2010 Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250

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2010 Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250
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2009 Kawasaki Super Sherpa
2009 Kawasaki Super Sherpa Shown

– 2010 Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250

2010 Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250

Economical dualsport offers low seat height electric starting and incredible value

The Kawasaki Super Sherpa® motorcycle is built to tackle a wide range of terrain and appeal to a broad spectrum of riders. Its light weight, maneuverability, low seat height, electric starting, ease of operation and outstanding fuel economy help make the Super Sherpa especially appealing to novice riders who are developing their riding skills. The classic European styling, responsive handling and easily modulated power from its 249cc four-stroke engine let more experienced riders enjoy it on the street, backroads or even in the dirt.

The Super Sherpa’s air-cooled, dual overhead cam, four-valve single-cylinder engine is specifically tuned to produce a wide range of power to make it suitable for around-town commuting, running errands or trail riding. Its Mikuni carburetor provides good throttle response, but also delivers fuel sparingly – endowing the Super Sherpa with spectacular fuel economy.

Cooling fins on the cam covers and specially designed air passageways help to provide efficient engine cooling. Additional cooling capacity is offered by fins on the inside of the cam chain tunnel and on both the inside and outside surfaces of the clutch cover.

Narrow valve angles and a short connecting rod help reduce the overall size of the Super Sherpa engine so that it fits neatly into the compact, lightweight high-tensile steel frame. The comfortable seat is a low 32.7 inches, and its frame provides a narrow mid-section, so the reach to the ground is surprisingly-easy. That frame also features compact geometry to provide responsive handling and the ability to negotiate the tightest of trails.

Low-speed maneuverability is enhanced with a full 51 degree lock-to-lock steering angle for a great turning radius that’s usable anywhere from campsite to campus. Rigid 36mm front fork stanchions also contribute to the Sherpa’s responsive steering. Aluminum triple clamps help reduce overall weight, and 9.1 inches of front wheel travel helps to deliver a smoother ride than most street-only machines.

The box section extruded aluminum swingarm acts through Kawasaki’s UNI-TRAK® system, to progressively increase the effective damping and spring rate from the single rear shock as the rear wheel arcs through its 7.3 inches of travel.

Powerful single disc brakes, front and rear, provide sure stopping power with responsive feel. Universal tires provide usable traction on the street or dirt.

The Super Sherpa’s lightweight, compact multi-function digital instruments feature an electronic digital speedometer, dual tripmeters, an odometer and a clock. A compact, bright headlight also helps to save weight.

Other features include a quiet stainless steel exhaust system with spark arrestor, rear grab rails that help improve passenger comfort, as well as providing cargo tie-down and lifting points, and a 2.4-gallon fuel tank that maintains the machine’s slim profile while giving the Super Sherpa a surprisingly-long cruising range.

Authentic Kawasaki Accessories are available through Kawasaki dealers.

Features and Benefits:

249cc Four-Stroke Single Cylinder Engine
– Strong performance in an economical package
– DOHC engine features four valves for efficient breathing
– Narrow valve angle for a compact combustion chamber and small cylinder head
– Specially-designed cooling fins and passageways route air for more efficient cooling
– Crankcase sight window for quick and easy oil level checks

Gear-Driven Engine Balancer
– Helps to counter-act primary vibration pulses
– Reduced vibration enhances rider comfort and lowers fatigue

Stainless Steel Exhaust System
– Looks good and resists corrosion
– U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrestor/muffler only emits 80 decibels

34mm Mikuni Constant Velocity Carburetor
– Provides excellent fuel economy and quick throttle response
– Choke lever within easy reach on upper triple clamp

Electric Starting
– Provides quick, easy starting
– Uses a sealed, maintenance-free battery
– Ignition switch and fork lock combination

36mm Front Fork
– Aluminum upper and lower triple clamps reduce weight and provide optimum rigidity
– 36mm fork tubes provide a good balance between light weight and responsive steering
– 51 degrees of steering lock radius for easy maneuverability at low speeds

UNI-TRAK® Rear Suspension System
– Progressively increases the damping and spring rates as the suspension is compressed
– Swingarm is extruded box-section aluminum for rigidity and light weight

Disc brakes
– Front and rear disc brakes provide sure stopping power with minimal effort

Aluminum Rims
– Durable aluminum rims reduce unsprung weight for better suspension action
– Attractive gold finish

Digital Multi-function Meter
– Contains speedometer, dual trip meters, clock and odometer

Convenience Features
– Easy-to-use snail-type chain adjusters
– Durable O-ring chain
– Easy-to-service guillotine-style air filter
– Polished aluminum frame guards
– Chrome handlebars with brushed alloy clamps for an attractive appearance
– Engine case guard helps protect the engine from rocks and other collisions



2010 Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250 Technology


Specially tuned for low end and mid-range torque the Super Sherpa’s 249cc, 4-valve, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine is based on the long-proven KLX300R engine.

Engine is air cooled for light weight, simplicity, and affordability.

State-of-the-art dual overhead cams and 4-valve head offers better breathing than 2-valve competitors. The improved breathing allows for more power at high rpm without compromising low end torque.

Electrofusion cylinder is lightweight and offers excellent cooling and long wear.

Automatic camchain tensioner keeps cam timing “spot-on” without maintenance.

Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release (KACR) automatically lifts exhaust valve at cranking rpm to make starting easy and eliminates the need for a manual compression release.

Double engine balancers ensure the engine runs smoothly from idle to redline for rider comfort and less fatigue on long rides.

Constant velocity Mikuni BST34 carburetor assures sharp throttle response and great fuel economy.

Convenient handlebar mounted choke makes starting and warm-up easier.

Stainless steel exhaust is corrosion resistant and gives the bike a quality look.

U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrester helps prevent wildfires and allows access to designated public riding areas.

Electronic DC-CDI ignition delivers a hot spark at the right time, no matter what the rpm

Electric Starter is the ultimate in easy and convenient starting.

6-Speed Transmission has a gear for every situation. Close ratios ensure good acceleration and relaxed cruising.

The transmission features Kawasaki’s exclusive positive neutral finder that makes selecting neutral at stoplights a breeze. At a stop, just lift up on the shifter from first gear and the transmission stops at neutral – every time.


Bright 60/55 halogen headlights, fully digital display dash, M-F battery, and strong 15 Amp charging system put the Super Sherpa ahead of the competition.

Long, comfortable seat has plenty of room to take along a friend.

Semi-double cradle frame is made of hi-tech, round section, high tensile steel, the same strong yet light-weight material used in our world-class motocross bikes.

Aluminum engine guard helps protect the engine from rocks and other debris.

Front suspension is designed to provide a good compromise between the requirements of on and off-road riding.

Bottom-Link Uni-trak rear suspension lowers the center of gravity for better handling. Progressive linkage rate provides a smoother, more controlled ride.

Gas-charged shock absorber with 20-way adjustable rebound damping and threaded spring preload allows the rider to set up the rear suspension to match riding conditions.

Snail type chain adjusters make chain adjustments easier.

Drilled front and rear disc brakes provide excellent feel, controllable stopping power and long pad wear.

Twin piston front caliper grips a 240mm disc. The single piston rear caliper acts on a 210mm disc.

Universal tread tires provide good traction on and off the road.




2010 Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250 – USA Specifications

Not available in the USA


2010 Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250 – Canada Specifications
MSRP: $5,549 CDN

Type 4-stroke, single
Displacement 249 cc
Bore and Stroke 72.0 x 61.2 mm
Compression Ratio 9.3:1
Valve System DOHC, 4 valves
Carburetion BST 34 mm (Mikuni)
Ignition DC-CDI
Cooling Air
Lubrication Forced lubrication, wet sump

Transmission 6-speed, return, positive neutral finder
Final Drive Sealed Chain
Primary Reduction Ratio 2.800 (84/30)
Gear Ratios: 1st 3.090 (34/11)
2nd 2.125 (34/16)
3rd 1.500 (27/18)
4th 1.148 (31/27)
5th 0.961 (25/26)
6th 0.851 (23/27)
Final Reduction Ratio 3.071 (43/14)
Clutch Wet multi-disc, cable operation

Type Tubular, semi-double cradle, high tensile steel
Wheel Travel: Front 230 mm
Wheel Travel: Rear 186 mm
Tires: Front 2.75-21 (45P)
Tires: Rear 4.10-18 (59P)
Caster (Rake) 28.0°
Trail 107 mm

Front Telescopic fork
Rear Uni-trak with stepless, threaded preload adjustment and 20-way rebound damping adjustability

Front Single, drilled disc
Front Caliper Twin-piston, pin-slide mount
Rear Single drilled disc
Rear Caliper Single-piston, pin-slide mount

Overall Length 2080 mm
Overall Width 780 mm
Overall Height 1190 mm
Wheelbase 1375 mm
Seat Height 830 mm
Curb Mass 128 kg
Fuel Capacity 9 L

Maximum Power 26 PS @ 8,000 rpm
Maximum Torque 25.5 N-m @ 6,000 rpm

MSRP $5,549
Colours Ebony
Warranty 12 months
Good Times Protection Plan 24 or 36 months (Kawasaki GTPP begins after the standard limited warranty expires)

The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets. Available colours may vary by market.

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