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Manufacturer: BMW………..TOP
Model: K75S, (Variants: K75, K75C, K75 ABS, K75 Special, K75A, K75/3)
Years Made: 1986-1996
Style: Sport Tourer
Engine Type:
740cc In-Line Triple
Seat: 32.7″
Weight: 525lb HP: 75
Top Speed: 125mph MPG: 55
New Cost: $10,990 (1987) – $ 10,600 (1990) – $ 11,130 (1992) – $13,100 (1994) $16,400 (1996)
Average Used Costs:
Low $2,376 Medium $4,176 High $5,795


Notes: In 1985 BMW introduced its 4 cylinder K100 models, which were good machines, though certainly flawed. A year later it all began making sense again with the introduction of the 3 cylinder K75. The K75’s utilized a liquid cooled, longitudinal, 740cc engine with fuel injection, a decent power output, and a single sided rear suspension. A balance shaft made the engine incredibly smooth, and it’s relative light weight made it quite manouverable. There were various different models in the K75 series. The K75C came first, with a small, handlebar mounted fairing. Next was the K75S, with a frame mounted half fairing and cowl. Also appearing were the K75T, & K75RS, as well as a K75 ‘standard’.

IGM Says (K75, K75S, K75C): These bikes use three-cylinder version of BMW’s unique flat four-cylinder engine. They are rather large bikes for a beginner, but like the R80 and R100 boxer twins, their power-delivery characteristics make them easy to ride. And like the boxer, they tend to cost more than most other used bikes.