During the 2019 EICMA, the International cycle and motorcycle show in Milan, Vertex Pistons launched a new version for 2 stroke off-road pistons named Race Evolution. These exotic pistons, tested by the existing supported racing teams, are specifically for racing application and stand out from the other product lines by reduced top land, 0,8 mm special ring, special MoS2 coating featured by specific pockets to facilitate cylinder/piston smoothness and new special dedicated racing profile. Features that make these Vertex pistons particularly performing and at the same time very reliable.

At the moment there are available these applications:

  • 4444-00 YAMAHA YZ125 race evolution my 2001/20
  • 4445-00 KTM SX125 race evolution my 2001/20
  • 4445-00 KTM EXC 125 race evolution my 2001/16
  • 4445-00 KTM XC-W 125 race evolution my 2017/19
  • 4446-00 KTM SX/EXC 85 race evolution my 2009/20
  • 4447-00 KTM SX 65 race evolution my 2009/20
  • 4445-00 HUSQVARNA TC 125 race evolution my 2014/20
  • 4445-00 HUSQVARNA TX 125 race evolution my 2017/19
  • 4445-00 HUSQVARNA TE 125 race evolution my 2014/16
  • 4446-00 HUSQVARNA TC 85 race evolution my 2014/20
  • 4447-00 HUSQVARNA TC 65 race evolution my 2017/20

Others will follow.



In the 2019 off-road season Vertex Pistons played a leading role in all the major World and European championships. A success that has been going on for years and that shows how Vertex pistons are decisive for the champions performances. In particular, in the season just ended, Vertex Pistons dominated the World Championships: the MXGP with four riders in the top five of the final standings, securing the World title with Tim Gajser of the Honda HRC team and the World vice-champion title with Jeremy Seewer of Yamaha Monster Energy Factory team, in addition to the fourth and fifth places respectively of Paulin Gautier and Tonus Arnaud, both of the Yamaha Wilvo team; and the MX2 with the third and fourth places of Jago Geerts of the Yamaha Kemea team and Calvin Vlaanderen of the Honda HRC. Excellent results also in the Enduro World Championship, with four titles won: the E2 with Loic Larrieu of the TM Racing team, the E3 with Steve Holcombe of Beta Factory team, the EJ with Andrea Verona of TM Racing and the EY with Hamish MacDonald of the Sherco CH Racing team. The Vertex pistons were also highlighted in the 85 European motocross, winning, with Edvards Bidzāns and Valerio Lata, the first and second place in the championship. With such an important work of racing alongside the greatest teams and riders of the moment, the Vertex Pistons therefore collects every year a huge amount of information to perfect its off-road pistons dedicated to the motorcycle models of the following year with the maximum technological level. So, this year too, the range of hi-tech pistons dedicated to 4 strokes bikes, available in Replica, High Compression, Big Bore and GP-Racer’s Choice versions, has been updated to the new off-road 2020 motorcycles. The Replica model, made with forged aluminum body, racing profile, anti-seize MoS2 coating and original segment kit, perfectly replaces the standard piston and is characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio. The High Compression model is produced with specific dedicated forged and has the shape of the top completely revised by the R&D engineers with an increase in the compression ratio that improves power and torque.

The Big Bore model, on the other hand, has a conformation similar to the standard one, but has a larger diameter with a relative increase in the displacement which leads to a considerable improvement in performances. The GP-Racer’s Choice model is at the top of the Vertex Pistons off-road production as hot forged with high resistance VP-310 alloy and equipped with the T-Bridge exclusive machined inspired by F1, DLC coated pin, segments in chromed or nitrated steel depending on the application and a special shape of the head that allows the maximum compression ratio with a great performance without any loss of reliability. Vertex pistons range is available for Honda CRF, Kawasaki KX-F, Yamaha YZ-F e Suzuki RM-Z 250 e 450 cc e per le KTM SX-F e Husqvarna FC 250, 350 e 450 cc.




Vertex Pistons, the world motorcycle racing pistons leader, in concomitance with the 2019 EICMA show decided to launch on the market its own range of front and rear sprockets named Vertex Sprockets. These particular sprockets tested with the supported teams, are made in Europe under specific Vertex project and design. Main features are:

Rear Sprockets


Particular Vertex design, made in special stainless steel C45, black anodized and fully machined on CNC machines with quality certification, guarantee of the best durability. Available in black color only.


Particular Vertex design, made in Alloy 7075 with T6 heat treatment, fully machined on CNC machines with quality certification. Fully anodized to increase external resistance to the wear and improve durability. Mud grooves on one side. Available in several different colors.


Particular Vertex design, crown made in special 16CrNi4 steel with long lasting induction teeth and core made in Alloy 7075 with T6 heat treatment, fully machined on CNC machines with quality certification. Fully anodized to increase external resistance to the wear and improve durability. Available in several different colors.

Vertex Front Sprockets

STD- Sprockets

Particular Vertex design, made in special steel 16CrNi4 and fully machined on CNC machines with quality certification, guarantee of the best durability. Available in black color only.


Particular Vertex design, made in special steel 16CrNi4 and fully machined on CNC machines with quality certification, guarantee of the best durability. Internal core lighter thanks the particular machined design. Available in black color only.







Particularly appreciated by customers who wants an all-encompassing and very convenient product, the Top-End Piston kits developed by VP Italy has been further expanded this range to adapt to even more off-road motorcycles, among which the new 2020 models. Designed to make the repairing process easier, saving time and money, these kits give the advantage of providing all the parts needed to upgrade and renew the engine’s thermal section at a very affordable cost: by purchasing the Top-End Piston Kit, you spend more than 10% less than what you would spend purchasing every single product. The Top-End Piston Kit come with everything needed to replace your piston, top-end gaskets, wrist pin bearing or chain. In particular with regard to 2 stroke bikes, kits include piston (Replica or Race), rings, wrist pin, circlips, top-end gaskets and even wrist pin bearing; while with regards to 4 stroke bikes, kits include piston (Replica or High Compression), rings, wrist pin, circlips, top-end gaskets, wrist pin bearing and free cam chain.





The Vertex Pistons line, dedicated to street motorcycles and developed in the Moto3 World Championships in collaboration with the SIC58 team as well as in the Superbike and Supersport GPs, has expanded with versions destined for the 2020 bikes models. Vertex road pistons kits, used exclusively on the track, are complete of rings, piston pins and circlips, and are offered in Replica or High Compression versions. Two major benefits: a minimum limit weight for their category and an increased compression ratio that significantly increases engine performance without any loss of reliability.

Vertex road pistons kits are available for 600, 1000 and 1200 cc Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW and Ducati motorcycles.






The range of Vertex pistons for street bikes includes a high-performance scooter line with pistons of important technical characteristics capable of guaranteeing a significant improvement in performance and an absolute reliability. Designed to optimize the performance of the most popular 2 and 4 stroke scooters from 50 to 530 cc, this line has been updated to new versions and proposed on the market with a particularly interesting price compared to that one of the original product. The new Vertex pistons for scooters, designed for cylinders with chrome-plated barrel and cast iron, stand out not only for their good performance but also for the high number of increases available, which makes them particularly useful and convenient for all scooter owners, even for those who use their vehicles only in urban areas and for going to work.

For Yamaha T-Max and Majesty and for Suzuki Burgman, in addition to the Replica base version, the performing models of the High Compression line are available. They optimizes and significantly improves performances of these more sporty motorcycles. Among the many pistons of the Vertex scooter line are those for the Aprilia Scarabeo 50 and 250, Kymco People and Agility 50, Piaggio Vespa PX and Liberty 125/150, Aprilia D-Tech injection 50 and Honda SH 150; pistons dedicated to vintage scooters are also available, including the timeless Piaggio models starting with the various Vespa versions.






The Vertex battery line for street, off-road motorcycles and scooters has been expanded with the new 2020 models. These batteries, produced with an advanced technology based on high dispersion and high discharge capacity Nano Gel electrolytes, are enclosed in a resistant ABS cover and sealed with Cos and TTP methods. Vertex batteries have also a low self-discharge ratio, a 15% longer cycle life than a traditional battery, a wide operation temperature range (-30°C/+60°C), a better recharge capacity and an excellent vibration resistant capability. Features that make Vertex batteries extremely safe and reliable in all conditions of use.




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