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Product: Seal-All Glue
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Manufacturers Description: Seal-All, The all-purpose contact adhesive & sealant

Gas and Oil resistant

In a class of its own, “the repair kit in a tube” is not affected by gasoline, oil, alcohol, water and most solvents, making it ideal for automotive and garage repairs.

Seal-All dries fast without sacrificing strength. Dry speed is 2–3 minutes, with a 2–6 hour full cure time, making it perfect for in the garage, around the house or on the go.

Hardness: 90A
Tensile strength: 7,250 lb./in.2 (ASTM D-412)
Elongation: 25% (ASTM D-412)
Chemical resistance: Excellent to water, oil, gasoline, alcohol, dilute acids, dilute bases
Service temperature
range: -40°F (-40°C) to 150°F (66°C)
Paint-over time: 8 hours
UV-resistance: To maximize UV resistance, paint over Seal-All

Product History: Eclectic Products, Inc. was founded in 1972 to market Shoe GOO, a rubber compound that doubled the life of shoe soles. Since then, in response to customer demand, the company has expanded its line of products to include adhesives, fillers, and other do-it-yourself products for home and commercial use. Eclectic Products is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon and has a manufacturing facility in Pineville, Louisiana. Since 1988, the company has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Willamette Valley Company.

Eclectic Products makes a wide variety of specialty home improvement and industrial products.
Amazing GOOP Adhesives
Amazing GOOP Epoxies
Shoe GOO
Painter’s Nail Hole Filler

Eclectic Products can be found in more than 35,000 stores throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Asia. The following is a partial list of our retail outlets:

The Home Depot
Handy Hardware
Hobby Lobby
Ace Hardware
Fred Meyer
Canadian Tire

Suggested Uses: AUTO: Use for distributor caps, interior panels, radiators, gaskets, transmission carburetor floats, body and trunk leaks, battery cables and terminals, generators, tools and much more.

GARAGE/SPORTING: Use to repair and maintain oil pans, gasoline tanks, oil lines, golf club grips, fletching arrows, fishing rod tips and guides, tents, canoes, boats, outboard motors, fishing lures, woodworking, model kits and more.

HOME/CRAFT: Use to repair and maintain glass, china, crockery, leather, metal, porcelain, fiberglass, most plastics, ornaments, figurines, linoleum, oil cloth, furniture, knobs and drawer pulls, screens, tile, plumbing, gutters and much more.

Seal-All® adheres with superior strength to all substrates and materials except paper, cardboard and Styrofoam™. Always test a small area before full use.

Our First Hand Review: Seal-All, and is manufactured by Eclectic Products. It comes in different sizes and is quite clear when it comes out.

The distinguishing feature of this glue is its resistance to water, gasoline and oil, which makes it the ideal glue to keep on your motorboat or motorcycle.

It fixes gas tank cracks, seals tire punctures, and even works well on plastic and glass. It dries clear in about one hour.

We have used this glue on many different parts of our motorcycles, from carb boots, mirrors, plastic parts and wiring. It really does work well and will bond quite quickly (about 2 minutes of pressure).

Where is doesn’t work all that well is on things like HDPE plastics (cracked bucket). It just doesn’t have the holding power it should.

The only negative feature of this adhesive is its toxicity. It contains methyl ethyl ketone, which is dangerous and should only be used in small quantities with a good cross breeze.

Cost was very good for what the product is and does. We found it to be mcuh cheaper in price compared to other competing products. You also get a lot for your money, our tube was $5 and holds 60ml (2fl. oz.) that is a lot better than Crazy Glue.

Luckily, Seal-All can be found almost anywhere, which makes it an ideal buy.

How long does it take for Seal-All® to dry?
Seal-All® will hold in 2-3 minutes
Reaches full-cure in 2-6 hours.

What is the most unique feature of Seal-All® ?
Seal-All® is resistant to gasoline, oil, paint thinner, and most solvents. Seal-All® is also water resistant immediately upon application.

What are the directions for using Seal-All®?
To use unscrew cap and break seal with pin. Do not squeeze tube to force opening.
FOR BONDING: Apply thin coat of Seal-All® to both surfaces. Allow to set until tacky; press together firmly and allow to dry.
FOR GASOLINE LEAKS: Press small amount of Seal-All® directly to leak. Hold firmly for several minutes until it congeals. Allow first application to dry 5-10 minutes. Several coats of Seal-All® should be applied, allowing each coat to dry.
FOR PLUMBING LEAKS: On water lines, garden hoses, or any leak having pressure, it is advisable to tape over Seal-All. Another coat of Seal-All® may then be applied over tape.
FOR OIL & WATER LEAKS: Apply Seal-All® to clean, dry surface. Allow to dry.
WARNING: Wet Seal-All® may damage finished surfaces. Avoid such contact until Seal-All® is completely dry.
To ensure easy cap removal, apply thin coat of petroleum jelly to threads of tube before replacing cap.
Replace cap each time after using. Keep tightly closed when not in use.
Store in a warm place-jells when cool.

Overall: We are very happy with the Seal-All product. It does what it is made to do, resist gas and oil and provide a very good seal. We have tested it on carb boots and it worked great!

While Seal-All doesn’t work 100% on everything, it sure does work on a a lot of different materials.

A great idea is to keep the small version with you in your emergency repair kit, it really works well.

Well recommend to buy and try.

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