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The North West

Northwest of Calgary you will find some very nice riding with much more trees, hills and mountain roads. I’ve been up to Rocky Mountain House, across to the Saskatchewan River Crossing though Banff National Park then to Banff and Canmore and back to Calgary. Wonderful mountain roads, scenery and you can’t beat the air quality! Saskatchewan River Crossing has to be THE MOST expensive place to buy gas I’ve ever been to (usually 150% markup) on what you normally buy gas for and there is only ONE GAS STATION (with about 30 pumps!).

Other than that, the Northwest is wonderful! If you are in Rocky Mountain House be sure to stop in at the 7-11 and get some chicken, its some of the best around! In Banff, the scenery will blow your mind away and there is a great sandwich place there across the road from the gas station that makes awesome food.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos of this area, but will take more next year for sure Enjoy what I do have and if you like mountain roads, THIS is the area for you!

Taken at Westward, HO Alberta!
(what a name, yes that building is the town)


So, Where IS Calgary, Alberta?

Northern Hemisphere Map (With Calgary As Red Star)
Northwest North America Map (With Calgary As Red Star)
Northwest Canada Map (With Calgary As Red Star)