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Pirelli Diablo Corsa
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Pirelli Diablo Corsa Front
Pirelli Diablo Corsa Front

Pirelli Diablo Corsa Rear
Pirelli Diablo Corsa Rear


– Pirelli Diablo Corsa


Diablo Corsa is a tyre assuring the maximum performance in every sphere, BOTH ON ROAD AND ON TRACK, even on wet. THE FIRST MIRS™ TECHNOLOGY TYRE

– The riding pleasure allowed by this tyre results from precision when cornering, even in case of very sharp maneuvering, a linear, uniform and progressive behavior, with scorching accelerations, always controlling direction fully. A riding pleasure which can be felt on track as well.

– Pirelli Diablo Corsa is not conceived for road use only: it can be used on track, too. In fact, thanks to the wider temperature range of application, it has a shorter warm-up time, with a greater grip when the tyres are cold (in order to maximize safety on road, too) and keeps its performances unchanged even after several laps on track.

– The optimized stiffness of its sidewall and its new compound allow to count on a continuous push progressiveness, above all when cornering at the limit, knowing that the contact area will keep uniform, also in the presence of small asphalt irregularities, always assuring an effective and profitable handling.

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