution* engine. State of the art supercharger technology has been applied, providing reliable high power output with a broad, linear power delivery.

2 Cylinder, Supercharged, Liquid Cooled, DOHC, Counterbalanced, 60deg, V-twin


Bore x Stoke:
105mm x 72mm

Compression ratio:
11.3 / 1

5 speed

Clutch: Wet, multi-plate, hydraulic actuation, slipper type

180hp @ 9100 RPM,
115 lb/ft torque @ 7600 RPM

Final drive: 520 O-ring chain

The Chassis: A unique modular CrMo steel and aluminum frame has been developed. This frame uses these two materials at areas in which their material characteristics are best suited. The result is a stiff, light weight structure that provides unparalleled steering response

Chassis Type:
Steel/aluminum composite beam frame, 4130 steel/ 6061 aluminum

56 inches (1422mm)

23.5deg. / 89mm

Seat height:
31.5 inches
Dry weight:
432 lbs. (196kg)

Front suspension:
Ohlins 43mm fully adjustable upside-down fork with TiN

Rear suspension:
Ohlins fully adjustable linkless monoshock

Front Brakes:
2 x 330mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo 4 piston calipers.

Rear brake:
245mm single disc, with 2 piston Brembo caliper

Front Wheel/tire:
3.5 x 17 forged aluminum 10 spoke Marchesini, 120/70 ZR17

Rear wheel/tire:
6.0 x 17 forged aluminum 10 spoke Marchesini, 190/55 ZR17

Fuel tank capacity:
3.2 US gallons

Reserve fuel:
.5 US gallons



About Roehr Motorcycle:

The first Rv500 was released to the world back in the year 2000. It boasted 500cc two-stroke, twin crank, V-twin based on Yamaha YZ250 motocross engine parts, housed in Roehrich’s own custom made crankcase. It was a combination that worked.

At 115hp and 315lbs. the Rv500 offered a totally unique and thrilling riding experience. This success fueled the fire to go even further, expanding the frontier.

Research and experiments were carried out with promising results. This resulted in the application of new direct fuel injection technology to bring the two-stroke within EPA emission limits The company would focus on producing high performance motorcycles in limited numbers, offering unique technical solutions combined with beautiful design in an exclusive package.

It became clear that to produce the Rv500 engine with the addition of the DFI fuel system was prohibitively expensive due to low production volumes and the use of new proprietary DFI technology.

Walter Roehrich set out to create a new bike with production in mind. It had to retain the same light weight, high power and fine handling characteristics of the Rv500 yet even more striking. In 2004 the Rv1000 was born. The heart of this bike was a 120hp 936cc 60deg.

4-stroke V-twin, the lightest large displacement twin cylinder engine in the industry.
Work on the design of the new Roehr superbike began shortly after the debut of the Harley-Davidson V-Rod in 2002.

The Revolution engine represents the state of the art in American motorcycle engine technology, ideal for America’s newest and most powerful new Sportbike.

Roehr Motorcycles LLC was formed in January 2008 with the goal of tranforming the Roehr from prototype to production bike. The powerful and exciting new V-Roehr 1250sc is available for order.



Walter Roehrich

From his high school years onward Walter Roehrich has immersed himself in the field of engineering. At high school his talents were recognized when he received the “Outstanding Technical Student Award, National Honor Society.” That spurred him on to study mechanical engineering at College of Lake County. From there he attended the prestigious Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he graduated with a degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology and soon after received his FAA Airframe and Power-plant Certificate. Surprisingly he left the field of aeronautics and and moved into the automotive industry and worked for Porsche/Audi as a Master Tecnician. He later expanded his talents into the field of Automotive Dealership Management as Service Director.

Walter was always fascinated by speed and machines. He loved to participate in amateur motorcycle racing and amateur road racing. He was soon a recognized AMA Superbike and BOTT Team Technician. In 1996 he designed and constructed the RV500 sportbike, including its 500cc two-stroke engine. In 2001 he designed and constructed the RV1000 Sport-Bike with a Swedish made 1000cc V-twin engine, and in 2004 designed and constructed a V-Rod powered Superbike. It was no surprise to friends and family that in 2008 he launched Roehr (pronounced “roar”) Motorcycles LLC.

“I’m inspired by my love for machinery and the rewarding experience of transforming thoughts and idea’s into something tangible, while enhancing the interaction between man and machine. Man has always created machines to make life easier and more productive, but I’m particularly interested in how machines also make life more fun and enjoyable. I feel that the motorcycle, more than any other machine is the vehicle that provides its owner with the most intimate and personal man/machine interaction. Our company will build Motorcycles that do more than transport it’s rider from one point to another, but rather provide that special feeling of fun, excitement and exhilaration, the ultimate man and machine experience.” Walter Roehrich, ROEHR Motorcycles.

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