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2005 Fischer 650cc
2005 Fischer 650cc


– 2005 Fischer 650cc

2005 Fischer 650cc


The new American superbike?

Thought that the US was exclusively the land of the cruiser? Well, things could be a changing, thanks to a new company called Fischer Motorcycles.

Their MRX650 is a prototype that is expected to be in limited production as early as this August. The bike uses 650cc, v-twin motors from Taiwanese firm Hyosung (as used in their Comet), but have tuned them up a tad to give a maximum of 77hp at 9,400rpm.

Fuel is supplied by a pair of 39mm carbs, and the aluminum frame is supported by Ohlin’s USD forks up front (with 4 piston radial brakes) and a gull type swing-arm at the back.

The end result is something that looks like a cross between a Benelli Tornado and Triumph Daytona 600. Rumoured MSRP is US$9,995.00. For more info go to the firm’s website at