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Total Motorcycle Logos 2011+
A collection of artifacts of historical importance from our past.

A logo is much more than just a symbol of a company, it is its face.

Total Motorcycle Website Logo 2011

2011 – The next decade. 105 million people helped so far*; 2020 target: 250 million.

When I think back on how many tens of millions of people Total Motorcycle has helped and supported I get all misty-eyed, my heart beats faster and I feel so honored to have done something to help so many in my life. But I am quick to point out that it is never “just me”, but the visitors, the members, the site supporters, the moderators and those who spread Total Motorcycle by posting on the internet, in emails and by word of mouth. Total Motorcycle couldn’t be anywhere near as popular if it wasn’t for your support and help and for that words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation.

I’m very proud of this and you should be too as you also helped out those millions out as well!

So in 2011, in recognition of these facts I changed the silver bar to a white bar (white for truth and honestly) and proudly proclaimed that Total Motorcycle is very proud to be:

“Supporting motorcyclists since 2000”

Total Motorcycle Website Logo 2011
Total Motorcycle Website Logo 2011


Friendly, helpful, useful and unbiased, always have been, always will be.

Thank you for making Total Motorcycle your internet destination.

See you again soon!


* 105 million people helped as of May 2011.


2011: First Half – Wow, is 2011 really half over? Where has time gone! Well, at least I can say that I’ve spent my time in the best way possible, by helping over 110 million on Total Motorcycle and I have YOU the visitor to thank for that because you spread the world we are here. So, a BIG thank you to YOU.

Since October 2010, there has been a lot of updates, upgrades and changes to Total Motorcycle. In fact I don’t even know where to begin so I’ll point form it all to save space and your time.

– Entire site has been upgraded to 1280×720+ resolution.
– All new photos will be increased in size from 555 to 700 pixels and 1680 to 2000 pixels.
– New easier to use and find stuff navigation system site-wide.
– New guide index, model index and 18 new snazzy Total Motorcycle Guide covers
– Updated facebook, twitter, blogger and YouTube Total Motorcycle accounts
– We are now shooting 1080p HD quality video and 1080p HD 3D video in our reviews!
– We welcomed BETA, Zero and EBR (Erik Buell Racing) to our list of 35 manufacturers we are media for.
– Added social media buttons site-wide to integrate TMW into Web 2.0
– Added the Total Motorcycle Cool Wall, a new bike every Friday, very popular thus far.
– Added the Total Motorcycle Museum Handbook, a history of our webpages and logos from 2000. (very cool)
– Added a Unit Converter Guide to convert ANYTHING to ANYTHING. + Fuel MPG calculator
– Added a Model History Guide to showcase some of the best models thru time.
– Added 2012 Motorcycle and ATV Model Guides, already filling up with new 2012 models.
– Many new reviews added.
– Removed 4 advertising spots to cut down on ad clutter and increase ad quality.

So you can see, it’s been a very busy year thus far!

On a side note 2010 looks like the “brighter side” of the world recession as 2011 is proving to be worse thus far. Europe has massive debt issues (Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy and Greece). Greece is currently “defaulting and rioting” as I write this. The USA has been hit hard with the recession as unemployment moves up (9.1%) home prices keep falling and the US is now involved in another war (Libya). Canada is doing ok considering the average Canadian is 150% in debt.

For Total Motorcycle visitors vs 2010 are up a little thus far, page views are down a little (most likely to the improved navigation) and in 2011 we celebrated our 3 Billion’th hit and 100 Million’th visitor!

Looking forward to helping even more in 2011 and 2012. 🙂


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