Cherry Creek National Hare & Hound & Tiger Run GNCC & California Trials Invitational Results

Cherry Creek National Hare & Hound – Round 4
Jericho, UT
Round 4 of the National Hare & Hound was hosted by the Sugarloafers MC in Jericho, UT. The course had an abundance of single track, jeep trail, sand washes, elevation changes, and technical sections, with plenty of dust throughout the race. Joe Wasson took his third consecutive victory. Zane Roberts recovered from a crash early in the race to salvage a 2nd place finish. Cole Conatser had a couple of setbacks that had him finishing 5th in the Pro 250. Morgan Tanke Colón raced hard to 2nd place on the podium in the Womens Pro after getting back up from a pretty good crash.
Joe Wasson – 1st Place – Pro Class
Zane Roberts – 2nd Place – Pro Class
Morgan Tanke Colón – 2nd Place – Pro Women Class
Cole Conatser – 5th Place – Pro 250 Class
Photos by: Kato
Joe Wasson
480 RR Race Edition
“Round 4 was killer. I had some good battles and was able to snag the overall! I was happy with how we raced today.”
Zane Roberts
480 RR Race Edition
“I got off to a decent start this weekend but unfortunately had a pretty good crash in the first 10 miles. After that, I struggled to get comfortable on the high-speed choppy first lap. I came in off the first loop in 5th place but fortunately, the slower and more technical second loop was right up my alley. I charged hard through the trees and was able to pass up to second with first place a mere couple of seconds ahead. My window of opportunity to make a pass closed rather quickly as we hit the silt flats and the dust became blinding. All in all, I’m happy to bring home a 2nd place considering the crash I had in the beginning!”
Morgan Tanke Colón
300 RR Race Edition
“The race started out great for me and I was able to move into 2nd fairly quickly. I battled with the leader for about 30 miles until I made a pass and opened up a little gap heading into the pits. I was feeling the best I have ever felt on the bike during loop 2 until I hit the ground hard, going straight over the bars with the bike coming back and hitting me. It knocked the wind out of me and took a little while for me to get up and start moving again but I was still in the lead. With bent-up bars and a banged-up body, I could only go so fast. I led the race up until about a mile from the finish I ran into an issue that knocked me out of the lead. I ended up 2nd on the day. All in all, it was a frustrating day but I am glad I got out of there healthy and still on the podium.”
Cole Conatser
250 RR Race Edition
“Not the best weekend. I started off well but had an issue about 10 miles into the race. I rode as fast as I could while still being safe and staying off the ground. Around the 55-mile pit stop my mechanics made a repair and I pushed for the remaining 40 miles. I could only work up to 5th in the 250 Pro and 13th overall. I’m ready to go back in 2 weeks and show what I can do because I feel great on the 250 right now!”
Tiger Run GNCC
Union, SC
The Tiger Run GNCC was in Union, South Carolina for the 5th round of the series. The conditions were warm and dusty for the three hours of intense racing. In the XC1 race, Cory Buttrick was behind the 8-ball early with a crash, and then another one later in the race knocked him out of contention. Thorn Devlin rode a great race in the XC2. He made a nifty pass with just miles left in the race to earn his first podium in the class. Max Fernandez finished 4th in the XC3 and is starting to feel more and more comfortable aboard his Beta 125 RR Race Edition. A rare off day for Rachel Gutish saw her finish in 7th place. She’ll look to rebound next weekend at the NEPG.
Cory Buttrick – 9th Place – XC1
Thorn Devlin – 3rd Place – XC2
Max Fernandez – 4th Place – XC3
Rachel Gutish – 7th Place -WXC
Photos by: Shan Moore
Cory Buttrick
430 RR Race Edition
“Overall I’m happy with how I rode. Within 25 seconds from the start of the race I was in the hole with a crash and then another crash later ended up costing me big. But we pulled it together to finish strong.”
Thorn Devlin
250 RR Race Edition
“The Tiger Run GNCC was one for the books! We got off to a great start in the dusty conditions, which played a huge factor in our result. I kept it in the top five all race and chipped away at 4th with two laps to go and was able to capitalize on 3rd on the last lap. The team was on point all day with a great bike, fast pit stops, bottle hand-offs, and valuable pit boards. I can’t thank Beta USA, my mechanic Andy, and the whole team for all the hard work.”
Max Fernandez
125 RR Race Edition
“I’m very happy with the progress that was made today. It’s exciting to see that the hard work the team and myself have put in is starting to show.”
Rachel Gutish
300 RR Race Edition
“I struggled hard all day at the Tiger Run. I got a good start but made a mistake early on in lap one that allowed most of the class around me. Passing was difficult in the dust, and I struggled hard all day. The bike was perfect and my pit crew did wonderfully, the blame is entirely on me for this one. I want to apologize to the team and all of our supporters for such a poor performance on my part. I will be doing a lot of thinking over the next few weeks to try and figure out where I went wrong and how I can keep it from happening again in the future.”
California Trials Invitational
Murrieta, CA
The 2nd Annual California Trail Invitational was held in Murrieta again. Beta Factory rider Alex Niederer was there competing for the second straight year. He was neck and neck with Josh Roper during the entire event. They both actually were perfectly tied at the very end. However, 1st place was awarded to Roper as a ruling to break the tied came down to who was the first to score a point. Alex settled for 2nd place.
Alex Niederer – 2nd Place
Photo by: Jean Turner
Alex Niederer
300 EVO Factory Edition 2-Stroke
”What a great way to start the 2021 season with a 2nd place finish. I was tied with Josh Roper through the last 2 sections and lost on a tiebreaker. There are lots of positives to take away from this event, starting with knowing that training is right where we need to be.”
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