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Suzuki GS450E
Manufacturer: Suzuki………..TOP
Model: GS450LF, GS450GAF, GS450LH, GS450LJ
Years Made: 1985 – 1989
Style: Standard Sport / Standard Custom
Engine Type:
448cc Parallel Twin
Seat Height:
Weight: 380lb HP: 36
Top Speed: 105mph MPG: 60
New Cost: $ 4,299 (1989)
Average Used Costs:
Low $1,023 Medium $1,109 High $1,185



UMG Says: Old style twin, not developed since the 70’s. Runs well to around 50k when either the crank bearings or top end play up but there are a reasonable supply of used bits in breakers. Intrusive vibration and noisy motor are signs of an engine about to die. Chassis starts to rot after the third British winter.