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1995 Honda Zodia
1995 Honda Zodia

– 1995 Honda Zodia

1995 Honda Zodia

Honda was looking for the Honda Rune 8 years before it’s launch in 2003.


The Zodia was an innovative concept cruiser, a high-tech custom showcasing engineering concepts never seen in production, and styling that blended elements of classic retro lines with new-age futuristic technology. Some of the Zodia’s more shocking design elements, such as the trailing-link front suspension and single-side swingarm, are now seen in the Rune.

The Zodia’s senuous body lines wrapped around many other unique features. Powered by a 1500cc maintenance-free overhead camshaft V-twin, the Zodia transferred engine power to the rear wheel via Honda’s innovative hydro-mechanical automatic transmission, the HFT (Human Fitting Transmission). Braking was supplied by unique rim-mounted brakes assisted by Honda’s latest generation of Linked Braking/Antilock Braking System.