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Maxxis Presa M6131 Front
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Maxxis Presa M6131 Front Front
Maxxis Presa M6131 Front


– Maxxis Presa M6131 Front


The M6131 features Kevlar belted reinforced radial construction. In addition to its ultra-soft sticky rain compound, the low profile aspect ratios offer a larger footprint to aid in braking on wet surfaces.


– Ultra-soft rain tire.
– Specially formulated tread compound offers superior grip in slick conditions.
– Advanced tread design offers larger footprint and excellent control under braking.
– Kevlar belted construction enhances performance and maintains tire uniformity.
– Rain compound – RA-0.
– Designed specifically for Supermotard competition.


Presa M6131 Front Specifications Table

  Tire Size Load/Speed Rating O.D. (in.) Overall Width (in.) Max PSI Rim Size (in.)

120/60R17 55S TL 23.39 4.72 33 3.50×17