Inspiration Friday: Harley-Davidson to Lead Electrification of Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson to Lead Electrification of Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson to Lead Electrification of Motorcycles

Are you ready for the Beyond Meat soy-gluten-and-GMO-free generation of motorcycles about to hit our showrooms? Does quiet, efficient, vibration-free with vegan leather get your ah-hem “motor” running? Harley-Davidson to Lead Electrification of Motorcycles with not only the Harley-Davidson LiveWire ($29,799) but a whole broad portfolio of electric two-wheels! This week’s Rider Inspiration Story is designed to get you thinking about the future and continuing with our last Inspiration Friday story: Electric Bikes to Save the Planet? Make sure to read that one if you missed it.

Meatless bacon, soy steaks, plant-based meat products that look, smell and taste like meat? What an alternative-alternative world!

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2019 Harley-Davidson LiveWire

HARLEY-DAVIDSON LIVEWIRE BECKONS A NEW MOTORCYCLING EXPERIENCE – The Dynamic Performance of Electric Power Fused with Rider-Connected Technology

MILWAUKEE (July 11, 2019) – The Harley-Davidson® LiveWire is an all-new, all-electric motorcycle; an exhilarating and evocative new model designed to offer the rider a high-performance motorcycling experience infused with a new level of technology, and the premium look and feel of a Harley-Davidson product.


Propelled by the immediate torque of the H-D Revelation all-electric powertrain, the LiveWire motorcycle is capable of rapid acceleration with just a twist of the throttle – no clutching or gear shifting required. An optimized center of gravity, rigid aluminum frame and premium adjustable suspension components give the LiveWire motorcycle dynamic handling. With up to 146 miles of range, performance is optimized for the urban street-rider.


The LiveWire model is the first in a broad portfolio of electric two-wheelers designed to establish Harley-Davidson as the leader in the electrification of motorcycles. Its debut is a significant part of the More Roads to Harley-Davidson plan to accelerate building the next generation of riders through new products in additional motorcycle segments, broader access and a commitment to strengthen dealers globally.


The LiveWire motorcycle will be available in 2019 through select authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships in the United States, Canada and most European countries where Harley-Davidson conducts business, with expanding global availability planned for 2020 through 2021. LiveWire MSRP is $29,799*.


2019 Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electic Preview

The LiveWire Motorcycle Riding Experience

The LiveWire model offers an all-new motorcycling experience – accessible to new riders and thrilling for accomplished motorcyclists. The LiveWire motorcycle radically alters many of the sensations that have previously defined motorcycling; the H-D Revelation powertrain delivers extreme power in a seamless rush while the simplicity of operation allows the rider to focus more completely on the real thrill of motorcycling – the dynamic sensations of acceleration and motion.


  • Amazing acceleration: The instant torque provided by the H-D Revelation powertrain delivers exhilarating acceleration from a stop; the LiveWire motorcycle can rush from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 kph) in 3.0 seconds and 60 to 80 mph (100 to 129 kph) in 1.9 seconds. Because maximum torque is always on tap, roll-on acceleration for passing from any speed is outstanding.
  • Twist-And-Go: Electric power requires no clutch and no gear shifting, greatly simplifying operation for new riders. All riders will also appreciate the braking effect of the power regeneration mode as it adds charge to the battery, especially in urban traffic that often requires a lot of slow-rolling and stop-and-go riding.
  • Minimal NVH (Noise/Vibration/Harshness): The H-D Revelation electric powertrain produces minimal vibration, very little heat, and minimal noise, all of which enhance rider comfort. When the rider activates the LiveWire motorcycle powertrain, the electric motor will produce a subtle pulsing of torque, a heartbeat sensation designed to let the rider know the bike has come to life and is ready to ride. The pulsing ceases when the motorcycle begins to move, and resumes when the motorcycle comes to a stop. The LiveWire model is designed to produce a mechanical signature Harley-Davidson sound as it accelerates and gains speed; a new sound that represents the smooth, electric power of the LiveWire motorcycle.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The LiveWire motorcycle is convenient to own because many of the routine maintenance items required of a motorcycle powered by an internal combustion engine are eliminated: there’s no engine oil to change, and no spark plugs, air filter or primary drive to service. Electric power also eliminates maintenance issues associated with ethanol-blend gasoline and off-season storage. The LiveWire motorcycle does require inspection or service of some mechanical and consumable items, such as the drive belt tension, gearbox oil, brake fluid and brake pads, and tires, at recommended intervals and pre-ride. The high-voltage battery has a five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.
  • Performance and Range Optimized for the Urban Rider: The high-voltage battery provides 146 miles (235 km) of city range or 95 miles (152 km) of combined stop-and-go and highway range as measured using the MIC City and MIC Combined tests**. DC Fast Charge (DCFC) technology provides a 0-80 percent of battery charge in 40 minutes or 0-100 percent charge in 60 minutes.
  • Leading in Electrification: Harley-Davidson has committed to lead in the electrification of motorcycling and creation of a strong network of charging stations globally is part of that commitment. Harley-Davidson is focused on providing ample opportunities for riders to charge their motorcycles – at home, at authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships, and at other convenient places. All participating authorized Harley-Davidson dealers selling the LiveWire model will offer a public DCFC charging station at their dealership. U.S. LiveWire customers will receive free charging on ChargePoint stations at participating LiveWire dealers for the first two years. Additionally, Harley-Davidson will provide U.S. LiveWire owners with 500 kW of free charging service at Electrify America DCFC charging stations.
  • High-Performance Handling and Control: The LiveWire motorcycle is designed to deliver nimble, agile handling for confident control on urban streets and a thrilling ride on curving backroads.
    • The center of gravity has been optimized to enhance traction, braking, and cornering performance.
    • A lightweight cast aluminum frame is extremely rigid and contributes to the precise, responsive handling that makes the LiveWire model exciting to ride in any situation.
    • Premium high-performance SHOWA® BFRC (Balanced Free Rear Cushion-lite) mono-shock rear suspension is fully adjustable and designed to deliver a comfortable ride and precise handling.
    • Premium SHOWA® SFF-BP® (Separate Function front Fork-Big Piston) front suspension matches the performance and adjustability of the rear shock and delivers exceptional low-speed damping control – ideal for composed control in typical urban riding conditions.
    • Brembo® Monoblock front brake calipers grip dual 300 mm-diameter rotors and deliver outstanding power with a crisp feel for confident braking performance.
    • Premium co-branded H-D®/Michelin® Scorcher Sport tires (180mm rear and 120mm front widths) are designed specifically to enhance the handling performance of the LiveWire model.

LiveWire Motorcycle Technology

The LiveWire motorcycle is equipped with a full suite of electronic rider aids and interfaces for a completely connected experience. (See a separate release for more LiveWire Technology details)

  • The Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) utilize Cornering Enhanced Anti-lock Braking System (C-ABS), Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) and Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) to give the rider more confidence and control in less-than-ideal situations.
  • A 4.3-inch color TFT touchscreen (thin-film-transistor, a type of liquid-crystal display noted for high image quality and contrast) located above the handlebar offers the rider a wide range of information on a display that’s bright and easy to read.
  • Seven selectable Ride Modes electronically control the performance characteristics of the motorcycle and the level of RDRS intervention.
  • A Daymaker® LED headlamp cleanly illuminates the road with brilliant light. LED signal, brake and tail lamps are bright and conspicuous in traffic.
  • H-D Connect service technology provides cellular connectivity that can link a LiveWire owner with their motorcycle through their smart phone using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson™ App.


2019 Harley-Davidson LiveWire

LiveWire Motorcycle Styling/Design

The LiveWire model creates a design foundation for coming Harley-Davidson electric vehicles that projects authentic Harley-Davidson styling.


  • The LiveWire follows a key Harley-Davidson styling dictum: the focus is on the motor. Just as the engine is the most eye-catching element – the crown jewel – of every previous Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the H-D Revelation electric motor is the first-look focus of the LiveWire motorcycle. Its bright case and mechanical, muscular shape is meant to convey the power it contains.
  • The cast-aluminum case for the high-voltage battery has been deliberately, highly styled with functional cooling fins that suggest the attractive, repetitive horizontal cooling fins on an air-cooled engine.
  • The rear fender hugs and moves with the wheel so that it almost disappears from sight. This permits the high, wasp-like contour of the tail section below the seat.
  • A paint treatment was selected to reflect the advanced technology of the LiveWire motorcycle. The tone of this paint finish gives it the look of anodized metal and is available in two exclusive colors: Yellow Fuse, and Orange Fuse. The LiveWire model is also available in Vivid Black.
  • A selection of new accessories specific to the LiveWire motorcycle will available at launch, including a two-up seat and tail section, a speed screen blade, decorative trim, hand and foot controls and a motorcycle cover with a charging cord port. Many existing Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories, including hand and foot controls, mirrors and Spectra Glo decorative lighting, may also be used to customize the LiveWire model.


* Prices listed are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices for base models. Options such as color are available at additional cost. Prices exclude tax, title, licensing, registration fees, destination charges, added accessories, and additional dealer charges, if any, and are subject to change. Harley-Davidson reimburses dealers for performing manufacturer-specified pre-delivery inspection and setup tasks. Dealer prices may vary.


**Riding range estimates provided following SAE J2982 Riding Range Test Procedure and are based on expected performance of a fully-charged battery when operated under specified conditions.  Actual range will vary depending on riding habits, ambient weather and equipment conditions.


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Total Motorcycle would like to thank Harley-Davidson for bringing us this week’s Inspiration Friday: Harley-Davidson to Lead Electrification of Motorcycles feature for you. I hope you enjoyed it, got you to think about things and don’t forget to check out next week’s Rider Inspiration story as well as all our Total Motorcycle content.

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