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Manufacturer: Yamaha……..TOP

Model: XJ550R Seca, XJ550 Maxim

Years Made: 1980 – 1983
Style: Sport Standard (Seca), Custom Cruiser (Maxim)
Engine Type:
550cc Inline-Four
mm/ “
Weight: 420lb HP: 56
Top Speed: 115mph MPG: 50
New Cost: $2,699 (1981) – $2,599 (1982) – $2,599 (1983)
Average Used Costs:
Low $400 Medium $799 High $1,150



UMG Says: Clutch, tensioner and exhaust valves go first. Signs of a good bike are slick gearbox (goes notchy with age), rattle free camchain (tensioners go for 20/30k) and lack of rust (almost impossible unless refurbished at this age). Some went to 60/70k when the pistons and camshafts died.

UBG Says: Solid but old all-rounder. Clutch, tensioner and exhaust valves go first. Gearbox goes notchy with age, camchain tensioners last 30k-plus miles. 19” front wheel gives old-fashioned feel to the steering and that matches the rest of the bike!
C1 £750, C2 £400, C3 £275

IGM Says (XJ550 Seca, XJ550 Maxim, XJ650 Seca, XJ650 Maxim, XJ700 Maxim): Yamaha’s first four-cylinder mid-sized engine series, which powers all these bikes, set new standards for performance when introduced in 1981 and has proven rugged and dependable over the years. The same basic engine design is still used in the 1998 Seca II.