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2001 Suzuki Boost King
2001 Suzuki Boost King

– 2001 Suzuki Boost King

2001 Suzuki Boost King

Prototype Motorcycle – 2001 Suzuki Boost King

Suzuki’s new concept bike B-King looks like it could leave every other bike way behind at the traffic lights. And I’m pretty sure it could do that, too. Imagine Suzuki GSX1300 Hayabusa with a super charger – that’s exactly what B-King engine is. There’s no exact engine data available but we know that Hayabusa gives 175 bhp and a super charger could easily add 50% more power. 240 bhp has mentioned. Holy cow!!! That’s about twice as much as what the GSX1400 engine delivers.

GSX1400 has the same tire dimensions as Hayabusa. 120 at the front, 190 at the rear. B-King uses 150 and 240 tires! They must have created a new tire model just for B-King…

Materials like carbon fiber, stainless steel, aluminum and leather were used building this awesome superbike. An advanced computer system is integrated to the bike. There are self-diagnosis systems, advanced telemetry, which can use a mobile phone for remote maintenance, setup options, and even a GPS-based weather warning system, in case you are heading for a rained out area, and much more. The engineers at Suzuki are supposed to design a helmet with a GPS navigation system using the visor as a display.

The bike is started using a fingerprint recognition system. There’s also a advanced thief alarm system. If an unauthorized person tries to start or move the bike the owner gets notified of it immediately by his/her mobile phone. There’s a microphone and a speaker built in the bike so the owner can speak with the thief by the phone. If a speaking motorcycle doesn’t scare off the thief, you can activate light and sound alarm and the GPS system helps locating the bike if it actually gets stolen.

And so on. In my opinion the B-King looks really great and it’s filled with fantastic gismos and fun stuff like led flashers acting like a color display if you want. But don’t rush to the dealer yet – B-King is not for sale. Not yet anyway…